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Samsung I9000 Galaxy / Android / Sim Free / Unlocked / Touch Screen Mobile Phone

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Customer Reviews

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  Nice slimline phone

| | See all dodgygeeza's reviews (10)

This is a great phone. I bought when it was new out, and paid 337 quid, so this is a bargain. Highly recommended. Has a nice big screen, and is very responsive. Being android based, it has a ton of apps, with a lot being free.

  one of the best

| | See all SmartPhoneHouse's reviews (1)

This phone is one of the best i have owned. just the right size on your hand. excellent screen and texting /typing messages.
Plenty of apps available. and you can also update directly over wifi/data to the latest Android version. Quick connectivity and excellent sat nav which picks up gps very quickly.

  Simply the best!!

| | See all hatman2001's reviews (1)

Having used an iphone 3gs and later an iphone 4, I have to admit this phone for me outdoes them both, it is easy to use, easy to download apps, has the best screen and is simply the best. AND you aren't "tied" to apple to buy or download stuff. If you are pro or anti apple this you have to agree is better.


| | See all mintedlimited's reviews (4)

this phone seriously is amazing!
when i got it i was just like collpased and had a cup of vodka im amazed how good it is!!
you turn it on and its like the high definition of it all makes you get erctal disfunction its amazing feeling - quite the buzz! ahahahha

  A Powerhouse of a Phone

| | See all Dannehkins's reviews (18)

With the current influx of smartphones packing a dual core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S still manages to remain relevant with its fantastic array of hardware packed into the phone.

The Galaxy S models a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX540 GPU, Hummingbird chipset and what that translates into is very good performance in both using the phone for general use and for gaming/multimedia purposes

The Galaxy S features an impressive Super AMOLED screen. Those of you who are not familiar with AMOLED, OLED screens contain an organic molecule such as a polymer which is electroluminescent when a voltage is applied to it. What this provides is more vibrant colour and better brightness and this is something you can instantaneously see when you get your hands on the phone. The screen is 4" in size and sports gorilla glass. The screen is just something to screen and shout about with this phone, it really is fantastic.

The camera is capable of taking 5mp and can also record 720p video at 30 frames per second and the videos are brilliant. The camera, in good lighting conditions, produces some great photographs; however, the lack of flash is really disappointing. Quality is lacking unfortunately when taking photographs at night unless there is some kind of additional lighting in the environment; it also includes a camera on the front of the phone, but it is only VGA quality

The phone casing is just a black plastic and I can understand why some may think it feels 'cheap'; however, for me, the phone is super light, thin and has a rather stylish look to it. Just as a note, this phone weights approximately 119g! It's ridiculously light

Samsung has also included swype with this phone and it's quite a intuitive way of typing after you get used to it. I would recommend you search the web for a video demonstration of this, but what you basically do is this; let's say you want to type the word 'the', then all you would do is put your finger on t, and then whilst keeping it on the glass, move it to h and then to e. A trail should appear where you just dragged your finger and out pops the word 'the'. It took me a short while to get used to, but when you get the hang of it, it's pretty good.

The phone's firmware is updated by a program called Kies and this comes directly from Samsung. I have to say that Kies is a bit of a hit and miss with me. I personally hate it and I find it more of a hindrance than anything else, but Samsung have rolled out some updates for the program and it is improving so it's not exactly the terrible excuse of a program as it was previously.

I have to mention this unfortunately and this might just be my own personal experience and may not apply to everyone, but I also have another device that packs a 1GHz processor and I found in some cases that was quicker. For me, this phone can sometimes get hit with a performance snag and it slows down. But not before long, it'll sort itself out and be back to its normal self, but it's just something that annoyed me and that's simply down to the software that Samsung have developed and used in the phone. The processor is absolutely fine and can still pack that mighty punch, but if you are getting annoyed with it, there are solutions available out on the net.

All in all, I think this phone is mighty darn fine. It packs a great array of hardware and is definitely a flagship for Android alongside some of the HTC phones. But just as a little heads up to anyone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is releasing in May so you might want to check up on that. Just think Galaxy S, but more epic. Nevertheless, this is a cracking phone and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about wanting a smartphone or going over to Android.

  Excellent phone if the firmware is upgraded

| | See all daddykool's reviews (7)

I had the same problems as the review below until ihad the firmware upgrade. For the money it is a awsome phone. I - phone is just to overpriced and their is just more apps on the android market. Top phone but like all smart phones the battery run flat quick.

  Could be better

| | See all alexc7496's reviews (2)

Lets get one thing straight, this is a good smartphone, it is just not a great smartphone compared to others out there such as the HTC HD desire and iphone 4 in the same price area. I used to have this phone and at first really enjoyed it, but then strange things started to happen, the phone would randomly freeze, turning it on and off again took a year. The internet is also slow and sometimes very unresponsive, clicking the facebook app was painful and when the app didn't force close it would take ages to load up, loading up pictures was often impossible and this was in a Wifi & 3G area so must be the phone. That a side the phone itself is very nice and the screen quality is second to none, The above issues though were too much and I changed to a HTC HD Desire which I must say for the same price is miles ahead. Choose carefully.

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  This really is an amazing phone...

| | See all VeranBhinari's reviews (9)

As a fervent anti iAnything person, this is an alternative option to being an iSheep. Its resemblance to the 3 series iPhone is where the similarities end. This phone is lighter, whilst still retaining a sturdy build quality. No plasticky creeks here thank you! And stamped with the trademark Google logo on the back, solidly reinforcing the handsets Android roots. The screen. Oh my, the screen! Amazing is the only descriptive suitable for this marvel. AKA Super AMOLED technology. To date, your eyes will not behold a sharper or clearer screen. The touchscreen is accurate and sensitive and the 6 homescreens, whilst not as tasty as HTC Sense, are intuitive and useful. You can basically shortcut anything. Texting and emailing are a joy, with the large keypad, numeric, qwerty and Swype, and the HD video recording is breathtaking. What stands out is this phones speed, with minimal noticeable lag. The sound also, for such a slim handset, is beefier than expected. The Super amoled doesnt appear to sap the battery as much as you would think, with 2 days of running evident with reasonable usage. This is THE best all round Android phone on the market. All other mobiles will seem inferior once you get your hands on this beasty!

UPDATE 9TH FEB 2011: I've just bought another Galaxy S from Play and this one came with Android 2.2 Froyo pre-installed. Another reason to get one!

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| | See all I9000lover's reviews (1)

Have been using the I9000 now for 3 weeks and it's just great.
It has superfast internet en great apps from android market.
Mine uses Android 2.2.1 and it is fast and no glitches....buy!

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