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Sony Ericsson W995 / Sim Free / 8.1 MP / Unlocked Mobile Phone / Black

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Pure brilliance

| | See all DAWGY30's reviews (20)

Ok where to start..
Just as Cazzface said am not into the whole touch screen phone palava all i hear is how scratched the screen is and because of the size of the screen can make it prone to cracks ..
Anyway this is by far the best phone on the market as regards to ppl who just want a phone for a phone with cool gadjets
8.1 mp camera and a 8gb memory card (that comes free with the phone) a cool speaker very sturdy tough phone battery life is unreal and i have come to buy my second one now as my last one was put through its paces by my son who thought it may of been for cleanin the toilet as it seemed to be in it alot.. 4 times really so thts it.. buy this phone maybe for not the price here i got mine new out the catalogue for 169 well worth the price am just stunned most phone shops dont even have this cool phone in them no more but still display some of the worst phones ever to grace a sim card!
love the movie part of this phone that is made worthy cos of the external speaker that comes with it! camera is amazing and with photo dj u can really add some extra coolness to ur pics!!
Drop the iphone now if u want the net ull get ya laptop out innit! u can use the net on this phone but i never do i have a pc for that plus i have about 200 cool games on my phone cos the files are that small u can pack em in loads of albums.. come o what more do u want!!

  I love this phone

| | See all cazzface's reviews (1)

I don't really like touch screen all that much, and I like alphanumeric keypads, so this phone is perfect for me. When it breaks I'm going to buy it again. Enough said I reckon :]

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  Good Phone.

| | See all KeiraLou's reviews (8)

I had this phone for a short year due to accidentally smashing it up :S . But in that year, it served me well. I mainly used it for the camera as it is a really good, same as the one on my new Xperia. It was also the first phone I ever had that had Wi-fi on it.

I can't write much more then that without a bias opinion as I love my xperia now and don't think I could ever go back from a touch-screen, but this is a good phone for people who don't want a touch screen.

  Good stuff....

| | See all misterhappi's reviews (39)

Best fone ive had in a long while.
Excellent camera with a very good zoom lens 8.1 mgp but can drop to 5 or 3.2 and lower.Video capture is great for uploading to Youtube and a powerful flash( flash has the S.O.S option or a torch) .It Came with built in Facebk app and if you leave it open the live feed pops up on ya main screen when the fone is in standby .BBCiPlayer app comes in handy and the shows can only be DL when near a wifi location and should only take a few mins....Battery isnt great if ya a large user of the WEB and the charge time is abt 90min/2hrs with fone switched off.on my main screen is a pic of my little girl and the quality of the screen make the pic 10x better...Music player is on par with my nok5800 but in a smaller body so great to hear ya fav tunes.the Bonus is the 8gb memory card . Rate this fone10/10

  Brilliant Phone!

| | See all Drakous's reviews (7)

Let me start by saying ive had this phone since a few weeks after it came out...and i have bashed it around at home dropping it on the floor constantly my dogs knocking it off tables and bashing it around in my pocket at work, but it still works PERFECTLY. i have no problems with this phone whatsoever and it gets alot of use and abused and it takes it all, the only thing ive managed to do is put a dent in the aliminium front which i only noticed the other day. so if you want a sterdy phone that wont let you down this is the way to go forward. the features are fantastic as is the camera really nice screen resolution to. im a devoted sony ericsson buyer and never change brands but this is easily the best sony ericsson ive ever owned!

  Very Gooood Sony Ericsson Mobile

| | See all dragonforest's reviews (9)

I love the phone very much. U can watch BBC i player on it without stopping and any other videos. Buy it very good style with speaker at both sides and with 8-megapixel camera Excellent picture


| | See all Krupskaya's reviews (23)

A really superb phone - the best I've ever had and I've had a few. Ships with an 8GB memory card and high end closed earbud headphones which is a great bargain. I've downloaded 21 albums and still have 6.5GB left. Outstanding walkman player, which is to be expected from SE's flagship walkman phone. A great addition is the album art which displays next to each album and makes it much easier to sort through your music. Good camera, but no xenon flash just a single LED which is a litle bit of a letdown. Also no cover for the camera lens which may make it prone to scratches. Good loud ringtone and crisp reception on calls. Track ID, BBC iplayer and YouTube dedicated portals as well as an excellent battery life all combine to make this an excellent phone. Highly recommended.

  Excellent - Buy It Now

| | See all IraqiMac's reviews (1)

Top mobile. Probably the best Sony Ericsson has released to date.

I just wish people (Welshfifi18) wouldn't rate products they don't own and are just asking questions about. If you haven't used it how can you rate it as 3 stars.

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  Great Phone... if setup right

| | See all mmac78's reviews (4)

I've had this phone for a few weeks now, I didn't buy it from play but from a friend who was given it as an upgrade so I bought it from them cheaply, the phone is a great phone. I've owned about 10 phones in the past 18 months... and this is one of the best.
It has one flaw, the camera is absolute rubbish. 8.1MP it might be but Sony have done a 'crafty' and setup the phone to compress the image you snap. In turn, rendering the finished picture noisey and not very clear.
To fix this, you can in fact easily flash a new camera driver to the phone. There are alot of online guides and it does not void you're warranty. On average a picture taken with the standard camera driver will come out in the region of 1.5mb to 1.9mb depending on the amount of detail, with an updated driver for the camera which i've installed i'm getting much clearer images and the finished picture is now saving at around 3.5mb each. Big difference in picture quality.
Apart from the poor camera driver installed on the phone, it's a great piece of kit.
Would have rated 5 stars if Sony Ericsson did the decent thing.

  Brilliant Phone

| | See all DebbieJane18's reviews (4)

This phone is genuinely the best phone i've ever had so far.
It's a nice size, it's sleek, it's easy to use and has very few problems, unlike some other of Sony Ericsson's phones. The screen, even on lowest brightness is still beautiful and easy to see. It comes with several fun and addictive games, the music, camera and video features, like on all Sony Ericsson phones, is completely brilliant and the small attachment speaker that comes with the phone is fantastic. The only two small problems i've had with this phone, is because it's so power hungry, it's sometimes a little slow on the uptake to load up, and secondly the back of the phone occasionally falls off, which is obviously a bit of a manufacturers fault... other than that, still 5 stars. Fantastic phone.