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Sony Ericsson K800i Vodafone Pre-Pay Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all XboxEliteCrew's reviews (13)

I bought this phone 5 month's ago and well, i've had 1 problem. I turned it off and back on, it was fixed. Apart from that little contact list incident the phone is perfectly working even though being dropped down my stairs twice!! It just turned off and came on when I turned it back on. The camera is perfect quality and is the best camera on any phone out there at the moment. Its well better than my digital camera and the technology on the phone is astounding. This phone is worth every pennie you would pay and the speaker is very loud when ringin and the vibration isn't over the top. It vibrates alot but doesn't rattle to death. This phone would be a sensible buy and I would recommend this phone to anyone who is thinking of buying it. Now, just buy it!!. 10/10!!

  Top phone

| | See all Futnfacesarnie's reviews (3)

I have had this phone almost a year now and still no problems. Originally i didn't want this phone, i was waiting for the W850i to come out, but i couldn't wait any longer and had this phone.
I am so glad i got this phone, the camera is just brilliant and you couldn't ask for a better battery life. I would recommend getting a momory card with it to store photos, music or whatever, but also to speed the phone up. (not that it is slow, but it can freeze up for a few seconds without a memory card).

I haven't seen another phone that comes close to this one. highly recommended!!


| | See all BRaddon's reviews (27)

I've had this phone for a year, I got it as soon as it was out, even though I wasn't planning on it, but because I like photography and listening to music it was handy, and I have taken some great pics with it, some up to professional photography standard. Worth getting

  faultless phone

| | See all Trevsweb's reviews (42)

does everything perfect. couldnt ask for a better phone.

only thing i would change is the flap for the camera lens, needs to be locked down as u get it trying to take pics in the pocket. opening the cover turns it to cam mode even with key lock on... very irritating, but an epic camera either way. must buy if you love camera phones

  Great Little Phone

| | See all Madr0x's reviews (28)

Ive Just Downgraded From A Sony Ericsson P990i To This Due To The Phone(P990) Being Complete And Utter Rubbish But When It Comes To This Phone Its In Its Own League. I Really Didnt Want This Phone For The Simple Fact A Few Mates Had Told Me To Stay Away And Keep My Large PDA Phone. But This Is Easily My Favorite Sony Ericsson To Date And I Will Tell You Why. Unlike Most Of The Other Phones On The Market This One Is A Real Gentlemans Phone Its Sleek Sexy And Looks The Dogs. Look At All These Chaved Up Mobiles We Have Got On The Market Now(W850 Flashing Lights) All I Want My Mobile To Do Is To Phone People And Text People And This Phone Does It Perfectly. I Would Reccommend This Phone To Anyone On The Simple Fact It Does What It Says On The Tin And Thats What Everyone Should Want With A Phone Nowadays.

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| | See all BritishBennyBoy's reviews (1)

Ive never been a sony ericsson fan till i discovered the K800i packed with a great 3.2 mega pixal Camera . It picture is staggring . and the cool gadget such has live stream tv . radio . Mp3 Music Player and much much more i say its a great Mobile at a Great Price . Truely Amazing Dont wait around get it while its there 10/10

  Best Phone Ever!!!!

| | See all Phoneix09's reviews (13)

When i had this phone at christmas i couldn't wait to have it, when i finally did it was even better than i could have imagined. The camera is brilliant, it really is, there is soo much u can do with it u can choose how many pixcels u want to use, you can warp the images etc. And the camera isn't the only good thing, you also get a brilliant walkman type feature. The bad points, well to be honest there arent that many, however when i had mine i had to setup my MMS online but it was quite straight forward but other than that it was fine.

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| | See all trfcdave's reviews (2)

It was a good phone when i got it but now it seems very big and other phones have the same mega pixel camera as it eg samsung u600. that is small, slides and has a 3.2 mega pixel camera. my friend has that phone and it is alot better

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  Very capable camera phone

| | See all Bashimitsu's reviews (61)

The K800i is probably the first phone I've used that actually has a half decent camera. The camera in question is 3.2 megapixel but don't always just assume that more megapixels are better: a large part of what makes a camera any good is its image sensor, in other words the microchip that converts the image into a digital signal that can then be electronically recorded. Sure the lens and the amount of megapixels are important but without decent electronics the pictures will still look rubbish.
Sony have brought their digital camera expertise to the K800i and the pictures will look shockingly good for anyone that is used to taking pics on a phone. The quality is comparable to a fairly good camera from a few years ago - I know that sounds like anything but high praise but it's comparative, realistic and given the state of most phonecameras I'd say was very high praise indeed.
The camera function actually works a lot like other Cybershots in that it can be activated simply by sliding down the cover. This is great for taking fast snaps but could be prone to sliding open and consuming your battery whilst in your pocket. You can take pictures by either using the joystick or with a dedicated camera button on the phone's side. The advantage to using the dedicated button is that you can set the focus more accurately by pressing lightly, waiting for the bleep then pressing all the way to get a perfectly focused shot.
The flash is fairly decent and much better than those LED-style ones but it can give your subjects a slightly blue-ish hue. You can edit your photos onboard the camera and remove red-eye, add effects such as sepia and negative and crop them. The LCD screen is very bright and clear and is ideal for framing and viewing shots.
The camera also has red-eye reduction and steadyshot so taking pictures in low light is vastly improved on the majority of other camera phones.
As a phone the K800i performs very well with great call quality, clear ringtones and a very attractive user interface. The games may be network dependant but mine came with a brilliant crazy golf game and a superb looking (but difficult) tennis one.
The K800i is a brilliant camera phone and if that's what you're looking for then you should really try one out. I think you'll be impressed with the photos and at this price it's a bit of a steal!

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