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Samsung U600 T-Mobile Pre-Pay Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  A average phone, could be better

| | See all hollyamanda's reviews (15)

There is nothing special about this phone. It is a very nice looking phone but there are many faults. If you are wanting to take a action/quick picture you have no chance. The camera takes ages to take! The touch screen can be slow which can get very annoying. You have to buy a memory card to get a good memory. It has fantastic picture memory but music memory is not very good. If you are looking for a stylish phone this is the one but for everything else dont bother.

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  What can i say....

| | See all MobileLichKing's reviews (3)

I guess i'm being a little harsh the phone is great for its price the headset you get is pretty good the camera is of good quality and it has flash so you can take those night time images.

The only problem i have is its tendency to freeze when it comes the music player changing tracks takes a good 5 seconds.
It occasionally freezes on the menu.
You can get this phone much cheaper you just have to look around.

It is pretty much a bog standard samsung phone, its also very lite.
Excellent phone for those people who can't justify spending £100's on phones

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| | See all masterreidy's reviews (2)

i must admitt thiss is a brilliant phonee butt it hass too manyy problemmsss. first of all it tends to freeze alot when in the menu and jus the other day the buttons on mine stopped workin after i charged it so now i cant sent texts recive calls or make calls or play music this phone is turning out to be a real let downn but im gettin it fixed so al should be good.

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  Nice looking phone but too many faults!!

| | See all Chelleep's reviews (1)

I got this phone as an upgrade for my contract, really liked the look of it everything!! It worked great for a while, the menu everything is great! Easy phone to work BUT about 2 months after i got it, it started freezing for about a minute when i was in the middle of writing texts then it would turn off and back on again! The same process would happen again and again! Its been sent back to Samsung numerous amounts of times to be repaired!! I have spoken to lots of people about this phone and they all say the same thing!!! Having this phone has really put me off Samsung and i will never have one again! But its your choice, cheers Chelle

  U600 brilliant phone

| | See all madmardo's reviews (1)

This phone is brilliant everything about it is great. And the vived message thing is amazing and the fact that you can change the message tones to your own is brilliant as well coz you couldnt do that with other samsung phones. I think samsung is getting better i never used to like them before. The only thing that is a pain with this phone is the touch keys sometimes you can be typing a message and then you end up deleting the message u just typed by mistake so annoying!! And it can call someone by mistake then locks the key so u end up having to quickly disconnet. Apart for that the phone is great :-) Well done Samsung!!!

  best phone ever

| | See all wertyuk's reviews (2)

hi when it first came into the post i was so happy wen i opend it i was evan happier seing like the best phone ever it was so slim and looked really good and handeld very easy its a great phone so i think defintly buy it in my openion

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  You know it makes sense...

| | See all SydTheBeat's reviews (4)

I'm a difficult man to please when it comes to new mobile phones but I have absolutely loved this phone from day one. To start with it looks gorgeous but you can see that for yourself, and it's so lightweight you can barely feel it in your pocket, a plus point in my opinion.

It's full off all the bells and whistles you'd expect to keep you entertained on the bus journey home. The MP3 player is excellent and if you purchase a micro SD card from Play.com (at the reasonable price of £14.99) you can store up to 500 songs on it, marvellous!
The camera is also top notch at 3.2 mega pixels and I've heard you can transfer the pictures to TV screens but I've yet to work out how you do that.
I also want to settle the rumour that's going around about the fact that you can't change the message tones to MP3 tracks. I was even told this by people who work in mobile phone shops but it simply isn't true. Another plus point of this fab phone.

To sum up in 4 words: Buy This Fantastic Phone!!

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  Great Samsung U600. Stylish!

| | See all FerrariEnzo's reviews (13)

I have had my Samsung U600 since 1st May, and so far so good, no problems with it what-so-ever. It seems to be a really reliable little phone.
The phone is quite slim as you may already know and that is what you will be paying for mainly. The phone has all the usual features.
I recently had a N95 which I sold because the battery ran out daily and often crashes, not to mention the annoying loss slider! Apart from that the phone was amazing, it could do some much!
The slider on the Samsung U600 is brilliant, smooth and quiet- just the way it should be!
So having switched to a Samsung U600, I do miss some of the features from the N95. However, I have grown custom to the U600 as it is really stylish and compact. The N95 is a bit chunky so if you have it in your trouser pocket it feels really uncomfortable and looks a bit weird if you know what I mean. The U600 is the exact opposite.
The best thing about it must be the size, you won't even notice it in your pocket. Sometimes I have to feel my pocket just to make sure its there.
The battery on this phone is pretty decent too, on average you will need to charge it once every 3 days so you don't have to worry about whether it the battery will run out later on. There are 3 bars, one bar is the equivalent to 1 day standby or 1 hour talktime, handy to know if you make a lot of calls.
Email is simple, you can receive your emails within seconds. Once the emails have downloaded onto the phone, the U600 automatically disconnects from your web server so minimizing your cost.
If you like to surf the web on your mobile, the large screen is definately a plus point.
Samsung have made a great phone when you consider how much stuff the phone can do when it is so small. The annoying thing about this phone is that it doesn't have 3G. I know it isn't essential but for the money you would expect it to have it.
Samsung are bringing out the Samsung U700 soon which is the next one up from this, and it has 3G. I can guess it will cost around the £300 mark when first launched.
P.S. Apple are bringing out their first handset, its called an iPhone. It's a must have!!! Expect it in UK around September time but the price may burn a hole in your pocket - the 4GB version is expected to cost £350.00, the 8GB version is expected to cost £450.00 (still less than the N95!!!)

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