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Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB Android Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Customer Reviews

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  Good Phone but....

| | See all RugbySteve87's reviews (1)

Upgraded to this phone from my W995 which in many ways i view as a better phone however.....This is a great phone to use, the screen is a lot better than my brothers galaxy ace and the general useability is good however.....

The alarm will not go off unless the phone is switched on, i like to keep my phone off at nights but then would be running late for work... also i am unable to set appropriate repeat reminders, i work a saturday night every 3rd saturday and get paid tuesday 4 weekly and like to set reminders for what bin it is to go out etc, the phones only options in the calander areweekly, every 2 weeks, monthly (first monday etc) or monthly on the "x"th..... previously i could set it to every 3days if i wanted! also no bluetooth pushing and recieving like the old way so cannot share music, pictures or videos with freinds and family....you can send from this phone but im not sure how if you can, recieve?

These are just small things and as other reviews have said the camera at are fantastic, though again i would like standalone button on the side for taking pictures, i alos find internet navigation a pain at times where previously i could scroll the mouse easily onto the link i wanted and hit the correct link everytime, now i often hit the wrong link when two are close together, but this is just due to my inexperience and dislike to touch screens....

Great phone and would recommend!!! Just it isnt my W995....

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  Epic for the most part

| | See all DarkEntity's reviews (15)

Cracking bit of kit, smashes most all other phones on the market. It would be a 5/5 if not for the screen resolution not being QHD like the Sensation and other new dual core phones. This is the only downer but its a large oversite on Samsungs part :(

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| | See all jenniferk87's reviews (1)

I have had this phone nearly a week now. I love it. It has everything! I was thinking about an iphone but this is far better in my opinion. If you want an iphone for the apps, this has thousands and you can get a lot of the apps that the iphone has. I love how you can read people's facebook etc updates in your contacts and use the Social Hub for seeing all of your emails, twitter, facebook updates in one place. The camera is 8 MP, and the screen makes the images so clear!! i couldn't believe how high quality the pics come out, even when you zoom in. I love how you can tap & scroll down at the top of the screen which shows you all of your notifications then you scroll back up to close it. The phone does have a a large screen which people might be put off, but I think it's not far bigger than the iphone and HTC's. It is sooo light though so definately doesn't mean its bulky. The battery goes down rather quickly but I am on it all the time so not suprised about that. Really cant say anything negative about this phone at the moment!! I would recommend this phone to anyone.

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| | See all alarnaxxx's reviews (1)

Not going to repeat what has been said already, great phone! I just want to help anyone with the following problem. When accessing Email 'Folders' i.e. sent / deleted mail using the pre installed App the screen refreshes, and then after a few seconds it goes blank. Yesterday, I called Samsung and they said it was a 'software fault' and to return the phone to o2. Called o2 and they will not replace it because they don't have stock, they offered me a different phone or a refund. As I don't want another phone (that's how good it is) I was really miffed. Had a brain wave last night and did a quick Goggle search for best Android App, downloaded K-9 Mail and it works a treat. Neither Samsung nor o2 thought to suggest this. Gmail works but when using another Email account you may encounter this problem.

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  Best phone ever

| | See all Razzzax's reviews (8)

Got it 4 days ago, and feels like the best thing a person can have.. Real amazing gadget, love it, love it, love it!

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  Samsung Galaxy s2

| | See all mellosoft's reviews (1)

What can i say? Flawless! Words can't express how good this phone really is.

