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Nokia N95 / Sim Free / 8GB / Unlocked Mobile Phone / Black

Manufacturer: Nokia

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Awful phone

| | See all METHYLoBROMIDE's reviews (4)

In a nut shell -
Pro's - keyboard easy to use, half decent camera and good video (poor zoom projection), easy access to emails - e.g. yahoo and 8 gig internal memory. Applications easy to install.

Cons - Streaming 3G is terrible - e.g., well it will load a video then sometimes freeze half way through. Other times it will not load at all.

Web pages dont always load correctly due to software. Slower than other mobiles using the same software in its range.

A very chunky phone with the WORST BATTERY life ever!

Example of a full charge based on 12 hours - 1 hour on the phone - play 6 tracks - play on the internet for 25 minutes and there is your battery gone!" This was a test the other day ok on Nokia's standard battery.

Thanks for reading. if anyone else says this is gr8 thats probably because that dont use it much.

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  N95 8GB Great Innovation, Shame About the N96!

| | See all FizzyGT's reviews (2)

When the first Nokia N95 came out I was quite impressed, however soon heard or witnessed the negative points about the phone. Soon after came the N95 8GB and that is what the phone world was waiting for. I have had the N95 8GB for two years and I would carry on using it if I could, but I felt like a change and so I upgraded. The phone has a 2.8" screen, big enough to watch Spider Man 3, which is what came pre loaded on the phone. The big, 16 million colours screen, made it into a hand held gaming device, with 3D games available through the N - Gage application. You can also make use of the big screen when using the internet through your service provider or WIFI. The 5 MP camera on the phone is also immaculate, taking pictures and recording DVD quality videos as well as a purpose built camera would. The dedicated music keys on the side of the phone and the big surround sound speakers make it easy to navigate through music, and to use the phone as an all in one MP3 player. The fact that the phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack also compliments the handset. I really made use of the preloaded maps on the phone, meaning I can use the A-GPS for free to help me find my way round London, voice navigation or not. The 8GB on board memory means I can install all the games, applications, music and videos I want and still be able to use the phone without it crashing, unlike some handsets. The bigger battery allows me to make use of everything that is installed on the phone and still being able to make phone calls and send texts, without it dying on me when I need a phone most. The connectivity options do not end, with Bluetooth, infrared, WIFI, WAP, 3G, USB, 3.5mm Jack, a secondary camera for video calling and TV out connectivity. The phone is a marvel in the phone industry, however lacks the higher specs available in today's handsets. Well done Nokia! I hope you keep them coming, because the N96 wasn't much to speak about and a handset that I did not upgrade to, to avoid disappointment. The N95 8GB is a phone to remember like all great innovations in technology.

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  Hard to Top

| | See all tokyohe's reviews (9)

The Nokia N95 -2 (N95 8GB) has served me very well for the past 13 months and im due an upgrade soon, i must stress the fact that im finding it hard to top. of course the biggest bonus in this device is the whopping 8GB of built in memory. the Camera is more professional than most Sonys that i've had, shooting an impressive 5MP and DVD quality 4MP video @ 30Frames Per Second. the media player is fantastic, fully functioning REALPLAYER (the media brand) and macromedia FLASHPLAYER Lite are another handy feature. built in Wi-Fi and 3.5G/ 3G serve well for internet on the large 2.8" screen which displays images in impressive clarity and videos in an upscaled HD playback (relying on source and quality of video) I received mine around the release date and so bagged me the version with the full movie of Spiderman 3 pre-installed which took up less than 1GB of memory! as for the signal receiving ability this tops the lot, Nokia really do Connect People, i have had 3 times as much signal as phones on my network, this phone is beyond what i expected and i don't want to give in to an upgrade just yet. i have had no problems with typing text messages, i have never accidently exited like others and the menu is far from complicated, i was aware of everything within around a day. If 8GB is enough memory for you then i would advise purchasing this over the Nokia N96 as it supports more features on my network such as Skype, Windows Messenger etc. as the N96 does not and i must Stress against purchasing this mobile on the Vodafone Network as their menu system is terrible and many of my friends cannot use the 'Auto Rotate' feature on the Vodafone Network because it has been removed from the settings menu, this is a new feature for the N95 8GB and above NOT the original N95. i apologize if this review is a little long but i wanted to be honest. if anyone was wondering what network i use, i chose this network off my own accord despite its criticism because i have receive the best service, features such as windows Messenger, skype etc for free and the best value, my mobile network is 3UK

