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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone (Graphite)

Manufacturer: BLACKBERRY

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Customer Reviews

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Please read if you are considering purchasing this phone as I would like to go through the ups and downs about this phone.

Right, setting up the phone is absolutely no problem whatsoever, it is easy to use, the qwerty keypad makes it easy to type, which makes it easier to use BBM, it also keeps you informed with all your social networking sites and applications. These are mainly the good points about this phone.

Myself and my friends who have this phone have had this problem, the scroller stops working, I suggest you insure this item just in case this happens to you. Also it is quite easily damaged by water, when my Curve 9300 broke the 2nd time after the scroller issue, I had a problem when I was walking listening to music while walking in the rain, my phone then stopped working a few hours later. Which was a real issue. I have had this phone just over 6 months and I have already had TWO issues with it, I do most of you will take this into consideration. Before I bought my 9300, I had a Curve 8520, which I found much better, which didn't crash as much when I used BlackBerry App World, even though it's cheaper, I would suggest you purchase the 8520.

The only good thing about this phone is the 3G, that is all.
Thanks for reading, please consider my review when purchasing this BlackBerry model.

  gps and email setup?

| | See all BeefBayonet's reviews (1)

just got this phone today....pretty nice design and easy interface to use but i am having trouble using the gps and setting up my email? do i have to have a contract to use my email and gps capabilities?

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  can't live without it but..

| | See all krascal's reviews (1)

This phone is amazing it is difficult to use at first but once you get the hang of it its easy. Its a good phone internet is fast lots of apps available but it can be slow and often freezes but apart from that v good! :)

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  Easy to use and great value.

| | See all slicketyslack's reviews (1)

I recently purchased this phone as the touch screen phone I was using finally drove me crazy. It had lousy battery life, I was charging it every day (sometimes twice after heavy use), poor signal reception, I was forever having missed calls and my biggest problem, having to use two hands to do anything on the phone, even answering. This phone is the complete opposite. Battery for days, emails, facebook etc all up to date in "real" time, no lag. And the qwerty keyboard is very simple to use and takes no time to get to grips with (by the way, you don't have to hold the alt button down to type numbers). I updated mine with the new OS6 (same OS as the new BB torch)which is available on crackberry.com and it was
like using a completely different phone. Try and get the new OS installed but even without it this handset will not dissapoint.

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  It will be better on OS6

| | See all Vitalintellignce's reviews (5)

I just traded in an iPhone 3G for the 9300 as having an iPad has rendered the phone pretty much back to being just a phone. And that is where this 9300 is outstanding. Sound quality and reception for what is a basic consumer smartphone, not a business tool, is outstanding. The wi-fi is also another high speed success story for this phone, easy to set up and fast. The software takes some getting used to, but after two days I got used to it. The real disappointment is the awful web browser and the almost incapable email support for HTML. Everyone tells you Blackberry is best in class for email management! I beg to differ but for me its not a deal breaker. The facebook and twitter apps you can download are really easy to use, far simply than the iphone ones and were a bit of a suprise. Other apps are expensive and mostly rubbish. The calender is awful. I havent even though about using it and wont bother as having seen the 9300 on OS6 - well its another story altogether and I cant wait for it! This really is a bargain smartphone, the battery life can be extended by not running background apps, but it lasts two days anyway - twice that of an iphone. The keyboard is the hard part (try typing number 7, with the alt key depressed and get your finger on the 7 key!) and it could do with a little bit more space.

In conclusion I would say this is excellent value for money, its not exciting and its not top of the range, but the 3G and wireless is fast, the texts are easy, as a phone its sound quality is excellent and when it gets OS6 it will be a revelation. GO FOR IT!

  near perfect, but....

| | See all Jamazon's reviews (1)

I have this phone on a contract with 02. I am delighted with it and agree with the previous reviewer about features etc. Two drawbacks so far though. The battery life is pretty rubbish, especially if you do any talking on it. Also, because it is a fairly new model, and media rather than mainly business, there are some applications you can't get for it yet.
Other than that, I can hardly fault it. I am in love with mine!

  best phone i have ever owned

| | See all tigerkeith's reviews (2)

Been looking for a new phone for a while now and always been a fan on Nokia's but everybody raves on about blackberry's and iphones so a couple of weeks ago with a spare few quid in my pocket I chose this phone and am very pleased I did.
The internet is absolutely spot on,my old phone had a watered down version of the net but this baby has the full internet just as you would expect on your PC/Laptop.
The ability to read your emails and download attachments is fantastic.
The camera is a let down with no flash and only 2mega pixels but do people honestly buy phones expecting them to be as good as their compact digitals???
Blackberry's are massive in the US as is the iphone so millions of americans can't be wrong can they?
Buy this baby and you will not be disappointed.

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