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HTC Wildfire S Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone (Black)

Manufacturer: HTC

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Customer Reviews

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  Terrible experience, never again buy HTC

| | See all deckard44's reviews (14)

The whole experience of owning this phone is a bad one. The phone constantly keeps running out of internal memory during normal opperation. When it does, you cant access the gallery or use the mp3 player or use the internet or txt. You have to troll through all your apps individually clearing the temp data, even when 95% of my downloaded apps are on the SD card, not in internal memory. It's currently run out of memory again, I've gone through every app and deleted temp data and it's still low. Texting is a nightmare unless you've got the fingers of a 10 year old girl. I spend more time correcting texts than writing them. I know this is an entry level phone, but HTC didn't do themselves any favours releasing such a poor product. I will never touch an HTC product again. Consider yourselfs warned, buy this phone at your own peril. I've given it two stars because its cheap.

  Do not purchase.

| | See all Brigadere's reviews (7)

Where to start.
Battery: terrible.
Accuracy and responsiveness of touch screen: terrible.
Speed: fair at times.

Okay, so about 4/5 years ago I had a Sony Ericcson which at the press of a button would transfer images and videos from the internal memory over to the SD card. This isn't the case with this phone, you manually have to transfer the files. Very annoying. Another complaint about the internal memory is the fact that it's too low to update the software. Once the internal memory is full, you also cannot access the media files to delete them, therefore the only way to make space on your phone is to manually go into the files via the PC and delete them that way. For battery, I need to have a charger in my car and in work to keep the battery at green. When it hits yellow, it's a swift decline to the battery being dead.

Texting is horrible, some letters overwrite each other because the phone cannot keep up with the speed my friends or I text at. When I receive a text, there's a little notification at the top left of the screen. This disappears after you read the LATEST unread text. So that means if you have an unread message that you received before another text that you HAVE read, this notification doesn't display, therefore you do not know you have received a text before the most up to date text. This is a problem for times when you need your phone on silent. It's a little complicated I know, but I've missed important texts due to this little notification not displaying when I have an unread message.

I can go on, so I'll leave it there. Please do not purchase this phone, it's defective as a whole in my opinion. I can't even find anything that's good about it, it's just got bad aspects of the essentials in a typical smart phone.

  Avoid if possible

| | See all Aitken1990's reviews (3)

Lost my iPhone on holiday so purchased this and continued my contract. Have been counting down the days until I could upgrade my phone again as this handset is terrible.

Battery life is woeful, touch screen is extremely slow and unresponsive. When trying to answer calls it often rejects calls when trying to unlock handset. Typing texts is painful as handset cannot keep up with the speed your fingers press the keypad. Also, trying to resend failed texts messages often results in you spending a good minute trying to get the phone to do what you want it too as it often just highlights one word of the text you've pressed.

Recently my phone has decided to enable car mode (which I have no idea how its managed to do this as I have no car and have never activated Bluetooth on it) and all phone calls automatically begin in loudspeaker.

The only reason i've not given this phone 1 star is because it does, sometimes, make phone calls and send texts.

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  HTC wildfire Review

| | See all IanDeee's reviews (1)

Phone arrived a little late due to the one I ordered not passing the delivery inspection, but a replacement was sent out a day or so later so all in all good service from them.

As for the phone, well the instructions were in French, but honestly, two seconds on Google and you can download the English PDF version of the user manual, so no worries there.

About the phone. I researched a fair bit before buying a Wildfire S and I read a fair few comments that stated that the battery is terrible, only lasting a day tops. The Sim Fee option doesnt work with EU Sim cards. But the winner whine was the phone is slow responding, apps running slow etc. Well, its a phone, not a quad core Pentium.

So on that note here is my feedback after using the phone. I travel a lot in the EU and have sims for Germany (Vodafone) and for France (again Vodafone). Both sims work fine in this phone so Im not too sure what people are on about unless they are using a different service provider and having troubles there.

The battery I find is very good. If you hammer the hell out of it, then yes it will go flat in a day. But you have to be using the phone like a laptop, that is, wifi on, gps on, writing emails, txts playing about with apps etc. Well, Ok, most laptops I use only last about 3-4 hours under that kind of use, so having a days worth out of a phone isnt really that bad is it? On the flip side, Ive turned off the wifi, gps etc and just used it like phone. That is, one or two txts a day, probably about 15mins worth a calls a day, the odd picture for work (no way around that) and Ive gotten 4 days worth out of the battery.

I find the phone very quick to respond, there is hardly and delay between selecting a function and it being executed. Id say it was on par with the iPhone and other high end smartphones. That being said, Im not one for playing games or using many of the apps you can install so I can really give any feedback in those areas.

One last whine I was reading a lot of was the lack of internal memory, well a 16Gb SD card sorted that out. And yes you can install apps to the SD card rather then to the phones memory. I cant quite see as to what people were moaning about regarding the lack on internal memory.

An excellent phone, highly recommend it.

PS sorry about the grammar, the review input box wont allow apostrophes in text.

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  Warning! Low internal memory

| | See all DougtheD0g's reviews (2)

If your looking to install loads of apps look somewhere else.
Its internal memory is only 512Mb and loads of it is taken up by its bloatware.
Other than its fine as regular cellphone.

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  My lovely little Android!!

| | See all HarryKlysk's reviews (9)

Lets start buy saying that I think around 200 pound is still a lot to pay for a phone (even if it is an Android). Reviews on other sites have said it's low to mid range and you get what you pay for. Well I'm getting on a bit now and think you get quite a lot on this phone. It does everything I could want, and I love it. It may not be as big as say a Desire or an iPhone, but then I'm a man and don't carry a hand bag, so I need something that fits comfortably in my pocket. The only slight niggle is that the speaker could be better (louder) but you can get apps to repeat your ring/message tones, so that isn't a problem. I also got a protective cover and screen cover so it is now perfect. If you've got 300 to 500 pound to spend, great, get a better model, but for all of you out there who can't justify spending that kind of money this phone is ideal. Oh, and let's not forget it's main job is as a Phone!

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  queitly brillant wildfire s :)

| | See all wildfires's reviews (1)

I have spent ages looking for a new mobile that was not apple iPhone prices but still did everything an iPhone could. And this is it. You may get some reviews suggesting it is very slow and yes sometimes it does have a go slow moment but its only a couple of seconds . Overall this phone is brilliant it does everything anyone would want unless your a mega gamer. And a feature for me that I really love is its not a massive huge phone that takes an entire pocket up. The desire is well over 100pound more and I really don't think your gaining a lot for that money vie only difference is a faster processor and a larger screen. Wildfire has had the up grade it needed wildfire s (:

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  Brilliant phone.

| | See all SniperDaws's reviews (5)

i love my Wildfire S its brilliant, its the perfect size and feels awsome in your hand, games run fine some of the more complex games run a bit laggy, the camera is fantastic the Video camera is complete poo lol but im not bothered. the features built into this phone (HTC SENSE) are just amazing and impress you everyday.

  Great little phone

| | See all Kefira's reviews (1)

Partner has a Galaxy S2 which I find can be difficult to use with one hand as the screen is so big. This is perfect as my thumb can reach across the screen and can easily use with one hand. You will probably soon fill the 2gb sd card if you are anything like me and go app crazy.. And recharging every night is a must. Much more responsive than I expected and can do everything my partners Galaxy S2 can do at half the price.