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  Disagreeing with BladeRunner

| | See all Cheesus's reviews (22)

It's a valid point - the delete button on texts is close to the exit button - but it's not that often an occurance. I've done it once or twice, and it has an awful habit of happening when you're rushing a text. All it means is you go back to 'new text' and it gets the text back up for you. If you set the shortcuts up properly it's just one more click.

This phone.. I've had it since it came out. Amazing. I think you all know the pros, so I'll focus more on the cons.

The lack of expansion. Yes, I know it has 8gb, but it's older relative has expension and can thus have 16gb of memory. Surely that's a step backwards. Also, this memory is just a built in memory card. It's a bit confusing when you first get it and it asks whether you want to be saving to phone or memory card memory. No biggie, but I have to be very picky to fault this phone.

As for a point which genuinely annoys me. It's touted as a multi-media phone, and it lives up to the name, but watching movies is very difficult on it. Sure, the backlight stays up, it fills the sharp screen as you'd expect, but unfortunately there's no way to pause then return to a movie. Better hope you don't get a call or text while you're watching it!

Also '6000 tracks' is a huge overexaggeratement. You could fit 6000 if you bought them all from 3's download service, but that's slow, clunky, expensive and bad quality. A song at 1mb is obviously not worth it. I have decent quality tracks, and can fit 1400 tops. I have 700 and a few movies, the entire first season (40-odd episodes) of Spongebob Squarepants, pics etc. The pictures it takes are large in size (100-700mb usually).

The sports mode capture is sublime. I adore it. I got some really professional looking pics of the fireworks through it. You just snap and you get it. The camera really makes it fantastic.

I also find it better than the N96. Definately better than the iPhone!

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| | See all Woodsie's reviews (2)

You know that it is unlocked. Does that mean it is available to put any sim card in (any network)? I know this seems like a odd question but i need to ensure this before i purchase this product.

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  Isn't technology supposed to make life easier...?!

| | See all TheBladeRunner's reviews (4)

I love technology and my annual change of mobile 'phone has always been an opportunity to indulge in the latest that the industry has to offer. Yes, the N95 is "all singing, all dancing" but the problem is that the basic stuff is a step backwards. I may want to circumnavigate the globe, assisted by the wonderful mapping system but, let's face it, it's the simple things like sending texts, adding files and making calls that the 'phone will predominantly be used for and its in these areas that the N95 frustrates the hell out of me! You cannot begin to imagine how infuriating it is to accidentally exit a text-message you are composing because you inadvertantly nudge the large, sensitive key that is next to the tiny "cancel" key that you wanted to press! Do so on a daily basis and, like me, you are probably ready to chew your own arm off. Other operations which are straightforward in most mainstream 'phones have to be hunted-down via cavernous sub-menus etc etc etc. What's the point of technology if it makes your life more difficult?! Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend this 'phone unless you are in some way looking to punish yourself for past indiscretions.

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  Best n-series phone!

| | See all johnnymoggs01's reviews (1)

I have been using the n95 8gb for a while know i had the n95 and the n96, its much more relible and performes alot better and battery life is much better, its the best n series phone, its perfect for evrything internet, camera, multi media. Its a must have phone!!!

  nokia vs sony ericsson

| | See all rexyrex360's reviews (17)

Ok im keeping it short.... Nokia system is not as good as the sony file management storing pics sending stuff via bluetooth all much better on the sony
Other that that the nokia is amazing for the sound quality all they other things you can do on it and watching movies


| | See all scotty619's reviews (13)

Had this phone 4 quite a while now and its never let me down ever!!!!!!. Its got everything you need and so many little extra things most other mobiles do not have. I seriously recommend this phone.