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Sony Ericsson W850i Sim Free / Unlocked Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

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  Does not deserve a rating lower than 4, A QUALITY MOBILE!

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First of all the sale on this mobile is outstanding, all credit to play.com for the brilliant price and to top it all you get a free Sandisk Pro Duo 1gb memory card included in the price.

The mobile like most Sony mobiles, is very good quality, nice smooth slide, great sharp quality screen, good features and great looking phone. The mobiles usability is brilliant like most Sony Ericsson's, for me this is the best looking design of a slide mobile.

I wanted a moble that was a very good price and a quality mobile that is good in all areas such as texting, PC connection and great usability.

Battery is very good, does not drain even if you play games, but this is all depends if you charge the mobile up properly to get maximum battery life.

Sony for me are the best make they offer a whole lot more than just the basic texting and making calls, they design the best looking phones and the best quality mobiles.

The camera quality is very sharp during daytime, nighttime it's not very good but that's the same with all mobiles, all though there maybe very exspensive moblies of the price range of 300 to £400 that do offer good camera quality at night , even though you get this fancy flash light, it doesn't make much of a difference. This doesn't matter because the daytime photos are brilliant quality and this makes up for it. The video quality is okay but not great but for a mobile video recording but not bad either.

All in all for the price I paid for it, it was a massive bargain. Not only the best mobile I have owned the very best mobile I have bought for the bargain price of a quality mobile.

Well recommended, very happy with this mobile.

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this phone is ideal for thoes of you who travel to work on the bus/train. The walkman and head phones creat a quality sound for your mp3 tunes and the extra memory allow you to create as many different play list as your mood changes.
It is a walkman phone and I believe it does its job well.

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  Love it!!

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I have this phone and its the best! looking at all the other reviews the backlight fading in and out is a light saving mode so when its in the light or dark it doesnt use so much batt power or blind you using it at night if you hover your hand over the sensor at the top this is proof try it!!
No probs with this one maybe its good idea to set the keypad lock so it comes on quicker so as when in pocket doesn't call or go online!! I have done this but be patient as for the price your getting and excellent handset :)

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  I love it.

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I guess I'm lucky with mine, judging by the other reviewers, but it has always worked just fine & has never frozen or not worked in MP3 mode, & it always shuts off when closed. (Though the central button did stop working once, for no apparent reason. No problem since though.)


| | See all evilmunchkin's reviews (6)

This has to be one of the worce phones ive ever had (And i've had Nokia's)

The phone doesnt always lock when you close it and when it does lock it can unlock itself while in your pocket, i found this out after i got a huge bill and found that it when online for 2hours in my pocket.

The back light also fades then comes back then fades again. I'm not the only one that this happens to as i HAVE asked everyone i see with it.
If you want a phone do NOT get this one.


| | See all 1DaNTHEMaN1's reviews (1)

I love this phone had it for 6 months, i use it for everything, as an mp3 player, to listen to the radio, play games wen on the move and to remind me of dates in my calender! And also the obvious, to text and ring people! It has so many useful features! the internet is good, altho the button for the internet and convenience on the front of the phone, (without having to go through the menu) is quite sensitive, so can often take ur fone out of ur pocket and find it on the net, but someone told me that this can be dissabled i avent bothered, because im on contract nd dosent seem to cost me much!
The sound quality of the mp3 player and the radio is outstanding as you would expect from a Sony Ericsson fone, if u av had 1 b4!
the camera is also pretty good, for a fone, and altho the mega pixels at 2.0 dosent seem to be as high as some of the new phones that are coming out, it as is good as or in some cases better than, especially a few of the samsung phones! As a friend had a samsung fone with a 3.2 megapixel camera nd was annoyed by how good mine was!
A fantastic buy! And the price still being as high as it is for how long it has been out shows how good it really is!

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  nice phone when it works

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the phone is excellent when it works. it has many features, including the built in walkman. the menus are easy 2 navigate and in general its easy 2 use. however, it does hav a tendancy 2 go wrong. it freezes fairly regularly, the walkman fails 2 play songs, and it wont connect 2 the computer. i hav had 3 in 6 months. if u get this phone u really should get some insurance with it if your not gettin it on contract. the problems are not only with my phone, they seem 2 be a fairly regular problem with this model

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