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Sony Ericsson MW600 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

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  Great little product

| | See all AnAverageGuy's reviews (1)

Owned one since April 2011, which is about to die because it is now failing to recharge. Good enough for me to buy another one. Has anything better has been released? Nope, so another MW600 it is then.

- Windows mobile v6 phone (yes it;s old I know - see below)
- HTC Sensation (non beats audio version)
- Windows7 laptop
- 30min walk to and from office (5-hours a week) plus some evening and weekend use
- 17 months of this level of use seems acceptable to me

- Easy to pair
- Good sound quality
- Better headphone amp than most mobiles phones (drives headphones louder)
- Decent bundled ear bud headphones (I don't like this style, but accept they are not nasty make weight headphones)
- Shows caller number (or name on many devices - not my Sensation though)
- Shows track name if your MP3s are tagged correctly (again not on my Sensation)
- Battery usually lasted between 1-2 weeks based on my usage above
- Seems to work with the music/video app in current use; i.e. MXVideo player app, YouTube, or built music player
- Can use your own headphones

- Fiddly touch (in)sensitive volume control (no gloves allowed)
- Sometimes got its knickers in a twist receiving or just after a text/call
- Sometimes needs to be switched off/on to get working again; or turn mobile phone Bluetooth off/on (not sure if MW600 issue or my phone)
- Charge time is longer than most mobiles (overnight is still fine though)
- I found the FM radio not too great and didn't use it (I am based in Central London)

- Great device, decent features and good price
- I can live with the faults
- I am buying another one to replace my soon to discharge one
- Why only 4-stars? Because it is good, not perfect.

I hope this helps your decision.

  Decent enough

| | See all bazmercer's reviews (2)

A nice and small bluetooth headset. Decent enough quality, comes in an excessively large box and mine was packaged with a european plug USB charger. Not an issue though really as I have enough UK chargers and leads. Overall I'm pretty happy with it

  Great product

| | See all ianswuk's reviews (5)

For a product that's so compact this headset gives very good sound quality. For those music purists this won't be good enough but what are you expecting for a mobile phone headset?!
I use this for when I'm out cycling and have attached it to the underside of the peak on my cycle helmet with the wires neatly cable tied to the inside of the helmet. I find that this gives me a very versatile means of listening to music whilst cycling without getting tied up by cables. The only downside is not being able to access the volume control on the device but this a small price to pay for convenience.
As for compatability, i've used this on 2 different Sony Ericsson phones now, an Experia X10 min pro and an Experia Ray and it works seemlessly with both giving good sound quality and easy installation and use.
Turn it on, turn on Bluetooth on my phone, press play and off I go.
There is the occasional dead spot, which I assume is down to a loss of bluetooth connection but this never lasts for more than 1 second. A great product overall and I would definitely recommend this to a friend.


| | See all Anthony346's reviews (1)

Was a little sceptical buying these after reading online reviews and hearing of the problems with iPhones. However I can say that they work a dream with iPhone 4s must be ios5. Only reason it doesnt get 5* is because I live in the uk and it ships with the wrong charger. It ships with the american plug. It is only a micro USB charger so easy to find.

  Great product, works with iPhone 4!

| | See all dwightkschrute's reviews (3)

I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing the MW600. Firstly, it pairs flawlessly with the iPhone 4 and I experienced NO drops at all throughout my usage. I can even leave my phone in the living room while listening to music through the headset from my kitchen (which is in a different room), and there was no degradation in sound quality at all.

Sound quality is AMAZING for a bluetooth device! It comes with a set of short length Sony Ericsson headphones, which works just fine (nothing bad about it). But I switched them with my original iPhone earphones and was blown away with the increased clarity and deeper bass it could produce, basically everything gets amplified with better earphones plugged in.

The caller display function works like a charm; when I receive a call it first displays the actual phone number on the OLED display, then after a few seconds it displays the name of the caller based on my iPhone's contact.

The clock on the MW600 automatically syncs and displays your phone's current time.

Now for the radio, I was expecting it to be rubbish for such a tiny device, but it performed so well; easy to autoscan for stations, clear reception with rich sounds.

