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BlackBerry Bold 9000 Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone (Black)

Manufacturer: BLACKBERRY

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Customer Reviews

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  Buggy and hardware faults.

| | See all BBBold's reviews (1)

This phone may seem amazingly brilliant when you first buy it but after a few months it will start to freeze and drop calls, the battery life will get worse and worse mines only lasts around 3 hours now and that's when i don't make any calls or text.
With continous use of the ball all the dust and grease and sweat will gather inside the ball casing and you will not be able to scroll down or up, only way to sort this is to take it apart and clean it but this will void the garuentee. Overall a really bad phone,
If you notice this is the only BB that has the track ball.

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  just fab

| | See all Nazia1's reviews (3)

Yes this is the creme of all the blackberry's, yes its a little on the larger side however this is soon forgotten as you realise why this is top spec, it plays divx, wmv, and all the other media types you can think offm with ease. It has the mp3 player function, 3g and hsdpa and the processer of the chip is the fastest in the range. So the applications and menu system is as fast as ever. The keyboard is better then the curve as has ridged edges is larger spread and by far is the easiest of the range to type with (however you find yourself sending 6/6 sms in one go so easily!) speakerphone is adequate though many other users as me say the sound on other end us up and down, something you expect bb to have sorted with this. The batterylife is amazing and last for days, this is me who uses his phone every other minuite on the pretence im a high flying business man, when really i just like the phone! Apps are getting better, however got to admit the iphone takes the biscuit on that one. The organiser and calender functions are amazing and once you learn the shortcuts youl wonder how you will ever wean yourself back to a normal phone, get yourself to a chemist and ask for a blackberry patch, im not kidding! Would I buy this phone again? no becasue for an extra 10pounds id buy the 9700 same spec all in all, but its smaller and has a 3.2 autofocus, flash camera, talk about having a hot younger sister, perfect.

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| | See all BazzleMcMoose's reviews (8)

I've owned my BB B9000 for a year and a bit now and I'm nothing but pleased with it. It's the best phone I've ever used for texting. None of that bloomin' tap tap tapping I've had to do in the past with my SE.C902, P990i and other past phones. You can create your own additional dictionary words and phrases. For example, you can type in the letters LY, for instance, and it could type out: Love you (whoever),xxx, or anything else that you would want to create in short-hand. What a time saver!
There's an app. that allows you to write a text message and set it up to send to one person, (or any amount of people), at whatever time and day you want it sent,ie: when you may be asleep and can't send it.
It has a very clear screen, which is a good size too. The keyboard appears too small initially, but you do find a certain part of your thumb that connects with the keys, and soon your able to type quite quickly. At first, I thought there was no way I'll be able to use them, but I was pleasently surprised!
I am going to by my girlfriend a BB B9000 to because of BlackBerry Messenger which is free to use between BlackBerrys. Bonus!
My only gripe with this phone is with the battery. The phone does have a thirst for them. Play.com does sell excellent spare batteries that are identical to the original, and at around seven pounds they are very affordable! I've bought a couple of them and since then, it's not been a problem.
It's a great all round phone and I am planning to keep mine for a long time. Well done RIM, for an excellent BlackBerry!

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  Buggy and poor value for money

| | See all Albatroff's reviews (13)

This is an e-mail terminal with an excellent display and a poor camera. It's also a good media player for music and video, but it's let down by many software bugs with new ones appearing as old ones are fixed.
When I got the phone in Feb 09 it crashed regularly, until it had major software updates. The update process is scary, taking 30~60 minutes during which time you wonder if the phone will be turned into a "brick".
Roxio media manager, supplied with Blackberry Desktop Manager for transfer of pictures and music between the the phone and a PC, is slow and a resource hog. The update manager which comes with Roxio has caused slow boot problems on many PCs I've seen. Use MSConfig to disable start-up of ISUSPM to cure this problem. Set the phone into Mass Storage Mode so it appears as an extra disc drive when connected to your PC, and you don't need Roxio.
Be careful when picking it up: if you grip it "top to bottom" the back cover comes off - it has very fragile looking clips to hold it in place. When removing it from the holster you cannot help but press on the LCD, leaving a distorted region on the display for a few seconds - does this help the display lifetime?
Sept 09: now with the latest software v4.6.0.301. It is much more stable, but has a new problem. The time to scan the media card and display image thumbnails is very long. I have an 8Gb card in the phone, with only 100~200 stored photos. If the phone has been connected to a PC via USB, the media card scan takes ~5 mins before you can view any stored pictures. If it's been rebooted from a battery pull expect 20+ minutes before it's completed scanning the card. Scrolling through thumbnails of stored pictures is painful as the update rate is so slow - no flicking through dozens of pictures iPhone style on this thing.