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  Perfect Phone

| | See all Ballyboy1067's reviews (2)

I have had this phone for just over a week, and can say its by far and away the best gadget i've ever owned. Putting this into context in terms of phones, i've had an HTC Desire, a Desire HD, and an Iphone 4, and it blows them all away. Its rather like comparing a Ferrari against a Ford Mondeo, its that good.
The phone looks and feels great. And yes its not as stylish in terms of visual appeal as say the iphone 4, with its lovely metal body, but hey i'd prefer lightness and thinness to anything else, especially with a phone of this screen size. I had an HTC Desire HD, with the 4.3 inch screen, and metal casing, and you definitely knew you had it in your pocket, this you don't. And its built really well, doesn't creak at all, unlike my HTC Desire HD.
The speed of the machine is unreal, and lets face it, it should be, as its faster than quite a few pcs and laptops. It takes everything in its stride, especially HD movie playback. I've run a blueray rip of Avatar on the phone, and it runs perfectly,which amazed me. I also have a DNLA TV, and it works perfectly with the phone.

As for the camera, its great, as is the video.

Oh and it actually works very well as a phone, the reception is great, and sound quality is excellent.

I am quite shocked that reviewers haven't proclaimed this as a revolutionary phone, and stated that it's simply the best phone out there, I mean period, and by some distance. It does everything very well, and has no real weakness, and for that alone its a winner. What else do you want from a phone?

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| | See all DNA123456's reviews (2)

The UK version doesnt come with NFC. Samsung shiped UK versions without the NFC chip inside so it cant even be enabled. Otherwise, the best phone of 2011

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  Pretty, Perfect, Powerful

| | See all Dannehkins's reviews (18)

When you first set eyes and hands on the Galaxy S2, there are two things that will probably go through your mind at first glance. First off, 'wow, that screen is big' and second, 'it's so incredibly light and thin'. You would definitely not be wrong as the screen is approximately 4.3" and it only weights in at 116g.

I am going to address the screen first. The Galaxy S2 sports a Super AMOLED Plus screen (an improvement over the Super AMOLED screen in the Galaxy S) and it offers much more crisper text and much more vibrancy and brightness in the colours. It is an absolute joy to watch videos, play games or view pictures. It's definitely one of the biggest things about this phone that I like to make a song and a dance about, because it truly is a fantastic screen that you won't find with other phones.

Moving on, the Galaxy S packs 1GB of RAM and a 1.2GHz dual core processor and the results are very noticeable. The power-up is quick, the fluidness of swiping screens is incredible and just the general responsiveness of the phone is magnificent. The power of this phone bursts out at you from everywhere; you simply cannot help but instantaneously notice it.

The camera quality and video recording is just phenomenal on this phone. The 8MP camera produces some great, high quality shots and the recording at full HD is just the height of this phone's capabilities. It is important to note that at full HD (1080p), you cannot use the zoom function on the camera. The phone also has a 2mp front facing camera and although it isn't as impressive as the rear facing camera, it's one of the highest quality front facing cameras that I have used. It should make video conferencing that little bit more crisper.

The design and aesthetics of the phone are probably the one thing that will be a hit and miss with people. The phone feels very nice in your hand and is lovely and thin; however, it does not sport the premium feel that you may find with other phones. It is definitely an upgrade from the Galaxy S, but I wouldn't consider it to be premium. Nevertheless, I find it still very nice to hold and to use.

The new TouchWiz 4.0 is a big improvement over the previous instalment and there is a nice overlay. The wallpapers look even more impressive, mainly due to the Super AMOLED Plus screen.

I have managed to use the game hub and although the selection of games is not largely diverse, there are still a nice selection of social and premium games and some are free.

I really do not know what else to say about this phone. The browsing experience is great, the responsiveness and fluidity is perfect, the quality is out of this world. This phone is really so enjoyable to use and I would go out of my way to recommend this phone to anyone looking at a new smartphone or an Android powered phone; it's a real treat and I think Samsung have manufactured a winner here.

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| | See all memikeec's reviews (1)

I've had it for 1 day and my first impression is wow! This phone is awesome. I love the screen, I love the speed, I love how it looks and I love how it works. I've waited a long time to upgrade from my HTC Hero - which was a great phone when it was released. This phone is a leap forward, worlds apart in performance.

Just a brilliant phone!!!

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