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Sony Ericsson K810i T-Mobile Pre-Pay Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

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  class phone

| | See all peterwj's reviews (10)

this phone is just what you want its simple to use its fast and has a great camera the video quality could be better but except for that it gets top marks

  Brillant phone!!

| | See all puppyluv's reviews (29)

Well i thought when i had my pink nokia 6111 it was the best phone apart from the fact it was pink n it did break twice. But this phone is amazing! Extremely reliable, i was expecting something to go wrong like software failing within the first week of me having it as every phone i have seems to break but nope its great. The camera is really good quality. The video could be better but still of good quality and the voice recording is excellent. I recorded a voice recording off a very old phone of mine as i couldn't send it n it sounds better on this phone that the original recording. The speaker is excellent the only thing is that the headphones are crap. Don't know if they are supposed to be suround sound or something but its really not gd and they ave a terrible eco. But this phone is great well worth buying, great price and looks alot nicer than the k800i + it has track id. Also video dj n photo dj really cum in handy and it has sum great games on. Same it doesn't come with a motion sensor for marble madness which is the game where u move the phone to guide the ball but i downlaoded that and just use the joystick. it even feels really nice and the round silver keys are really good. no there isn't much difference in featres from the k800i but its well worth getting!


| | See all StarryChar's reviews (7)

This is a really good phone and it has everything... BUT.. One of the buttons has fallen off and i havnt had it very long, so am very disappointed about that.


| | See all Nav900's reviews (1)

This is a truely amazing phone, its abit misleading in the way that it works and with some of the icons but once you get used to how it works then its a walk in the park.

great pictures, and works amazingly, i have been able to code movies and put them on the phone and they are crystal clear, photo quality is amazing, and works great

overall an amazing phone

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| | See all kidcarter's reviews (2)

its a good phone but cyber-shots dont have a brill battery it lasts like 2 days with out playing music.the buttons are enoying to txt with but overall its a good phone

  Sony Ericsson does it again!

| | See all Rixy619's reviews (1)

I find that Sony Ericssons are some of the best phones to own. I had chosen this phone to replace my broken down K750i. That phone lasted me a good 20 months and though it occasionally had reliability issues, as with all phones, I decided to stick with SE because they have superior quality phones with innovative features and easy to access menus. This phone did not dissapoint.

The 3G feature has helped me out no-end at university. being a student I have to budget and with some of the nifty features on T-mobile, I am able to subscribe to a complete Sky Sports package with Sky News and CNN included for only £5 a month when it could have cost me anything up to £38 a month with ordinary Sky wired up and possibly more with Virgin Media. The phone does not require an external aerial for this feature and has provided great entertainment even whilst in a queue.

Bluetooth is v2.0 so if I wanted to i could plug in some wireless headphones, which are still fairly pricey buy should go down after next year.

Quite possibly it's only flaws (so far) has been the software CD with it. It doesn't work with Vista (for now) but I'm able to plug it in normally via a USB and drag and drop songs. The memory card that is supplied could also be a bit bigger, 128mb doesn't really cut it these days, so i'd recommend getting a larger card with it (2GB is plenty for filling it up with songs and perhaps a movie too)

Personally, I'd say this phone is better than an iPhone because 1) It has 3G, the 'jesus phone' doesn't 2) You'll know what you're typing and the screen won't get smudged 3) The camera is better, 3.2 megapixels, 2.0MP was so 2005. 4) The upgrade for the K810i looks like it has an odd keypad layout (k850i) so this is the best looking phone in it's class.

Otherwise, a simply brilliant phone. Well Done Sony Ericsson, have a gold star.

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  Best phone ever!

| | See all johnnyboi11490's reviews (3)

i work with mobile phones(selling them) and i happen to know that this is the best phone on the market to date. i had the samsung d900 and it wasnt that good, this phone is better, because i bought this phone and love it soo much, i love it better than the n95, and let me tell you something, even though the camera is better on the n95, the features on this phone are a million times better than the n95. so i will definetly recomend that anyone considering this phone should purchase!

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  Watch the birdie!

| | See all skiboy's reviews (1)

I have just bought a K810i to replace my K750i and the difference in picture quality is very noticeable . Taking pictures of moving objects with the K750i was not always a success but the K810i has a more refined camera and does not blur so easily. Excellent for bird watching ,be it the feathered kind or the kind that sprawls out topless on a Spanish beach. (just kidding)

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  Better than K800I

| | See all Insane's reviews (10)

Even though on paper the specs are basically the same, trust me they are different! The K810i has a better picture quality to the k800i and how much more camera taking photos to make it easier for you. The styling of the phone has also improved (but this is my opinion not yours opinion on the styling)
The camera is even better than the Nokia N95 5megapixel camera because the people at sony know how to make cameras unlike Nokia, the contrast on the K810i is much higher than on the Nokia N95 so the colour has more depth to it, plus the anti blurr on the K810i helps improve the pictures unlike the N95.

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  no better than the k800i

| | See all timmax's reviews (7)

this phone is no better than the k800i and has the same specs and isnt even that smaller and the rounded buttons arent attractive.
It is way more expencive than the k800i aswell!!!!!
Do not buy!!!!

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