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Artist: Lamb Of God

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Customer Reviews

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  Brutal but technical

| | See all thehormone's reviews (1)

I'm always a bit sceptical about how a metal band can still produce great music when they become well-known, but this album proved me wrong.

The songs are technical but maintain a harsh edge to them. Randy's vocals are intense but have a rich clarity to them. Critics often claim that LOG songs sound strickingly similar but I cannot see how the opening track sounds like any of the rest of the album.

For me the standout tracks are: Walk With Me In Hell, More Time To Kill, Redneck and Blacken The Cursed Sun.

To me this is a great album and is the perfect soundtrack to any task that requires an "angry" approach, like training in a gym, tearing down a wall with a sledgehammer or overthrowing a small country with a band of mercenaries may be...

The only reason that I did not give this five stars is because not every track is a firm favourite, and I cannot help but feel we have not heard the best that Lamb of God has to offer yet. Still, they are a great band and I am really looking forward to hearing Wrath this month. My advice to any metal fan: buy this!

  so heavy its almost scary.

| | See all hardass9087's reviews (53)

Lamb of god exploded onto the thrash scene with new american gospel and set as the next pantera, lamb of god wasted no time proving it with as palaces burn and ashes of the wake and now sacrament is no different. Pounding riffs, shredding guitars and drums that will smash your reality this album is for only the most insane metal head. Redneck, more time to kill and pathetic are the best tracks.

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  Mst Have Album For Any Metal Fan

| | See all Gavinge's reviews (68)

They've done it again!
A brutal onslaught on the ears with some of the heaviest and greatest riffs you will hear, every song is a classic and it truly is an album that hard to find any fault in.
If you haven't alreadygot ashes of the wake too, buy it now as well!
Cannot wait for wrath

  Kings of metal!

| | See all Metalmicka's reviews (13)

Sacrament was the first album I bought and opened up a new sound for me. Technically brilliant and AMAZING riffs and solos. I personally prefer Ashes to the Wake, but this is an amazing album. Unbelievable. Even though I have the albums, I might buy them at this low price. (hehe) , just in case? Just as good as Pantera, but NOT better.

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  true kings of metal

| | See all and1gregg's reviews (29)

with this new album they are definatly the new kings of metal!!
no doubt!
alot has improved from the last album, so buy this amazing album and at a low price aswell! when i wrote this review it was on 2 for £10 dunno when you read it it still is but atm worth the cash!!

  The next pantera

| | See all ByrneBabyByrne's reviews (52)

4 years ago, 'the next pantera' would have been a question. With the release of sacrament, it is a statement. Since their formation as 'burn the priest', and their subsequent rise through the metal ranks as lamb of god, this band have proved time after time that they have the same ability that pantera had ... to deliver an album that pushes the boundaries of musicianship and songwriting. Lamb of god are undeniably the best metal band of the last 10 years, and this album is a brilliant example of what they are capable of.
I recommend this album to anyone who likes lamb of god, or who hasn't hear of them and just likes metal music.

  Tearin It Up

| | See all F4TB0Y69's reviews (29)

Absolutely astonishing album. Definite buy for metal maniacs or those who love instruments that are being played well they are in one word to the ears. Bliss

  bow down to the kings of metal

| | See all metalhead448's reviews (53)

wow. simple as.
get this album now!!.
lamb of god are the true kings of metal and this amazing album is the highlight of their career.

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  Hail True Metal!

| | See all GenocideMachine's reviews (26)

As a fan of Lamb of God since 'New American Gospel', I have witnessed their evolution from death metal merchants of screaming vocals and chugging intricate riffage into the monster that they are today.
Hardcore fans would debate as to whether this is their 'best' album, however, I would say that for sheer musicianship and variety of songs, then 'Sacrament' is by far the greatest album of theirs by far. It retains the uncompromising metal brutality of 'New American Gospel' and 'As The Palaces Burn', but also adds the studio quality of 'Ashes of The Wake' and mixes this with some of their best songs yet. I fail to see how any true metal fan cannot agree that 'Walk With Me In Hell' is a metal classic. Lead single, 'Redneck' is a great introduction to new fans of Lamb of God, whereas 'Blacken The Cursed Sun' is a song that will live on to be a live favorite along side older songs such as 'Black Label' and 'Ruin'. The album drops pace (a tiny bit) with 'Descending' written by guitarist Mark Morton, a song which caused much controversy due to its supposedly downbeat nature, however, I believe it to be one of the albums stand out tracks.
This is not only Lamb of Gods best album, but when also compared to Slayers lackluster 'Christ Illusion', it could also be the best album of 2006 - if not the 21st Century so far. You owe it to yourself to check it out.