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Case-Mate HTC Desire Tough Case - Black/Black

Manufacturer: Case-Mate

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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| | See all Rudis66's reviews (6)

your search is over, you need this case..cases are small change when it comes to looking after your expensive pieces of kit..you won't regret this buy


| | See all essextech's reviews (3)

The case itself is in two parts, a softer silicone case that wraps the phone, then a much stiffer plastic shell for further protection. Build quality is fantastic, and does not detract from the looks of the phone, or interfere with it's function. The texture makes it very easy to grip, and while I am not likely to test it out, the design and materials of the case seem to offer lots of protection to the phone. Well worth the money to protect the investment.

  Best case so far!

| | See all paolowongdong's reviews (2)

I have tried about 4 cases including the official HTC slim pouch but I don't like having to take the phone out a case. This fits perfectly, keeps it protected from scratches and I know If I dropped the phone it would be fine. It's a bonus that this case looks smart so would recommend it to anyone.

  Wow !!

| | See all snig71's reviews (1)

What a case, fits my desire like a glove and actually makes using the volume buttons and power button easier to use. Cant comment on the screen shield as I already have an invishield on mine.But by far it is the best case I have ever bought for a phone.

  Best Case on the market ......

| | See all thegeezer007's reviews (7)

I have had this case on my phone now for a couple of months and it has kept my phone in perfect condition and I am working on building sites all day, in my opinion this is the best case I have bought out of lots of other attempts to get the right case, remember to also buy the genuine HTC desire screen protector.

  A good buy

| | See all Dead1nside's reviews (6)

The case fits well, feels sturdy, no real risk of it popping out accidentally. I'd say it offers moderate protection from drops. But substantial protection from the kind of abuse it might see in someone's bag, with other items. Really it's all you can hope for given the trend to large touch-screen phones, that are always going to be a bit more susceptible to breaks.

The screen protector application process is probably one of the best I've experienced. I've only got one bubble. The application card really helps.

A good price on Play.com, but still not sure if it's worth 15 pounds.

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  best case you can get

| | See all jedin8's reviews (7)

Dont buy any other. This case fits like a glove and looks great. High quality build.

  Best case I've had so far

| | See all sergios20's reviews (1)

As far as I have tested I have had no downsides to this cover. In my opinion I think the extra padding makes it more stylish and does not hinder any of the functions of the phone and placing it in my front jeans pocket it makes no difference. And I have tested the lack of Wi-Fi signal using a speed test app 3 times with and without the case and if any only caused a 2-3 kbps less transfer each with the cover. So in my opinion its a definite five stars. I have not tried the supplied screen protector since I'm already using the Martin fields ones which seem to be a better choice, but I am satisfied with the amount I paid for the cover alone. Play is definetly the cheapest at the moment.

  Tough, stylish and functional

| | See all labtec's reviews (10)

I have to say, I bought this expecting nothing special. I've never bought any kind of case that has actually impressed me enough to recommend it. This is different.

A lot has already been said in previous reviews, so I'll cover the concerns I had before buying it, that I can now comment on:

- Bulkiness. It actually adds surprisingly little bulk to the phone; I thought I'd buy it and struggle to fit it into my pocket, and would get sick of it. But no, it's just as easy to fit in my front jeans pocket as it was without the case.

- Grip. Those rubbery silicone cases you can buy are odd.. they make the phone slightly slippery to hold unless your hands are bone dry, but they also grip material, which makes putting them into jeans a very tedious process. The hard portion of this case covers most of the silicone under-layer with solid plastic, and despite this being superb to hold in terms of grip, it doesn't have problems sliding into and out of my pocket quickly. This was a major concern before I bought it, and I'm impressed that this is not an issue with this case.

- Buttons. It leaves the face buttons open, which is good. The volume rocker is covered by silicone but you don't even notice it. The top power button has slightly ticker silicone covering it, which I've found to be great because I can't accidentally activate the screen when I slide it into my pocket now.

- Toughness. It feels tough, but without bulk. I've never used a case on any device that feels like it's going to protect said device as well as this one.

- Looks. It actually looks great; the exposed silicone areas meet uniformly with the edges of the plastic outer case. It just seems so well designed and doesn't make your phone look like an armoured tank either.

Overall, it's definitely worth the money. It's clear that some thought actually went into designing this; they didn't just shove a Desire into a mould and release some lousy, half-arsed attempt like a lot of companies seem to. Very impressed.

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  Superb protection, with ONE downside...

| | See all Christofficer's reviews (4)

All in all a magnificent protector for your HTC Desire.
I work on site as a bricklayer, and has offered my phone an IMMENSE protection against dust etc.
The only downside is that the thickness of the casing does actually affect the WIFI signal.
I tried to download a couple of APP'S from the APP Store, and the download kept failing. So, thinking back to the issues with the whole iPhone 4 scenario, I took off the protective casing, and the download was successful!
Thinking that it was just me, I rang a friend who has the same phone and case (he paid 25 quid for his!) and he's had the same problem.

It's easy enough to take the casing off and to put back on, so there's not really any hardship.

But, still, the case is worthy of a 5 star rating...

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