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Sony Ericsson Satio / Sim Free / Unlocked Touch Screen Mobile Phone / Black

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Excellent Phone

| | See all Grantos1's reviews (5)

Pay no heed to some of the complaints about this phone, I have owned it for about 10 months now and feel I should let you know that:
I have never had a problem with the battery length, touch screen response or connecting to either wifi or wap. Of course it's not perfect, some features that have always been on SE phones are missing (recent contacts when selecting who to text, no smileys) and although the Symbian software runs smoothly for me and runs SE menus like my old K810i, it's a distant 3rd behind Apple and Android when you want to get hold of a good selection of apps easily on your phone.

12 megapixel camera, excellent quality video recording, slider menus, huge memory, customisable shortcuts, the usual SE menus - this is the smart phone for someone who doesn't buy into the hype of the iphone

  Very disappointing

| | See all tristancobane's reviews (6)

To be honest, this is a horrible phone to use. Yes, it looks good and has a great camera but that is all, believe me. It's a pain in the ass to keep clean and free from blemishes for starters but that's the least of it's problems. The software is a nuisance to use and it will frustrate the hell out of you. The touch screen is a torture compared to the 3gs unless you plan on carrying the styus everywhere with you and even at that it's bad. The internet is also pointless - it would take about 10 minutes for me to do something my mate can do on his 3gs in less than 1. Take my advice and get yourself a good slim 12MP digital camera and a cheaper phone. SE have slipped up on this one. I've only eve bought SE before and never had much trouble but they seem to have gone downhill here.

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  Software & Application Problems?

| | See all Play64's reviews (1)

Got this phone for christmas & could not find any suitable apps for it. I was told by SE that I can use any s60 v5 software for the phone, the same as the nokia 5800.

I tried it and it works, so any software that is made for the nokia 5800, can work on this phone because SE used the same S60 v5 platform as the nokia.

This is a great phone, but you must go on the internet & UPDATE THE SOFTWARE FROM SE, (firmware Dec 2009) as soon as get this phone.

The only downsides of the phone are:
1. The poor battery life, you must remember to close all apps when you are finished with them and maybe you will get 2 days after heavy use.
2. No Kinetic Scrolling - (you must hold your finger on the screen then move it up or down when going through a list) - not like the ipod/iphone, where you can just flick the screen to speed through the list.

I am very happy with this powerful phone, its a shame SE did not fix the problems above with the (Dec 2009 update), maybe in 2010, they will give us a happy New Year.

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  Great phone

| | See all Lukearius's reviews (10)

I got this phone on contract and i like it so far the screen is clear the touch scrren could use a bit of tweeking you seem to need to push twice before it accepts the command. The camera is fantastic great picture. Sound is excellent it goes pretty loud and is very clear. All together a very well made phone.

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  Good rival to N97

| | See all Swedish's reviews (12)

I've owned this for a week now and must say I'm impressed. Its my 1st smart phone, played with n97 and the iphone but neither felt right. I find the screen responsive enough, never needed the stylus anyway. Camera is great except no optical zoom which you would expect. Internet is fast (depending on network) not the best browser going but good enough. People go on about using it for days and still finding new things.........I must have a different phone. Has your usual phone stuff and a few extra bits and bobs such as quick office etc which I like, dont want loads of stuff I wont use.

Now why it didnt get a 5*, comes with no software for pc........only on memory card which I find quite annoying, once you download the files you need and then try and upload items on your phone it takes forever! Then it misses random songs from albums etc, might of just of been a minor blip.

Overall a great phone.

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  Not perfect but still one of the best.

| | See all stevioo's reviews (21)

First the Good & the bad
Good - 12MP Camera Xenon Flash - VGA 30FPS Video recording with Video light - HQ Video playback - Comes with TV out cable
Not so good - Battery - No Music Equalizer (why?) - No 3.5mm jack.
First of all, I am happy with the phone, if you are using the camera and watching video`s continuously then of course that will drain the battery and would last about a day, but with moderate use, the phone should last around 2 & half day`s making calls, listening to music and taking a few pictures & videos now and then. Touchscreen is a hit & miss with some people as everyone gets used to their touchscreen in their own way. The music player is good but there is no Equalizer which is a shame. Wifi is a hit & miss aswell as it cuts out a lot of the time for some reason, but this is something I will not be using that much. Video recording is clear and almost DVD quality close up and has an optional video flashlight and also Night Recording option aswell. Pictures of course are awesome, well 90% of the time they are. Some might question the need for the extra megapixels, but when you zoom in on them on your computer you will see the difference, it`s just like optical zooming after the picture is taken. Overall I am happy with the Satio, it isn`t perfect but what phone is? it`s not chunky and it`s lightweight, fits in the pocket fine, just get a nice case & spare battery though - and a bigger memory!
In box - Phone - charger - USB - Headphones - TV OUT Cable - manual/leaflet - stylus pen - 8GB Memory card

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  Outstanding device!

| | See all EdexcelBooks's reviews (1)

I have had many phones in my life, all top of the range.. N95, X1 etc, but this one gave me the best experience of them all! Well done Sony Ericsson! I was so worried about touch-typing, but typing experience with vibration feedback at level 3 provides most pleasant typing i've ever experienced!

  Too much in a small space

| | See all Rogue25's reviews (12)

This phone looks impressive, has a great screen and camera but apart from that it's not the best phone Sony have done. This is a shame because I waited for this phone thinking it would be the 'ultimate' SE phone but sadly not. It doesn't even allow smileys in a text nor a list of the last contact you text. That means every time you text you have to scroll through your whole contacts. I am contemplating sending it back because although it has 'everything' on it - it is overcrowded by it and if you do too much the battery life just disappears. Consider buying/upgrading very carefully.

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  Good phone but....

| | See all mattmacro's reviews (2)

I have one of these phones and am overall impressed. Great camera with flash and lots gadgets and great music player. However I find the email application very clumsy. Can't get the email to download automatically (push emai) even after speaking to Sony support, and so have to connect manually and then remember to disconnect!. Sometimes it hangs on disconnect and I have to reboot the phone. I'm sure sony developers will sort this. For now due to this, the touchscreen being somewhat unresponsive and lack of apps on the sony store it gets 4 instead of 5 stars.

  Why is everyone so excited??

| | See all tornapart87's reviews (5)

I must admit, this phone does look great. And i wanted it for my upgrade after a day i sent it back. The symbian software on it was beautifully done by sony ericsson, but it didnt stop it having the clunky factor about it and general "too much crammed into one space" feel. As much as I love SE phones as thats all i have, i was disappointed. The main reason being the touchscreen, its resistive, which means its stupidly hard to type anything on it. It really did get on my nerves and was sent back in a day. If you can cope with that, then yes it is a good phone. But it wasnt for me, i bought the Aino instead, and have never looked back. brilliant little phone!

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