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Sony Ericsson W350 / W350i Vodafone Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

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  not worth buying

| | See all davidfaylerwick's reviews (1)

At first it was a nice phone and the walkman feature was really handy. However, within a couple of months the flap broke off, the rubber coating scraped off in my pocket, the writing on the keys has worn off already and the battery seems to just fall out whenever it wants making all my settings (time, date etc) go back to factory. And after being accidently knocked off a small coffee table onto a carpet the battery pins snapped off (because the battery fell out, again!) making the phone unuseable. So all in all its a pretty terrible phone and i would not recommend it to anyone as my sister got the phone just after me and it is already in the same condition.

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  Worst phone I've ever owned

| | See all oodlesofpoodles's reviews (1)

I bought this phone in February, under the impression that since it was a Sony Ericsson it would be of good quality. I could not have been more wrong. This was a major let down on Sony's part. The walkman feature appears every time you close the flap (which you have to be extremely careful with or else it snaps off) which becomes irritating in the extreme. The phone itself is nice aesthetically. For the first few weeks. The phone is covered in a sort of rubber which becomes scuffed and scraped under the most careful conditions. Also there appears to be no video camera (if there is I have yet to find it) and the camera is of a really bad quality. In hindsight I would not have purchased this phone, there really is a reason that it is priced at a mere £50.

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  could be better

| | See all jams89's reviews (1)

i've had this phone a few months now and its pretty much on its last legs,its a pretty cool phone at first. bit if you put a file thats too big on it i.e large photo or song then it slows the whole phone right down and sometimes freezes!

the number 9 button seems to be broke too, after i press 2,3,4,5,6 it presses 9 by itself, very annoying if your tring to right a text message and i can't even put credit on it now because i cant enter the voucher code.

also the flip front thing has snapped off so i cant lock it, and when your writing a long text the page doesn't automatically scroll down which is really annoying

but some good things are that its small, light, buttons are easy to use after a while, whack a 4gb memory card in there and you can put all the songs a photos you want on it.

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| | See all jameweights's reviews (34)

The first thing that i thought when I unboxed this phone i thought - wow i've got to be delicate with this - it just felt like it could be broken very easily - this thought grew stronger when i took the back off in order to insert the battery and pulled the lid down to reveal the keypad.

But this was just a first thought - after having this phone for months - i now realise it is quite sturdy and reliable - it is very very light. The phone is very small and it is very hard to press the keys - but you adjust to it after a while.
There is a 1.3 megapixel camera on this phone - it is OK - this camera resolution is very dated - and you can tell that this was not a priority in the final build of the phone. It is not a bad camera - but i would not rely on it for holiday photos or anything important - its more for taking a picture to send to a friend or something.

The walkman feature on the phone is amazing - it can be activated by closing the lid - the sound is crystal clear and is surprisingly loud. There is a memory card included with the phone (a 512mb one) this can fit plenty of songs and photos but you will most likely want to upgrade - as you can use this for a fully fledged mp3 player. you can also listen to the radio - with the add on which acts as an antenna.
The phone comes with a software CD so you can connect your phone to the computer using bluetooth and USB. you can transfer photos and music from your phone to computer and vice versa. The transfers are quite slow really - but not slow enough that you become annoyed.

The phone has a nice layout - the menu is easy to access and everything is set out well - everything you need you can find it easily e.g entertainment - camera and so on. The loudspeaker is good - phone conversations are clear and there is a lot of room to store numbers in the phonebook.
The trackID feature is good - you can basically record a song and send it over the interent and in seconds you will receive the name of the song and the artist (you have to pay though - not sure how much though). Connecting to the internet is easy - my favourite feature is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds - whenever the site or blog is updated you are informed. If you want to use the internet you should install opera mini (i took this advice from CNET - and it is good advice).

Overall the phone is great - texting is easy - and everything you need is easy to find and easy to use - it is light - its got a good battery life. there are also some games - there not very good though - you have to pay for the good ones though - there not cheap and in my opinion not worth it.

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  Change my review

| | See all mcritchell's reviews (8)

I'd like to change my review, i gave this a 5/5 but now i changed to 4/5. Why? the back.

You would be surprised how much the back cover spoiles it. It's very breakable! I have'nt broke mine.....yet, but i know it will after 2 or 3 more times of opening.

Almost perfect, but something had to ruin it. Nice one Sony Ericsson!

  A phone that works without any probs....so far so good!

| | See all MitchellWasEre's reviews (2)

I got this phone for somebody about 3 months ago and i'm pleased to say it still works! Everything works a treat. The camera is not brilliant, but hey...for £49.99, you can't go wrong with this one.

  Sony Ericsson W350 / W350i Vodafone

| | See all tianfu's reviews (11)


Stylish sleek slim excellent fone for anyone to have with all the software earphones and usb data cable .
Software installed and updated in minutes on two pcs, my young son was transfering his music in seconds .

I ordered this phone on the 29 dec 2008 i received this today 30 dec 2008. Excellent service from play. Even with the xmass holidays this was fast.

The phone cam with a memory card in stalled and sim inserted all you need to do is put in the battery and away you go .

This is a bargain
I now am ordering anohter one for my other son today .

I did a price check on the 29 nov 2008 play was the cheapest by far plus free delivery suits me.

Thanks play.

  Amazing, Sleek and Stylish!!!!

| | See all feds00784's reviews (4)

This is the best mobile phone I have ever owned for £50! The buttons are nice the flip style keeps it clean and compact. Battery life is really good and lasts about three days if using it about 20 times per day for short/average calls. The earphones are top quality and sound quality is second to none. You wont regret buying one!!!!

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