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32GB Micro SD HC Memory Card / Class 4

Manufacturer: Play.com

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Customer Reviews

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  It just totally died for no reason.

| | See all shireknight's reviews (5)

Brought this for my mobile phone in August 2012 and it has worked fine until yesterday, yesterday I noticed that all my files had vanished and on investigation I realised that my phone was reporting that I don't have a memory card installed.

I tried refitting the card multiple times to no effect and even tried swapping it with an old 1 gig card, the phone would recognise the old card but not this one.

I then tried it on the card reader in my PC and that won't acknowledge it either so clearly the card is completely dead, the really, really bad thing is not that the card has failed me it's that it's taken dozens of irreplaceable photos with it..

Personally as SD cards don't have moving parts I didn't think it was possible for them to just stop working unless of course you damage them however since the day I fitted the card I've never touched it and the phone has never been bashed or anything so it's just failed all by itself.

  Mint card for the money

| | See all StavrosMoreKebabs's reviews (1)

I read the reviews that complained about the write speed and thought for 12.99 I would have a punt anyway. I chucked it in my wife's tablet and hit the copy button to shift 8gb of movies and music to the card, about 1hr later all done, Its wont set any land speed records but for 12.99 as a cheap storage medium JOB DONE.


| | See all Furnster's reviews (3)

yes im sure there is better cards on the market but not at this price!

it did take me a couple hours to sync everythin to my phone but i doubt most people will be bothered about that and its doubled my storage.

top class product!!!

  Too slow. Good size, good price - but still not good enough

| | See all BoboskinsBee's reviews (1)

Impressed to see a 32gb sdhc for this price, and usually play value items stand up pretty well. On this occassion I am dissapointed though - sold as a class 4 card which should guarantee a minimum 4MB/s writes. After thorough testing I barely get 3MB/s. When writing the full 32gb takes many hours to complete.

Read speeds are also extremely poor. Most sdhc cards read a lot faster than write. My 16gb Sandisk writes at 4MB/s but reads at 17MB/s. This one barely exceed 3.5MB/s.

Overall I will probably need to RMA this as really does not satisfy my needs (or meet the class 4 spec).

EDIT: Just a quick update (noting one of the comments about taking technology fro granted). With 28gb of space available and the 3 mb/s write speed it takes forever to write to the card. I normally test sd cards with H2testw - but I give up on testing this card after 6 hours

I ended up keeping this one - but will be replacing soon as the slow speed drives my nuts.


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| | See all DHGill's reviews (1)

Hi all,
I haven't got this item, but I'm sure it's worth the price seeing as it's tiny and holds up to 32gb of information...
People complaining it's too slow are obviously people who take new technology for granted! Get over it, it does the job... why is everyone so impatient ... You try and manufacture something like that!

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  Slower than class 4.

| | See all Daveeeeeeeeeeee's reviews (1)

Its capacity is approx 29.8GB after FAT32 formatting.
I filled my card with data and then checked the integrity of the data and there were no errors, so that's good.
To write sequentially to the card until it was full took 2+ hours and averaged 3.25MBps which is slower than the class 4 MINIMUM of 4MBps. The read back averaged 14MBps.
The card performs better with files 50-100MBps and achieves the class 4 minimum near enough spot on.
If I were to say 3 stars would be "as described" with 4 being "better than expected" and 5 being "amazing". 1 star would be "useless" then the 2 star rating this gets should indicate that its not as good as it should be but it is "usable".

I've yet to try with any other file system.

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  Works with my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i too

| | See all TriodeGirl's reviews (1)

Affordable and good spec (2010 Christmas present to self).

Note: I put the card into my phone FIRST so that it did it's setup initialisation on a blank card. Also used the phone USB connection to transfer data, took a while but all went okay. N.B. Android 2.1

32GB gives me lots of room for my music (I use WMA lossless compression and Meridian player). Why? The audio quality on the Xperia's DAC is actually very good (CD quality - yes, I measured it) and it makes a handy source of music for audio listening tests on HiFi systems.

100Hz = 0.014%
1KHz = 0.018%
10KHz = 0.012%

Frequency response (into 10K ohm) is ruler flat out to 22KHz.
Residual noise is 110dB down from peak out.

P.S. My SE MBW-200 watch started to work (with OpenWatch) as well with the new card installed. Unexpected bonus.

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  Excellent card which i cannot fault

| | See all Darkflame's reviews (2)

Early days as i've only recently got the card a day ago, but i've managed to copy over 30gb of music and everything works well.

In regards to the transfer speeds of this card, it really is a class 4, but the only way to achieve these speeds is not to use your phone but a memory card reader instead.

While transferring to my phone, i was getting 2mb transfer speeds (class 2), but in my memory card reader i got the full 4mb (class 4).

I suspect the reason why some people have reported getting 2mb speeds is because they were transferring over using their phone, this is a bad idea, not only because of the slow speeds but also because transferring huge amounts of data to a phone kills the battery possibly corrupting the data being transferred over when the phone dies mid transfer.

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  Absolutely Fantastic!!!

| | See all gizzy76's reviews (1)

I bought this card to expand the memory of my phone (BlackBerry Bold 9700) and it does the job, and does it well!!!

I now have 6,500+ MP3 files on the go...
It took about two hours or so to fill but at the end of the day, there is A LOT to fill !!!

All in all, this is a worthwhile purchase, well worth the FIVE STAR Ratings... At a VERY reasonable price,
THANKS PLAY, You've come out trumps yet again!!! ;-)