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HTC Desire HD Sim Free Unlocked Touch Screen Mobile Phone (Mocha)

Manufacturer: HTC

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Customer Reviews

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  The best phone in the market today :)

| | See all Reegus's reviews (15)

People start rating the phone on one or two things comparing it with another phone. Screen for example, people say iphone's screen is better, well it might be a little brighter but you have to look at the phone in general. if you start rating the iphone, you will come up with many stuff which other phones have got it better. I compared it with iphone because many people compare this phone with iphone. This phone is fast, best specs on a phone yet and everywhere you go on internet will bring you fast loading plus with the android 2.2 this is the only phone which loads pages with flash. Mentioning Android the operating system the phone uses is very customisable and with flash support you get more pleasure where as with iphone ur stuck with left and right pages with apps in the middle. Good camera considering how thin it is, if you want photografic photos go and get a real camera. Free google maps and navigation from google. Over 200.000 apps in Android Market. Wi-fi hotspot wich makes ur phone to act a wi fi for ur computer or other phones. Book reader, pdf reader all built it in. All in all this phone will stand out from other phones and believe me i have tried many phones.

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  big screen poor phone

| | See all nerrad69's reviews (2)

I am now on my third htc desire hd in two months and if i could go back to my galaxy s i would because this phone fails on all its supposed good points, battery life is barely enough to watch a 2 hour movie. the camera snaps out of focus when a photo is taken even if i use a stand its so annoying, then theres the yellow flash light which produces sepia photos even when you dont want to. battery life is poor because of the apps that run in the back ground which are an absolute bloody nightmare, according to htc customer support the only way to turn them off is to force close each app that is running which uses battery power and takes forever and they only switch themselves back on again anyway. playing music whilst walking next to a busy road is pointless as the volume just isn't loud enough. there are so many better phones on the market that this just becomes an eighteen month contracted paper weight. at least if i get into a fight i can hit them with this handset... damn could of got an iphone 4... I am so unhappy with this phone. oh yes! there is a good point, it works as a phone.... don't believe the hype, big is not better in this case... look else where....

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| | See all Mugshot's reviews (7)

Brilliant brilliant phone, much better than the iphone4 in my opinion, better features and a better operating system, plus you dont lose reception when making a call (cough cough).
4.3" lcd screen, 75% free apps, quick you can download lots of things at once and the phone keeps on going strong with no lag, BEST PHONE OUT AT THE MINUTE I URGE YOU TO BUY FOLKS, Nuff Said.

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  Bloody Amazing Phone

| | See all ShakezZz's reviews (1)

This phone is truely amazing, ive spent all day on it dowloading and using apps from the Android market

Its basically a bigger, faster, better i phone with a bloody awesome camera. It puts my Canon SLR in its place to say the least. The speakers are brilliant and it feels brilliant in your hand.

Must have !!!

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  Awesome phone BUT..

| | See all Awayze's reviews (18)

To BenPS3, the iPhone 4 screen is brighter and clearer, fact, go turn the screens to full brightness on the same picture and you'll see it looks much better on the iPhone 4 as the iPhone 4 uses IPS technology and has the best screen resolution for a phone on the market so the highest pixel density.

The Desire HD is an awesome phone thanks to Android 2.2 but I find it a little bit too big.

It feels good and shows a solid build but I would have hoped the screen would be AMOLED like on the old Desire.
It false to call this HD but it should be called XL as it's the exact same as Desire, the 8MP camera is not better than the 5MP on the Desire which does HD 720p recording too. The old desire uses AMOLED too so you get pure blacks and pure whites and has a smaller screen but same resolution so you get a higher pixel density.

If i was you, I'd check out the Samsung Galaxy S, it has the fastest graphics processor of any Android phone on the market, AMOLED, it can take screenshots without rooting and is more Android as the HTC Desire HD as HTC Sense UI.

If I was you, I'd save your money and get a Desire or Galaxy S but the Desire HD does feel the best in your hand.

Battery life is ok, will last around 3 days on standby with 2 hours of web usage.

In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S is by far the superior Android.
It would have been 5* it had a higher capacity battery, AMOLED display, the Galaxy S graphics chip and a higher resolution display otherwise I see no point in getting this over the Desire other than for the 4.3" screen

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  Fantastic Gadget

| | See all JPAntics's reviews (1)

I have had this phone for a week now and it is absolutely fantastic. The display is sharp and clear and the interface is smooth and fast. I have experienced the iphone before and to be honest there is probably nothing that separtes the two phones apart from the HTC has better deals in terms of tariffs and contracts. The one down side is the battery life but I'm constantly using the web browser and other features so this may improve as I reduce my usage. To be honest the standard battery life of a smart phone you use all day is poor across the board unfortunately. The home screen is fully customisable and you can add really useful widgets such as news headlines and feeds, weather reports, traffic reports, quick contacts and other widgets included with the phone plus the vast amount on the Android marketplace. HTC sense is a nice feature that allows you to sync contacts with Facebook and now my contacts have numbers, birthdays and email addresses all updated automatically. In conclusion if you can get a decent deal when upgrading (I got a very good deal by talking to the Orange retention team and got the phone for free on a 22 pound a month contract, however I have been an Orange customer for years) I would recommend the HTC Desire HD over the iphone.

  Best phone on the market

| | See all HopliteMedia's reviews (1)

Before buying this I did a lot of review searching, about 90% of the reviews said that this phone is the best on the market and a real iPhone killer. I was sceptical when buying it but wow! What a phone... The screen is absolutely amazing and the phone is rapid. Turn it off and back in and it's all up and ready in about 10 seconds. It's super fast, super sexy and super super awesome. Recently won best phone 2010 in the pocket lint awards and it really does deserve it. Get this phone now! You won't be disappointed....

  Good phone

| | See all gracie04's reviews (1)

In answer to the last reviewers question I received the Mocha one from Play.com. It took me a few days to get through everything this phone does, the quality is excellent and there is no lag when accessing applications and it's fast. The only slight downside for me is the battery - admittedly you will obviously use more battery initally to set it up, explore it etc but I found I had only had it a day and 3/4 of the battery had been used. I have used the power saving options to save some of the battery but still think I might need to charge it ever other day which for a phone of this price is disappointing (also for the price it would have been nice if there had been a case included). Overall a very nice phone and I will be keeping mine!

  Excellent phone

| | See all BenPS3's reviews (3)

I was going to get an Iphone 4 as many of my friends have them. But I am so glad I didn't. The screen on the HTC is huge and much, much clearer and brighter than an Iphone. The camera is excellent and you can record in 720p HD. The phone is very quick and flows beautifully.

Android Market has all your favourite apps. Don't be fooled into thinking you need an Iphone for all the latest apps, nor do you need one for music. Ipods are just mp3 players, and your HTC has plenty of space for all your songs.

The best part of getting this phone on a contract is if you go to a generic independant phone store they will pay YOU to have it. Apple want 119 quid for the privelage of having one of their precious phones, whereas you should be offered cash with your Desire HD - a no brainer!!