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Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone (Black)

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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  I like it, but...

| | See all BareOsaka's reviews (29)

Had my iphone since release and i like it, the gps has come to my rescue a few times when iv been lost in various cities!. It's touch screen, style and ease of use is unmatched.. I think a reviewer said this before but i just think apple are far too restrictive, its all very closed and every process is done in a very specific way with specific software... I cant help but think that in an attept to offer more they are in fact restricting the user from customising at all.. You can't "drag and drop", install software, even changing the ringtone is restricted or at least very difficult. You cant just throw it into your hi-fi or ps3 and play tunes, it has no removable memory, no connetion points (usb etc) and no bluetooth for audio/video streaming.

Once my contract is up im gonna head for a windows phone, yes it may be suseptable to virus, hacking, ugly, slower and the like but i just really dont like the idea of never being in control of the way i use my smart phone and even though it holds my music and pictures it doesnt feel mine... Windows will be similar in the fact it will always promote its own software but at the same time will still allow you to choose to do it another way where as apple dont, its almost arrogant "do it like this and if you dont like it, tough". Thats why it gets 3stars

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| | See all Willis92's reviews (1)

Just wandering, iv heard different things on whether the unlocked iphones accept a 3sim. Just wandering if anyone knew whether they actually do or not? Cheers

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  Simply Brilliant

| | See all DanPhillips's reviews (2)

It does lack some stupid little things like a 'zoom' and 'bluetooth file sharing' however if you ask yourself how often you use such little things you would see how unnecessary they are.

This one is shear brilliance. Perfection. Yes, perhaps it lacks a few things nerds love like an '8.5 megatron processor' and ''only has a 2 megapixle camera' however its unique and beautifully crafted intuitive user interface makes up for it all. My 80 year old grandmother can use this and not her nokia 3310! Its so so easy to use and definitely has the best touch screen on the market - being made of glass and not cheap plastic. The camera is superb! I cannot believe people slate it so. I compared some of my photos to a phone with an 8 mega pixle camera and mine were still better! Lets face it how often do you use a camera on a phone? The app store is great and is such an amazing thing because it assures that you will never get bored of your phone. Every single phone I have had until the iPhone bored me after a week or so but with the App store there are over 65,000 different things you can do with your phone. Boredom cured.

Sacrifice the silly things that you never use and you have got yourself the best phone ever made. Its expensive but I can promise you money well spent.

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  Be carefull!

| | See all iphonefan's reviews (1)

The phone is excellent and Play are nothing but helpfull BUT....... because this is an unlocked phone imported from Italy - Apple will not handle any issues if this fails to work in the UK! You will need an Italian address to get the thing fixed.

Play will honour the 12 month warranty and replace where required but after that period you will have to send it back to Apple in Italy even if you require something simple like a new battery! Ring Apple and ask em if you don't believe me!

Having said that, the Phone is great, best on the market and Play are always helpfull in the first 12 months.

  iphone 3g it the best!!

| | See all hedgeknight's reviews (3)

i have had alot of phones, the samsung omnia the samsung tocco to name a couple, but the iphone 3g is by far the best phone i have ever owned! it does eveything you need, phone, ipod, internet browser including wifi, the camera is also good even though its ony a 2megapixel, i have got alot of music and some films which you can watch on 3.5 inch screen, and also got alot of applications on to keep you entertained. so dont listen to the people giving the iphone bad reviews you will not be dissapointed.

  Probably The Worst Smart Phone Going!

| | See all MichaelTaylor1993's reviews (1)

Awful Phone! Firstly, the camera is acceptable. But wait theres no zoom! so with no zoom the phone has an utterly annoying feature of rather than being able to take a photo up close, it decides it'll be so far embedded into its stupid casing that simple pictures a couple of metres away seems like miles! Then theres the supposed "3g internet", my dog could run to japan and back quicker before it even loads up the start page! and the safari browser is crap, it crashes when it decides its had enough. "3.0 over 100 features!" no i don't think so, you get like 4 and then the other 96+ are to do with other applications. Oh and for some reason my iPhone has a problem with everyone phone going! Its decides its not going to transfer my call to me but instead cancel it straight away! i mean come on! if you ask me, its not worth it get a blackberry. The only problems there are the occasional crash and its crappy paint job that comes off after 5 minutes.

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| | See all haymark's reviews (1)

What someone has put the phone down as 1 star is totaly wrong about the iphone i had the 3g last year and would never be with out it and have just upgraded to 3g s the phone is great and all i own is apple so the iphone 3g is a great phone for first timers but it is a little over priced you can get it on pay and go £200 less

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  Does software upgrades work?

| | See all sdg00002's reviews (1)

Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me if the the updates to the software such as the new 3.0 firmware update will work on the iphone or if it re-locks the phone which requires to be unlocked again?

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| | See all Sawyerbean8's reviews (1)

This phone is the greatest mobile on the market by far. Sure it misses small features like video recording and only has a 2 megapixel camera but later this month, Apple are releasing the iPhone 3G S which will include video recording and a 3 megapixel camers. There will also be a 32GB model which provides even more storage for music, films and photos for those of you have huge music collections. If you can over look the fact that this model doesn't have that then this is a great buy for you. Not only is it a good looking phone, but it is seriously easy to use. I recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to upgrade and wants the most fashionable phone on the market.


| | See all Liveyana's reviews (18)

as a phone, this phones is rubbish...instead of buying iphone then you might as well buy ipod touch instead..2megapixel? you can't record video..the only good thing about this phone is the internet, listening to music.. that's all. also it's to over priced for phone..

buy some crap phone then get ipod touch, you will save more money..

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