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LG KP501 Cookie / Orange Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go / Touch Screen Mobile Phone / Silver (Includes Free £10 Airtime Credit)

Manufacturer: LG

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Customer Reviews

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  get a normal keypad

| | See all rorieeeeee's reviews (4)

My previous phone was a sony erricson k770, they both hav 3 megapixel camera and the sony erricson camera takes far better pictures so i dont know why everyone says how great the camera is, secondly texting on a touchscreen whilst walking can be abit of a pain, i find that theres are alot more glitchs in LGs software compared to a sony erricson the web browser is useless so iv downloaded opera mini which works much better on it :) battery not to bad but again my last phone was better. another big minus is that iv had it about two months and there already seems to be a slight loose connection when my headphones are pluged in. when you make a call to a computer its hard to get the keypad up to put in a number. It also doesnt spin very well when you throw it up lolz.
good things with it, cheap, full scientific calculator, although the still camera on my cyber shot phone was better this does better video, drawing panels fun, and good for internet once youv downloaded opera mini, plus gets very good receoption :P
im not gonna buy another Lg or full touch phone, might go back to my old phone.

  Functions are good but some problems

| | See all bulkobuyer's reviews (1)

This phone is a good phone if you consider it to be a cheap version of the apple iphone and dont wish to spend £300 on the real deal. The camera on this phone is very good and the programs are very instictive to use.also the menus use the same scrolling technique as the iphone in screens such as message history and phonebook. However the touch screen isnt hugely sensitive (compared to some other touch screen phones) and the phone has been known to turn off if your playing music for a long time ie instead of a cd player at home. But if you simply want a smart phone with a good camera I would definatly recommend this one.

  Looks nice but overall quite poor.

| | See all SarahCullen666's reviews (7)

I've had this phone for a couple of months now, and I can't wait to get rid of it. It looks nice, but on more than one occassion I have phoned people by accident (when the keys have been locked). I often receive two or more of the same text message, and other times it says I have a new message but then it disappears for hours before I can open it. Also the internet very often stops working, so I have to keep switching off and on again. Battery life is poor, it also goes from 3 bars to 1 without any warning. It is a good price, but you can get better phones for the same price.

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| | See all flyinpig's reviews (11)

i had the same problem with the previous person, they had the wrong picture on the webpage, so i was expecting the black model, and got this one, but it is a good phone, the only problems i found is that i would recieve the same message twice but the biggest "problem" i have is it doesn't feel special. but if you are looking for a good phone for a good price, then this is it.

  I love the phone it's mint but theres just 1 small problem..

| | See all Jaywass08's reviews (132)

this isn't the same model that I've got i got mine delivered to my local phone shop and it's black but i dunno if anyone else has this problem with the phone or not it will just suddenly cut out when doing certain things such as trying to view your inbox which can be really annoying if your trying to view an important and urgent text message. it also does it while playing music and while the phone is doing various other things othertimes i will pick it up to look at it and it will be turned off it will turn back on again but it's really frustrating has anyone else had this problem or something similar? i took it to my local phone shop and they said it might be because there's too much external memory on it i deleted a load of stuff like they told me to do images music etc and it's still the same so it must be a fault with the phone well I know now that I'm never going to buy an lg again i got offered the samsung tocco as 1 of my 3 options for upgrade and i chose this over that and I wish i had chosen the tocco now. still theres a reasonbly priced one on here that i'm going to look at getting in the next few weeks.


| | See all Stokie1863's reviews (23)

This phone is a great... before i got this model i had the viewty which is also a good phone, But the Cookie is lighter and slimmer and looks far better. Ido have to agree with one review that there is a delay with the responce when touching the buttons but its not that bad. the music player is so simple to use, and also when your sending a text flip the phone sideways and a qwerty keyboard appers which makes texting so much easyer. The only real gripe i have with the phone is when you trans music onto it, you have to trans files through the softwear provided and it takes quite a while to do this, you cant just drag and drop your files like other phones. but other than that i really cant fault this litte beauty........well worth the money..

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| | See all pablo89's reviews (1)

this phone is brilliant havent put it down since i have had it you can always rely on play com 4 great products

  The novelty goes fast

| | See all MajorLiggs's reviews (25)

You'll probably be impressed with it for a couple of days, then it'll start to annoy you.

It has a delay on every button you press, making it feel unresponsive. When you need to text fast or get something done, it feels like a life time. The headphones are dreadful too, and doesn't have a splitter to other headphones. It has an annoying habbit of displaying the same message twice too.

The camera is solid and has great white balancing features, but there isn't any flash what so ever, which was shocking and poor.

The phone does have some good features though and is quite nice, but don't be expecting an iPhone for this price. Personally, I wish I'd got a good old Sony Erricson, and wait a while for touch screen to improve.

  nice looking phone

| | See all kieran2009's reviews (1)

this pay as you go phone is very stylish with 3mp camera, if you looking for a good phone for under £100 then look no further

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