I really like the volume slider function and don't find it annoying at all, it just takes a little getting used to. Swiping your finger across it allows you to increase/decrease volume and also switch between radio/phone mode (depending which screen you're on). Tapping the slider once activates the OLED screen to display current time etc.

Lastly battery life is great, I haven't switched it off for 3 days now (no charge) while occasionaly listening to music, and it's still at full bar!

This is an excellent top quality product from Sony Ericsson, you'll definitely be pleased with your purchase :)

  Just what I've been looking for!

| | See all keimcd's reviews (1)

I have this paired with my desktop PC and my iPhone 4. Out and about, I can keep my phone safely in a zipped pocket in my bag an control my music with this.

The absolute best thing about this receiver, is being able to use your own headphones with it. I have a fantastic pair of headphones that I didn't want to stop using, so this is excellent.

It pairs up with my PC nicely too. I can clip this to the outside of a pocket or my belt and have my music/movies playing on my PC without fear of tripping on wires, plus I am able to leave the PC to walk around the house and still have my music playing in my ears.

I toyed with the idea of just getting a wireless headset for the PC, but with a bluetooth dongle I plugged into it, I can turn any pair of headphones into wireless ones.

In short, this product is fantasic; very practical to have and very easy to use. So glad I bought it!

  Nice product

| | See all Heidiflay's reviews (1)

Worked brilliantly in work, in a big open space. In the house,i found that it wouldnt pick up if i went into a different room. Had to carry my iphone around with me. The main reason i bought this product was for when i was working, and cant fault it for that purpose.


| | See all derekladuk's reviews (7)

Well I have an iPhone 4 and I had a near accident 1day with my apple headphones catching on a door handle and swinging my phone out of my pocket so I punted for this Bluetooth headset.

Works brilliantly with iPhone 4
Caller I'd
Long battery life basically I use it at work and it lasts all week
Radio is perfect in Birmingham for brmb radio
small and discreet.
Slider volume for me is perfect.
Takes calls well and can make called with voice function on iPhone 4..
The only downside is the headphones supplies,good quality sound but tragically ear cable is twice the lenth of the other which I can't see why or how that phi sic benefits listeners .
All in brilliant wire free solution may need to search for appropriate headphones
Thanks highly recommended

  Great little Headset

| | See all arobins6's reviews (3)

I am totally happy witht his product, however there are a couple of little things that keep this from being 5 stars. Firstly is the cord length, really needs to be a couple of inches longer so that it can clip onto your shirt at chest level rather than right under your chin or near your ear. Secondly is that it is supposed to be able to connect to a gaming device i.e. PS3 but I cannot get it to stay connected.

The volume slider is actually really simple to use, you just slide your finger either way along the strip and keeping your finger on the strip you can move the volume up or down to however loud you want. It is fiddley if you don't know how to do it properly but I can now adjust the volume very easily, although not whilst wearing gloves as it is TOUCH sensitive.

The sound quality is excellent for both music streaming from my iPhone 4 and for voice calls. I was very surprised at the actual qualty of the voice call as it was very clear through the headphones even though I was walking down a busy road as I was talking.

I was also impressed that the caller ID worked with the iPhone 4, it came up with the number first, then the contact name, very nice touch as this saves you taking your phone out of your pocket to see who is calling rather than just answering the call & it being someone you didn't really want t o speak to.

The device is really easy to use / connect and the OLED display is great as it also has the time displayed. FM raido was really easy to tune to whatevr station you like and stays at the last station you were on every time you go back to it on the device and calls are automatically streamed through even when connected to the radio.

Overall a very nice product at a decent price as it is a very good brand in Sony.

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  Very nice but let down by volume control

| | See all Maca22's reviews (2)

This item works great with my Galaxy Tab & Nexus one. Can't fault it on either device & you can use any headphones you like,which is nice. The radio work surprisingly well but the volume control is a pain & I much prefer just a simple rocker switch hence 4 stars. I have experienced no BT lag watching Videos from my Tab & all speech is in sync.

Good value & recommended