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HTC Wildfire / Android / Vodafone Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go / Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: HTC

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Very Good budget android Phone!

| | See all relxygirl's reviews (9)

Got this as my tocco lite did not thrill me anymore. Nice, good looking phone. Here's my verdict:
Camera +4
Apps +4
Feautures +5
Wifi +4
Touch Screen +4
Battery Life +3
Respone +3 (Sometimes +1 as it does not react and sometimes too much)
TOTAL: 3.5****

  Not all that it seems

| | See all leebay's reviews (2)

I thought prior to purchasing the wildfire it would be a good buy but i was wrong. The fact it has Android stood out to me but now it seems that a large number of applications and games from the android market either don't work at all or lag alot. Also the battery life is not very good at all. Also the fact that i cannot play Java games is a thumbs down becuase if the android games hardly work and i cannot play Java games... there is not much i can do! Since i have brought the phone i have never gone one night without charging my phone because by the end of every day it has already completely died. Also the Wildfire has supposed to have a 5MP camera whereas i have had better cameras at 2MP quality. Starting to think i am better off with my old Nokia 5530 XpressMusic as this plays games like doodle jump faster despite the smaller processor and RAM etc. Youtube also constantly buffers unless using Wifi connection. The keyboard is also very 'fiddly' as the qwerty arrangement on such a small screen is not large enough to text without making mistakes with every couple of words. There is a option to change to a standard keypad, however this lags extremely and often you can type whole words and they will display seconds after. Also heavy usage has lead to the handset restarting and this is highly inconvenient as it has supposed to have a good enough processor to handle heavy tasks. The one good feature of the HTC Wildfire is the Android Market (the apps that actually work!)

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  Well worth getting!

| | See all Briser's reviews (2)

OK, I spent ages looking at various budget Androids before going for this one and I have not regretted the decision one bit - an excellent phone so far. My son now wants one and has Mazuma'd his Nokia and asked for cash for his birthday so he can buy it.
It's a pity he will need to PUK his O2 number over to Vodaphone but that's not so much of an issue. My contract allows me to get a new phone in September so may get the HTC Desire HD then, who knows but the Wildfire has proved to be great value, probably the best "Droid" in it's price range.

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  Great entry phone for Android and better value then a desire

| | See all Excellent's reviews (5)

If you are looking for an android phone and new to it, I would strongly recommend this phone. I have also seen the desire which advantages are a bigger HD screen drains battery quicker, Faster processor.

To be honest the screen on the Wildfire is great I do not have a problem with its quality. Fine for watching youtube videos etc. bit like comparing a upscaled dvd to blueray. There is a difference but the upscaled DVD is still great! processor only really comes in to it when playing those silly games they basicly startup quicker. I didn't really notice much of a difference when using the general interface. hardly any lag

The desire will be out of power by the end of the day whilst the wildfire will go on for another or upto 3 days dependig on usuage.
The wildfire will now prompt you to up date to Android 2.2 (same as desire) which is an improvment.

Ok the desire is abit better but comparing the price 160 to 400 plus I recon your better of with this one.

My only complaint like the desire or any other smart phone is the signal could be a tad better. Still a 5 star phone.

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  Super phone,

| | See all 0Ryan0's reviews (2)

I've had this a few months now, when I got it from play.com for only 129.99 pounds (very cheap) and the only thing wrong is the fact, like many other android phones, of not being able to save apps to SD.
I also suggest buying this phone on Vodafone and then getting it unlocked. You could save a few pounds by doing so.
Also I would have liked the option to buy it in white because that Phone looks stunning.
p.s. My Wildfire came in a small box with headphones, charger/usb cable and a 2GB micro SD card for those wondering whether you need to buy another SD card.
: )

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  iPhone ?! What About it . .

| | See all NintendoFreak25's reviews (19)

Android is the way forward, in my eyes, its has got apps, great price, good design, a solid built phone this is, after using a sony phone, i wanted to upgrade my phone to something that does evrything, and that does it WELL !!! i found the desire, but it was very expensive, so i went with this phone, im my eyes it does evrything well, good camera !! Good speed phone !! Solid build, Great Updates from HTC . Good Widgets, and very fun to customize. i have spent hours on an i phone and this, and to be honest the ONLY major diffrence is the screen resolution, thats it, The i phone has just got apps thats it !!! take the apps out and you have a 1990 nokia phone,

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  perfect phone

| | See all lovethisphone's reviews (6)

this is my first smart phone and i must say i love it to bits. you can spend hours just going through all the amazing things this phone has to offer. this phone is a must buy

  love this phone

| | See all aimzma123's reviews (1)

Does anyone know if this phone is unblocked to put an o2 sim card in if bought on vodaphone???

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  Well Done HTC

| | See all MaddogRawR's reviews (1)

Compact, Quality, Affordable.
One of the best touchscreens ive used, responsive and user friendly great for texting, and navigation. LOADS of apps to choose from the android market place, and with its 7 homescreens there is more than enough space for them all! Would recommend getting some power-saving apps because the most ive got out the battery was 3 days but for a smart phone that still isnt that bad!
Some of the features may take a little while to get used to but after a short time everything seems to click together and makes the phone easy to use.
Would recommend this phone to anybody looking for a very good quality, cheap, android phone!

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  Almost Great Value

| | See all GordKG's reviews (1)

After 2 months use: I really like this phone but there are two things bothering me. Firstly there is no sign of Android 2.2 for the Wildfire and I wonder now if this will ever appear. HTC have it out for the Desire. Second there is no Skype for this phone even after Skype say they have released it for 2.1 upwards (3 excepted). Not HTC's fault but a big miss.

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