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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Android Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone in Black

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  10/10 brilliant phone

| | See all r0ssj0nes's reviews (1)

The best phone i have ever had, it has great signal and a brilliant battery life, it has superb gaming on it and has built in wifi and quick internet, definetly would recommend this phone. 10/10.

  Great phone - but poor customer service from Play

| | See all Chrs77's reviews (1)

Great phone for the price and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a gaming phone.

Purchasing it from Play is another matter entirely - ordered the phone and after it was dispatched got a message saying it was returned unwanted (which was not the case) and postage would not be refunded. A phonecall later they agreed to refund the postage as well but as the price had gone up - if I wanted the phone I would have to pay the newer higher price to re-order it. After emailing a complaint, was told actually the courier it had been sent with couldn't deliver to my address (even though Play originally claimed they could on the phone). Still no offer to honour the original sale price. Needless to say I took my custom elsewhere and got the phone from another vendor

I would highly recommend the phone itself but cannot recommend you buy it from Play.

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  Great Gaming Phone

| | See all Darkonda's reviews (2)

Yes it's neither a Samsung Galaxy S nor an Iphone 3/3G/3GS/4/4S, but none of those types of phones can match the gaming experience that is to be had with one of these.

How many people can say that they have played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dead Space, Need For Speed Shift, Pokemon Yellow and Finial Fantasy VII and VIII all on the same day and on the same device without having to touch the screen?

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to re-live those classic titles in one place while being anywhere.

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  Best phone ever

| | See all hayhead's reviews (1)

For the price of this phone it has to be 1 of the best phones on the market. gaming is good although have had issues with GTA.

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  Fantastic Phone, love it so

| | See all sandman86's reviews (1)

Got this phone late august 2011 and i got to say....i still love it!! great response good battery life considering it being a smartphone. Didnt want to go for the iphone or the blackberry like other people would go for, even thought it cant play psp games, but able to play ps1 games is still great, makes me laugh that most of my friends have iphones and all i see is cracked screens, and yet im a rough handler and the play still intact. I'd highly recommend this phone.

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  Excellent phone, great deal

| | See all geordi's reviews (1)

I bought this the replace my ageing HTC Desire and have been so impressed. Firstly I was worried about the screen as so many reviews say it is too dark. This is most definitely not my experience, the screen appears sharp and perfectly bright for me.
The phone itself feels expensive and high quality when holding it. The controller is way better than I was expecting and the quality of the in game graphics is excellent. So much better without losing the screen real estate for the sake of rubbish touch screen controls.

Another mention has to go out to the excelent audio quality and really good headset that came with the phone as well as the brilliant built in stereo speakers.

I originally bought this as a short term stop gap until my 2 year contract runs out, but I have been so impressed I have no plans to replace it any time soon.

Briliant bargain.

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  Brilliant phone

| | See all lvlal2k's reviews (3)

It seems to me there are too many bad reviews about this phone. The Play is top notch in my opinion.
The layout is quite similar to the iphone in how the operating system works. It takes a little while to figure out exactly how everything works, but once you do, you'll find it very user friendly.
As for slow down or crashes, I've not experienced any of it. I've played games for 3 hours straight on my phone, to find no glitches or problems at all. The games are slowly expanding and it's now at a point where you have a pretty wide choice to choose from. You can use any old game app from the android market, but most aren't compatible with the game pad. Sony is now expanding it to the point that there are nearly 200 games adapted to work on the game pad, including titles such as Rainbow Six, Fifa and PES.
So, onto the next gripe. Battery life. Can anyone tell me what phone is able to hold out for longer than the Play when you're playing on it constantly? My two bosses have iPhone's and I can tell you that's not one of them.
If you're looking for a phone with battery life to last a week, then you're not looking for a smart phone. Smart phone's have processes upon processes happening in the background and foreground which eats battery life. Go and get yourself an app to monitor them and stop moaning!
Overall, with the games coming out, the similarity to the Playstation and the attention to detail, this phone gets 5 stars from me.

