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Veho VCC-A007-PBP / Pebble Portable 5000mah Battery Pack Charger for iPod/iPhone, Mobile Phones and PSP

Manufacturer: Veho

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all altdelete's reviews (1)

Bought it and t worked for a couple of months before clunking out on me. I have tested a few of these chargers and only two have passed the test . When it worked it was ok though I was a funny shape and did not fit easily into my pockets

  Juiced out pebble

| | See all driverumad's reviews (1)

I bought the Veho pebble in May 2012 and it worked great, but 11 months down the line it will no longer except a charge. I plug it into the USB charger the blue light illuminate then after a few seconds the device turns off unable to charge. I must add that it as not been over used, I only used for emergency charging when out and about.

  Nearly perfect

| | See all GrizzlyVet's reviews (1)

The pebble is pleasing to hold and behold, being small, attractive and with a lovely smooth but tactile finish. Electrically it works extremely well. It is quick both in storing and releasing charge. One star off due to outdated plug/socket types with regard to mobile phones; surely the largest market for the pebble.

The socket receiving mains charge on the pebble is the old concentric Nokia style. The supplied cable has a full size USB plug on one end, with the other end being a plug to match the charging socket. This allows the pebble to be charged from any USB socket and the cable takes adapters for micro USB, and various bespoke plug types, including Apple. If you lose the cable or the adapter for your phone, the pebble becomes a paperweight.

Given that the mobile phone industry has standardised on the micro USB for charging, it would have been ideal if the pebble had had a micro USB charging socket. This would have allowed the vast majority to use the pebble without any extra cables, since they already have a USB to micro USB for charging and data connection. The converters could then be from micro USB to bespoke connector, incidentally allowing owners of non-standard phones to use a standard charging cable.

I hope that a future model will switch from the old de-facto Nokia connector to the new micro USB standard.

  A rocket in my pocket?

| | See all Alcuin's reviews (1)

I've given this the lowest possible rating because this device was dangerous. I used it successfully several time over a period of several years. Today after charging I put it back in my pocket and thought nothing more about it - until my pocket started feeling hot. When I pulled the device out I found all 3 blue lights flashing. It was impossible to turn the device off and it just got hotter and hotter. Eventually I put it outside with a bucket over it to allow it to discharge itself safely. I dread to think what could have happened had I not found the problem as quickly as I did.

  5 star

| | See all rathater's reviews (3)

Charges my iphone4 and my ipad2 so does the job, comes with different connectors for all types of phones!

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  this really good item

| | See all bignerdtec's reviews (2)

well i think its great i allways on the move with my iphone 4s and it get low becuase im a heavy user but my battery allways get low i hate it not anymore with the Veho VCC-A007-PBP / Pebble Portable 5000mah Battery Pack Charger for iPod/iPhone, Mobile Phones and PSP i really benfit from it all the time whoever got mobile psp iphone/ipod must have one of theses around with you

  Veho Pebble

| | See all MightyMike's reviews (3)

Bought the Veho Pebble as a portable charger for my Iphone 4 mainly for when mountain biking as I use the GPS on the phone. Real quality piece of kit I cannot recommend this highly enough you can get at least 4 full charges. It does work with the iphone 4 ive had no problems.

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  Brilliant product

| | See all DuncanMoffat's reviews (3)

To the previous reviewer, just because your iphone doesn't work in your left hand would you blame your hand?! This product was released before the iphone and worked with previous version of the iphone so you should probably blame Steve Jobs. Works perfectly with my N86 and sony walkman. It is pretty small and well made. The lights are't as glaringly bright as they are in the product shot and this is a very good thing. The N86 has a bright charging light that illuminates the whole room when charging in the dark but this is more muted. It comes with 2mm nokia and microUSB attachments. The second is the most important because i believe that all manufacturers have agreed on this standard for all phones in the near future.

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  Works great!

| | See all ielisuk's reviews (2)

Bought this so I could charge my HTC HD2 and 2nd Gen iPod Running iOS4. Charging works a treat with both and takes no time at all.
The Pebble itself is well made and has a sturdy feel to it, the case is nice too.
One happy customer!

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