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| | See all Bondi007's reviews (16)

The blackberry bold is by FAR the best phone I have ever used. Its simple but you can do virtually anything on it. I swapped my Samsung Omnia HD for this phone and don't regret it. The reason was that the omnia hd has no applications, where as the bold has plenty.

You receive instant messenger which is fantastic if ur mates have a blackberry you can talk for free.

Anyone looking for a laptop save your money and buy the blackberry bold does everything you can do on a laptop and its 10 times smaller.

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| | See all Reviewer11's reviews (2)

This is phone is the best phone i have ever owned, full stop. I usally change my phone every couple of month, generally because i get board. I'm keeping this really good phone for some time...
5 out 5!.

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  Excellent Phone

| | See all moles47's reviews (1)

First off I would just like to say this is the first Blackberry I have owned so I was going in to buying it with my eyes closed.

On recieving my phone it was packaged surprisingly small from what older phones I had. On first looks of the phone I couldn't take my eyes off it.

People have commented on how the software is buggy and that you have to pay to upgrade the software? I must say I have never had a problem with the software on my Blackberry and I have never had to pay to upgrade the software on mine.

The Blackberry is a very simple phone to use. All you have to do is take a few minutes to look through the menus and get used to how it works. The same as every phone.

The phone has a very bright vibrant screen and with the excellent trackball function, scrolling through menus and internet pages is made very easy.

It plays audio the best I have heard on a phone. Also having its own 3.5mm jack means you can finally use your own earphones and none of the ones provided by the phone companys. On that note I must say I have never tried the earphones provided with the Blackberry and just opted to use my own from the start.

The phone comes with some very nice applications also. Including Blackberry Maps if you need to know where to get to. Applications can be installed easily by downloading from sites and the phone will install them for you or you can download/install via computer.

The BB Bold takes a step up from the Curve and is the fastst BB on the market. It comes with 3G+ provided you are in the correct areas. The internet access is incredible matching some home broadband. Also with the ability to connect via WiFi you inevitably have the option to remain on the internet 24/7. The only time I have lost a connection so far is being in the wilderness or going through a tunnel.

The last thing I would like to comment on and the single down point about the phone is the battery life. Although this can be extended drastically if your not using your phone 24 hours a day like myself. If your not using GPS/Internet/WiFi/Bluetooth you can easily get a good few days battery life.

All in all an excellent phone and one which really makes me think I will be staying with the Blackberry brand for a long time.

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  blackberry bold

| | See all ricey93's reviews (2)

the blackberry bold is the most complocated phones to work they are poor phones and they crash easily and you need to pay to have software so it will work. the phones bluetooth is to complicated and i we cant work how to use it it is a wast of money

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  Love it! Love it! Love it!

| | See all nawdoublea's reviews (49)

This my first Blackberry and i love it, there is nothing it cant do, i will never have another type of phone again. It takes a little while to get use to it but its really easy to use. Getting on line on this phone is awesome, i was so shocked to see that the internet on my Blackberry is just the same as my internet on my laptop. I wish i had got one sooner. the sound is great on the phone, if anyone is thinking of getting an iphone, dont, buy this instead its way better.

The only down side is the battery on it does'nt last long if your using it all day, however if your like me and use to hammer your phone anyway charging it every night wont be a problem for you.

All in all the best phone ive ever had. Ever.

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| | See all jwesty's reviews (1)

Utterly brilliant handset, incredibly simple to use, very quick due to high processor speed for a mobile device and a nice relatively big high res display. Data transfer is very quick due to 3G (which the curve doesn't have, though it does have a marginally better camera, but not enough to warrant choosing the curve over the bold!) and I've had no problems whatsoever with wifi. All in all a great handset!

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