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Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB Android Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Customer Reviews

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  Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Android Smartphone

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Breathtaking, streamlined aesthetics. Stunning contours... Cutting edge technology is here, ready to take home today. Engage your senses, hold your dreams and conquer every impossibility. Dedicated social networking, on-demand entertainment and an arsenal of apps ready to exhilarate every moment. Entertainment at your fingertips, online content at your command; The contender has arrived.

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Il keep this review brief as anyone reading this will probably know all the technicle stuff already. Put simply, this is th best phone iv ever laid my hands on by a huge margin. Iv just had a Nokia N8 for the last 18 months, the S2 makes the N8 feel like the first mobile i ever owned in comparison. My gf got her Iphone 4s the very same day I got this, she'd waited months for that where as mine was a spur of the moment upgrade..... lets just say she is more than a little envious. The Iphone may be the must have phone of the moment, but make no mistake, the S2 stops it from being the best and by a long way. The screen is simply amazing, and movement is very fluid. This is my first android device, it was all very alien to me at first but after a few days im sold and never going back. The only bad points about this phone are the battery life and the loud speakers. The battery life is pretty poor if im honest, iv had to charge it every night, although to be fair iv played with it alot this week so it may improve later. the speakers are far from poor but the N8 i had before had much louder speakers which i Personally liked. Other than those two points the Galaxy S2 is perfect, stop pining an Iphone and get one of these, youl soon realise youve done the right thing.

All the best.

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  what can I say awsome

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I wanted an i phone and got one and was dissapointed with the signal and its compatability, big fan of samsung phones for some years now and when the galaxy s2 came out I though thats to big for a phone and spent ages searching for some thing else.
a mate got one and i had a play with it and loved it, everything works, there are so many options to do things with on the phone and size is not a problem now its a benifit.
good: fantatastic signal, batery lasts a day with me playing with it all the time.
bad: honestly nothing yet

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  Iphone Killer

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Had this phone for 6 months now.
Always owned Iphone before this.
Love this phone so much,beats the iphone hands down imo.

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  A perfect phone in every way.....

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First of all at less than 400 pounds this phone is a bargain. Thank you Play.com.

I dont won't to be too long on my review because as everybody can see everything is all said about this phone.

The good

1) Amazing screen even at 800x480 res.Very crisp and sharp display, great colors (better then the iPhone4 Retina display)
The screen (using an enhanced AMOLED technology which Samsung coined "Super AMOLED Plus" is probably the best stand-out feature of the Samsung and puts it over the top of all current smartphones.

2) Amazing speed 1.2 GHz nothing will slow this phone(super machine) down. I have played games, browsed heavy websites with flash and been doing multitasking but nothing have slowed this phone down.This phone supports 21.1Mbps HSPA+ speeds as well, so downloads are blazingly fast.

3) Google's OS system personally think that is the best OS on a smartphone to date.

4) Samsung added its own refinement ("TouchWiz 4.0") on top of Gingerbread to enhance the experience. I loved the fast access to settings like turning on/off Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi etc."TouchWiz 4.0" has also its own task manager which works excellent and I can access it qicker to kill my apps that run on the backroud for saving battery throughout the day.

5) Battery life is also one of the best things that this phone has being only 8.49mm Slim lasted me with heavy usage for about 18-22 hours a day.Browsing for 2 hrs, 35 mins satnav 1 hour playing heavy games like need for speed or PES 2011, 4-6 hours music and updating my facebook, email and twitter every hour. Two most commons things that will drain any phone battery are watching videos and movies and using satnav.This battery will last a normal user between a 1/2 to 2 days.

6) Camera being 8 mp makes this phone on of the best camera phones around.After owning Iphone 4S/4, HTC Desire HD and HTC Sensasion I believe that this phone has one of the best camera sensors in my opinion. Records and plays 1080p really well considering its only a phone.

This are mainly the things I look at a phone before I buy and all this technology at fitted into a phone being 8.49mm slim.

Due to this phone meeting my needs I dont have many bad points.

The bad

1) Having a screen at 4.3-inches could be a litte big for some people although for me its not big at all.

Basicially thats it really.

I felt I had to mention all the above for using the phone for more than a month.