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  Perfect phone for gamers and retro fans

| | See all AmigaHarrison's reviews (1)

As a huge gaming fan I was interested in the Xperia Play right from its first announcement, and whilst it doesn't quite live up to all the hype that surrounded it, it is still the best smartphone you can buy for gaming as the dedicated gamepad really does make all the difference.

While it is PSP/Sony certified it doesn't run PSP games, which is the biggest disappointment for a lot of people. But it will run Playstation 1 games and its own selection of Android games enhanced for the Play, so all is not lost.

The bundled games are better than you often given for free and for once they are all full versions and not demos or time limited. One thing to consider is that when you first launch any of the Play specific gaming titles (already installed or new purchases) the game will then need to connect to the internet and download a sizeable amount to the phone's SD card to complete the installation. This can be anything from 20MB to over 600MB, so make sure you are connected via Wi-Fi when you do this or you could quickly eat up your data allowance.

As for the rest of the phone, it might not be as fast as the latest dual core models like the Galaxy S II, but it is more than fast enough and responsive for everything I've tried on it so far, and with Android 2.3 installed it is a very nice experience. It also has a very nice display.

A problem a lot of Android phone owners have is updating their phone's OS to a newer version. On the Galaxy S I had this very issue with the PC software not able to communicate with the phone properly and failing to upgrade it. With the Xperia Play Sony have added the ability to update the phone's OS on the phone itself OTA (over the air), so you don't need to even connect it to a PC. Just go into the Settings and ask the phone to look for any updates, and if it finds them you can let it download the update and perform it all from within the phone itself. I've already tried this with the Play and successfully updated to 2.3.3 so that is good needs and a simple solution compared to requiring PC software to perform the update.

And Sony are supporting this phone for the moment, unlike some others. 2.3.4 is due out as an update in October, and more updates due in the new year, so all good news. The 2.3.4 update will be adding swipe support for typing, and also sweep panorama creation.

Sony have also put their own custom UI on top of Android, much like HTC and Samsung do with their phones. I personally prefer Sony's approach as it is cleaner, but that is personal preference and up to each person to decide. I also like their Timescape widget which lets you quickly see your latest PMs, twitter and facebook feeds, news, and anything else you want in a scrolling stack of messages on the homepage. Nice feature.

Finally, if you are retro gamer, then the Xperia Play is a great choice as there is a large selection of emulators available for Android, and all I've tried so far allow onscreen controls to be hidden and keys to be assigned to emulated controls, so the Plays controller comes into its own for this. And all the emulators I've tried so far work very nicely too.

You also get a 16GB SD card free with the Play so plenty of room to keep you going for some time.

So all in all I highly recommend this phone.

If there were any downsides to this phone it is the weight, which is noticeably heaver than say a Samsung Galaxy, but not so much that it is a problem.

Also the camera is only 5MP, compared to others Sony make like the Arc which has an 8MB camera, but it still takes nice images, and if you really wanted to take more professional photos you would be using a proper camera anyway.

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  Xpiera PLAY - Great gaming phone.

| | See all jjravs's reviews (1)

I bought this phone not long ago, and well Its great at doing what it was made for! The slide out controls are perfect for gaming, and are really responcive.
However the only one drawback is that the battery life drains remarkably fast if you sit there playing games.. I'd say it runs out a bit faster than a PSP, but then taking into accound it does so much more than a handheld console its rather impressive.
The other features on the phone work well, including one of the best touch screens I have ever used.
If you want to buy a phone with excellent gaming potential than this is the one for you.

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  I love this phone.

| | See all SenseiJim's reviews (1)

This is my first 'smart' phone and I'm very happy with it. It is easy to use and set up. The game play is great and the screen is responsive to touch. I chose this phone because I didn't want an iPhone or a blackberry and I love playstation. I have to say after 2 weeks I am really pleased with my decision. The only problem is the poor battery life but I had to charge my last phone every night anyway so I don't mind too much especially since you can get a spare battery for less than twenty quid. The android software works well and it is easy to use. If you like games but want a good choice of apps this may be the phone for you. An iPhone it's not but that's why I like it.

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