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Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB Android Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Great phone!

| | See all MSmith0102's reviews (2)

All round a fantastic phone. Probably the best phone on the planet (coming from a tech geek here). Screen is gorgeous, power is amazing and looks are stunning.

  Samsung Galaxy S2

| | See all dannygibbo121293's reviews (1)

Well Worth buying its outstanding and the HD 8mp Cam is amazing i would recommend... 1.2Ghz Duel Core and its realy Fast


| | See all jgadams's reviews (1)

Had this phone for about a month now and by god its a beltter.my past 2 phone have been mini pro then x10i. But this thing blows them right out the water...easy. .But i would,t mind a blast at the htc sensation..looks not to bad to.and just maybe the lg 3d aswell.....well maybe...!!it would be the only lg that interests me ...jgadams ...blantyre..g72


| | See all civictypeR's reviews (1)

i am upgrading my phone
and dont know what one to get
the reviews are very good and say this is a better phone than the iphone 4
i use my phone for taking pictures, facebook and internet
its this one, i phone or the sony play???

  best phone out there

| | See all nastylasty's reviews (1)

had the phone 2 weeks now and it's one of the best gadgets (bar sky+)that i have ever bought.so easy to use and compared to my old htc touch hd is like having a top end pc in your pocket.One draw back is it's size.4.3" screen makes for a big phone....but it is so thin and light it beats the competition on that front as well!!The screen has stunning colour and is so bright and sound is good as well.The camera is 8mp and takes really good quality pictures and doesn't take 2 minutes between you pushing the button and it actualy taking the picture.All in all i 100% recommend this phone to everyone you really won't regret it

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| | See all topdog99's reviews (1)

What a great phone i had a iphone 3gs then the 4 i got to say this phone is the best i ever had thanks Samsung

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  Like an iphone.....but much much BETTER

| | See all Luco123's reviews (3)

This phone has it all. It will always be compared to an iphone and so it should as iPhone is one of the best in the market. However, this phone is in its own league with the number of key features it has such as the beautiful large screen, the slim design and its amazing lightness in weight.
The other great thing about this phone is that it has flash player for all those videos that are not viewable on the iphone, and best of all it has the official adobe reader application.
I had the iphone before this, and do not miss it at all as most of the apps are available on this brilliant Samsung Galaxy. It also has expandable memory compared to the iphone and I love that flexibility. There is nothing more you can ask for in a phone as this one has it all. Just brilliant!!!

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  good phone.. when it works

| | See all badbestfriend's reviews (2)

Had it for 4 days straight from launch then it turned off in my pocket and never came back on, sent it off for repair and they still have it... 4 weeks later i'm without a phone and their customer service is poor for mobile phones. Apparently they are waiting for parts instead of just sending me a new phone. Should have stuck with an iphone.

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  The best phone I have ever used.

| | See all mada360's reviews (2)

This phone is truly amazing, it's light, powerful, thin, bright and has a huge and colourful screen. Watching HD videos or playing games is great and the screen really is so vibrant and clear even though it hasn't got the highest resolution.
It does everything I want and more and when I want it to, on my old phone I would have to wait for it to load and scrolling through menus was slow.

There is only one slight downside and that's the battery, as everyone has said, but it's still better than the iPhone's battery life even though it is loads more powerful and has a massive screen and the battery is surprisingly small and thin too.
Overall, this beats any other phone hands down in my opinion, especially those crapberrys everyone is using now.

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  A comment for new S2 users out there

| | See all VeranBhinari's reviews (9)

This is an amazing piece of tech from Samsung, there is NO better Android handset as of now. I must however address some of the issues raised by the person below that upgraded from a VERY old Sony Ericsson handset. Two words, and a FUNDAMENTAL part of handsets sold with this operating system. Android Market. The whole point of buying an Android phone is that it is NOT complete out of the box. There are hundreds of apps out there that would address your issues with the alarm, your problems with Bluetooth, messaging apps that allow you to share media with ONE click. This is probably the smoothest touchscreen phone in production and the multitouch pinch and zoom is no way comparable to the archaic scroll wheel on a W995. If you buy an Android unit such as this, please think outside of the box. It is created for customisation!

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