If you want a phone update and felt that the phone was expensive when it first came out now at play.com its cheaper than any other place.

Thank you play.com, always cheaper than others :)

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  Build quality isn't durability

| | See all residentevil's reviews (3)

The build quality on this phone is terrible 3 died in 6 months not due to dropping or anything just components not lasting which is typicle for Samsung but this is pathetic good screen tech awful resolution and I thought they fixed this with their galaxy nexus but it's pentile display why do this cos Samsung don't like spending money I'm pretty sure most ppl like this phone just cos it isn't apple but anyone who is lucky enough like me to have both this phone and iPhone 4s will tell u the quality in every aspect possible the iPhone 4s is better but it's to be expected when looking at the price difference so if u have this phone and it lasts which mine didn't then it is a good mid range phone but the quality finish and support isn't there for the gs2 to be considered high end which is what most ppl are expecting From this handset

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  Phone of the year for a reason!

| | See all mjalls's reviews (33)

This phone is incredible. Due to a previously long contract, this has been my first 'smart' phone and after seeing a friend's HTC, I knew I had to get an Android.

I got the White version of this just after release and it looks incredible. It is very light and very thin. Some people commented negatively on the build quality but it doesn't feel flimsy at all. It is very solid and the screen is huge. The screen is significantly larger and brighter than the iPhone screen and the phone itself (despite being larger) fits easier into your hand than an iPhone because it is so thin.

The phone is super fast and of course has access to the vast array of Android apps. Not only this but the Android operating system is completely customisable and aside from the usual interesting and pointless apps you can download things like new clocks and text applications so you are in no way restricted to use phone as you receive it. Pretty much everything can be customised and changed (unlike iPhone that forces you to use it in the way Apple wanted you to).

It really puts the iPhone to shame. After showing this to a number of iPhone users, they could see no reason to own an iPhone (apart from preference and brand name). It is superior in every other way.

People always used whip their white iPhones out on the train with pride but as soon as iPhone owners clock me holding this beauty they discreetly hide away their iPhones because this thing makes them look like a brick.

The camera is amazing too. It has an 8MP sensor and is super quick. I can't fault the quality at all. If you don't need an SLR and can put up with having no Zoom then there's no reason why you would ever need a separate camera... it's that good.

The screen is super bright and clear, the phone is wafer thin but solidly built and it is blisteringly fast with complete customisation and the sleekness and usablity of Android.

There are only 4 things I can fault about this phone (and they probably apply to most smart phones these days). They are:

-The battery life is rubbish and if you leave Wifi, Bluetooth + GPS turned on with apps running, you won't get a whole day use from it.
- The unlock screen (Specific to Samsung Galaxy s2) is very clumsy. Rather than an animated slider like you get on iPhone or HTC, you literally just drag the background of the 'screensaver' wallpaper to the side. It just looks uncool and clumsy.
- The phone gets very hot when you are gaming. This means your hands get sweaty and it makes it hard to hold the phone as it is so slim.
- This is a general problem with all Android phones in that so many apps just run for no reason. I have a task killer app that shows me everything that running in the background and I'll find random games that have started themselves and are sending data. Even after killing the app it will show up again. The only way to stop these is to uninstall them. Google need to have a task 'blocker'. Then again, maybe there is one.

Seriously, this beauty puts the iPhone to shame and is Samsung at its best. It looks gorgeous, it is super fast and it truly deserved it's phone of the year title. It would have been a crime if it didn't win. It will (and has) converted many people from iPhone. The negatives are just minor and nothing that would ever make me regret getting the phone.

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  Back of the net !

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Amazing ! This phone has written the new benchmark for every other phone to follow. Yes, that includes the iPhone 4S (which my mate has)
and he's still trying to convince himself that the iPhone is still the #1 smartphone .....
ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) is on its way very soon as the new OS for Samsung (Android anyhow) and it will feature on the Hercules handset. Apple hesitated on the release for the iPhone 4S and rightfully so. The Galaxy S2 has kicked the iPhone swiftly off its perch. Absolutely incredible piece of kit.

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| | See all johnny112's reviews (2)

Bit big when you first get it, but you quickly get used to it. Camera is top notch, and havent had a single problem with it. Awesome

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