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Sennheiser MM 50 IP High-Fidelity Ear-Canal Earphones For iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / BlackBerry / iPod (Black)

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Sound, Good Value

| | See all Operative's reviews (1)

I've been using a pair of the non-iPhone equivalents of these headphones for the past 3 years. The sound quality of those is, in my opinion, hard to beat without spending silly money, and they've only just begun to disintegrate after 3 years of daily use.

On first plugging the MM50s into my iPhone, I thought there was something wrong. The sound was clear, but lacked the weighty thump I was used to with my old Sennheisers and seemed unbalanced. Then it occurred to me that the plugs didn't seem to fit my ears as snugly as my old pair, so I put the (included) larger size plugs on and, immediately, I heard what I expected: crisp clarity, wonderful tight lows, and a kind of spacious, uncluttered sound. Who'd think that the plug size could make so much difference?

I find the plugs very comfortable, but in-ear headphones are a love/hate thing: your mileage may vary. The built in microphone seems fine, and the play/pause button is a great feature since one big drawback with the iPhone over a classic iPod is that it's much harder to operate it while in your pocket.

Based on my past experience with my old Sennheisers, I'm expecting that these will be plenty durable for daily use, and my one niggle with the old ones - an annoying rubbery texture to the cable, which easily tangled and attracted dirt like a magnet - is absent on the MM50s.

Overall, I struggle to fault these headphones, and especially for the price (which is not much more than a pair of standard Apple 'phones, which are awful). I highly recommend taking a moment to find the rubber plugs that fit your ears best (there a 3 sizes included): getting the right ft really does make a world of difference to the sound quality, as well as comfort.

  Great sound, not for Android and sadly break easily =(

| | See all SaltyPeppery's reviews (1)

I'm on my 3rd pair of these now, the first time they broke it was completely my fault however the 2 other occasions one of the ear pieces stops working entirely, this occurred after just under a year of use on both occasions. I must have terrible luck with headphones!

Otherwise, they have excellent sound and especially good bass response. The controls worked perfectly on the iPhone however after my transition to an Android phone the button on the headset focuses on calls rather than music playback (when you aren't actually on a call of course!)

  excellent brand but....

| | See all Daniel88C's reviews (1)

i got these for my iphone 4 i have a set for my ipod and there great. but this dont seem to work on my iphone 4.i dont know why!

  Good, but not for Android

| | See all abedin's reviews (1)

I like Sennheiser. I already have a headset for my ipod and I wanted another set, with a speaker, for my T-Mobile Android phone. These had the same 4 post jack as the crap headset that came with my phone so I took a punt. Unfortunately the wiring must be different coz they didn't work properly. My colleague has an iphone and I gave them to him to replace his stock set. He reckons they're great too.

  Good Sound quality for a month or two!

| | See all AmitSawhney's reviews (1)

The Good:
- Nice sound, clear crisp
- button works with iphone 3gs

The Bad:
- Connection from lead to Jack became faulty (lost a channel) with very little use over a 2 month period-poor build! My skullcandys are still going strong after a year!!! Unfortunately they dont have a mic/button part.
- Thumping noise from mic mic/button part htting when walking and listening (the mic/button part is too heavy and swings around)


| | See all fision's reviews (4)

I actually prefer the sound and fit from my iPhone standard headphones. These don't carry much warmth from the recording and it sounds dull/flat

  Poor build quality

| | See all J4H1g5's reviews (1)

The two stars is basically for the sound quality. I have always found sennheiser earphones to have good sound quality.

I used these with my iphone for approx 2 months before they broke. Its the connection at the wire and the fack that goes oh so very easily and I wasnt particularly rough with them. A few little tugs every now and then and eventualy you wil loose all sound.

I'd only buy these if you can guarentee that you are very careful with there handling otherwise I recommend a more durable set.

  Its easy to broken

| | See all Hugo111's reviews (1)

I got 2 MM 50 IP, both are from PLAY.COM, the first one got broken in less than 2 month time and considering of its terrific sounds quality and got another one straight away. However, it broke in a few weeks time when I begin to use it regularly, I have quite a few earphones and the MM 50 IP was just for my Iphone, I know how to maintain earphone and believe its a design fault.
I am also writing to ask how to get the warranty for it, as I found nothing relevent in you help pages, thanks



| | See all PinguTheDuck's reviews (1)

I brought this product based on the ratings that it had received from other customers.

Pros: The sound is awesome, probably the best iPhone earphones for the money you can get!! Play.com also have a 2 year warranty which is excellent because if you're like me you will certainly need to use this.

Neg: This is my 2nd pair of the MM50s and the same fault has occurred in this pair so I now assume it's a design fault. The problem is if you're into outdoor activities such as running, gym, or just general wear and tear you can expect these products to last maximum about 8 weeks. The wiring in the jack is extremely shoddy which isn't unknown to Sennheiser products.

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| | See all Andy1960's reviews (1)

Fantastic sound quality. Far superior to the original iphone headphones.
They also fit well into the ear , unlike the iphone headphones that have a habit of falling out.

Well worth the investment

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