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Vodafone USB Pay As You Go / Pre-Pay Broadband Dongle

Manufacturer: Vodafone

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Absolutely Fantastic

| | See all Chiefrockidr's reviews (2)

I have had this dongle for approx 2 month now and can say that it's excellent! The price includes £15 credit, which even when used excessively, takes some going to use it all. The sweetest thing is that you are not subject to time restraints like other mobile broadband providers who like to wipe out the account on a monthly basis. The reception may not be the best, but it is not the worst by all means. I have had many productive 'surfing' sessions with only 1 bar reception. Great price and great product, what more can you ask for?..

  Best one I could have got

| | See all Wristaction's reviews (17)

I wanted something as backup if the net went down at home and also to use on the go.
This does both.
As stated if your doing stuff that uses a lot of downloading it will eat up your money, this also includes playing games online.
I tested it with Killing floor and I used more money in half an hour than I did in a month normaly.
Surfing the net, checking emails, buying online, forums and browser based games don't use much money.
As a backup it's great as you only need to use it once every six months to keep it activated.
You can use it outside the UK but your money will go in a flash as it's worse than using a mobile.

So if your doing a lot of downloading or game playing online then don't get this.

For surfing the net and such and/or backup for your home internet then you can't go far wrong.

But make sure of coverage where you will be using it before getting it.

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  vodafone dongle

| | See all donnylad's reviews (5)

Just got this for use away from the home. Downloading the software was a breeze with no probs. OK the speed is not that good but is more than enough for what I need. A bargain with no expiry of credit at the end of the month. The 15 pounds credit in the price should last a reasonable time too.

  vodafone dongle

| | See all phillyphil's reviews (2)

This is the same as most other network usb dongles. it all comes down to signal.
The more Base Stations you have in your area of use (with 3G) the faster the connection. (higher down load speeds). Check your area use for best network. For me its Vodafone and i can hit 2megs on a good day.


| | See all charlieboy86's reviews (6)

ive had this since april and it is brillant ive had no problems with it , only that if you want to watch movies or download it eats the credit but its good just for surfing the net some times the signal plays up but thats when theres bad weather . but worth to buy

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  Not Great

| | See all AntonyJD's reviews (31)

The Dongle works fine and its easy to use, but I would advise anyone who is looking to buy one to test the signal of the service provider before you buy. I get a terrible reception and its impossible to surf anything, even checking you emails takes hours and im not joking!! Make sure the service provider has a good signal in your area!

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  Could Someone Help Me?

| | See all GUnitLife's reviews (4)

I have been looking at these for a while now and im not sure if it would be worth it, i do download movies and music quite alot but i mainly use my internet to go online on my PS3 so would i just be better sticking to a normal ISP which you pay monthly or get 1 of these? Also would these USB sticks work on a PS3 to go online?

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  USB Non Contract Mobile Broadband

| | See all Tur13o's reviews (1)

As per the other reviewers I totally agree this is a cracking deal as its not a monthly contract and the data allowance doesn't expire at the end of the month. I bought one as I just wanted to judge what sort of consumption I needed as you hear horror stories of people getting lumbered with huge bills. Having used it now I don't actually think I need a contract one as the credit seems to take ages to use. I don't use it for downloading music or watching BBC iplayer.. just the standard checking of emails / web and a bit of skype/messenger. I was worried that the speed may be an issue as it is half the speed that you can get with a Vodafone contract USB dongle. The speed I get is more than ample for the mobile use. Save your money!

After setup I tried connecting and kept getting a message to change the modem to your default which it already was. I googled the message and quickly found that all I needed to do was to reboot the machine with the dongle connected. Spot on works everytime.

If you are like me and been considering one of these for ages then just buy one... you will not be disappointed.

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  Ideal for bargain hunters

| | See all nothing's reviews (7)

Ok, the most ideal aspect is that the credit remains after for longer than a month. I still have £7.99 from the initial £15 credit they gave me when I bought it bout 6 months ago. Im not a heavy user but this is super even for a semi-heavy user. Just look at the BS offers from Three, their credit runs out after a month, ridiculous! Three are money scavanging dirtbags imo. The only reason maybe not to get this is if you dont have access to a home computer (or similar) and you will definitely use this day in day out, and will watch you tube frequently. Again super accessory to a laptop, one of those things you might think will be a complete waste of money if unused so reluctant to buy, definitely the best acc ive ever bought, and i buy all sorts of 'less than £50' junk!

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| | See all brianm3's reviews (1)

Im interested in this and have read reviews and sounds great, but how do you top it up, hope someone can help

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