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Nokia Carrying Case CP-235 for the N95 8GB

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Customer Reviews

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  Top Nokia Product

| | See all thegeezer007's reviews (7)

I bought this case and received it today and after a very close look at it I must say I am so glad I got it, it protects the phone perfect and as the other reviewer said there is a slight gap between the slide/face of the phone to help keep everything as new, Well done Nokia, I've just ordered another spare at this price.

  Genuine = Best?

| | See all DiscsForPennies's reviews (11)

I'm a real stickler for buying genuine/original accessories rather than 3rd party ones. I've found in almost every case, although not always, that they do the best job.

I've had my N95 8gb for well over year and it's still looking very much like new as I'm pretty careful with my gadgets. But as I've decided to stick with this phone a while longer, I thought I'd play things safe and get myself a case/cover.

Having looked at the various options of crystal cases, silicone covers and leather/material cases I always ended up back at the same place - the official Nokia CP-235 case.

I'd seen the comments of the case slapping the user in the face during calls and suggestions that the plastic arms which hold the phone in place can scratch the phone. Nevertheless I just felt that this was the one for me.

I'm glad to report that I feel I made the right choice.

There's no annoying belt clip (something that some people actually want. Seriously people this thing is chunky enough already!!), the case is a perfect fit and really suits the classy image of the N95 8gb.

So - those face slapping, case scratching problems? Well, the outer flap indeed will get in the way if you just open the case but it can be bent back on itself without any real resistance (suggesting that you're not going to wreck it over time) allowing "face-slap free" calls.
And the scratching? I held the phone (in the case) and looked at it from the end. The plastic clips/restraints don't actually touch the phone. It's a tiny and I mean TINY gap, but a gap nonetheless, so I don't see why sliding the phone open/closed will be a problem, even over time. Add to that the price, which has dropped considerably since launch, and it's an easy decision.

A great quality product and at this price it's hard to ignore.

  does the job

| | See all washbelly's reviews (3)

Proper protection for my phone, it does the job, the only draw back i find is the plastic clamps that keep it in place might scratch it when sliding up and down, otherwise an all round good product, would recommend it and the site to collegues.

  Great but....

| | See all andy4606's reviews (1)

What a great case...does the job and protects your phone but theres a couple of draw backs. For starters is huge! I read all of the reviews before buying it but thought nothing of them. It is big so i only use mine for work on the building sites. Also the bars to hold the phone in do scartch the side of the screen when you slide it up and down. Another thing is you look stupid holding it to your face. The flap that covers the screen is always hitting you in the face.

  Why are flaps always annoying?

| | See all Smurgel's reviews (1)

On the whole a great little case.

One of the only, sorry - the ONLY, flaw with the N95 is the lack of camera shutter. If like me you use it a lot and you want to protect it, this is probably your best bet - the case is thick and due to the plastic insert the lens is recessed quite significantly. The downside is of course that you're now carrying a brick. However, if that was a concern you'd never have bought such a chunky phone in the first place. I suppose that your only other option is to cover the lens completely, which makes it a pain to use.

I love the leather - strong, sturdy, clean (doesn't stick to your pocket fluff like rubber ones). However - there are no rebates for the phone buttons meaning that I often hang-up on people getting it out of my pocket, or inadvertently answer without knowing....oops.

The problem with cases like this is that when you open it what do you do with the huge front flap? It doesn't fold neatly back and you can look quite awkward when holding it - try it. However, the protection that it supplies does outweigh the un-cool look.

The dropped star is because of the answering issue, but other than that, very satisfied, if not dignified.

Finally, my leather has started cracking at the edges of the joints (but it would, wouldn't it), although at this price I'll be happy if I have to buy three or four of these during the life of my contract...

  which one are you buisness man or have a big hand bag?

| | See all protaz's reviews (1)

when buying something like this you have to concider weight looks or will it fit in my pocket with my money keys and fags with the case on, well sorry to say on a friday night its not the best of phone cases to take out on the razzle, + it looks well uncool. if it rings you have to undo it from its case and take it out buy it you will see what i mean . all in all its a buiness case protector not your average every day livin phone case. only buy if youre a girl, fits in hand bag ..boys avoid , youre mates would only take the mickey..

  Fits Like a Glove!

| | See all noms2000's reviews (80)

A genuine Nokia case that fits exactly and allows the phone to be used just by opening a flap. Real leather protection and a pleasure to have. Enhances the look and feel of the phone. Recommended.

  What a winner for next to nowt!!!

| | See all Sheriff2971's reviews (1)

Well, I have tried a silicone case (crap!!) a krussell case (didn't fit), then I finally dropped on this baby!! Absolutely perfect fir, looks neat & you can operate the phone easily. The only downside is there is no clip attachment...never mind this though , in my opinion the best case I have seen for the N95 8GB...Buy one....NOW!!!

  Just what the doctor ordered!!

| | See all robert81's reviews (5)

Excellent case that fits perfectly. other places are charging nearly three times this price so get em while you can. At £6.99 they are a bargain for sure. Well done play.

  Perfect! Must Have!

| | See all SmiGGa's reviews (2)

What a bargain, excellent value, i bought a silicon case first but this is a million times better, looks very stylish aswell, BARGAIN!!!!!!!!