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Black Light

Artist: Groove Armada

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Customer Reviews

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  I agree with...

| | See all FungasUK's reviews (7)

...Gamesmucker and woolyballs, this is a great Groove Armada album. Tracks are a bit reminiscent of LCD Soundsytem, who they easily predate so strong suggestions of GA starting to show their influence. Tracks are not obvious singles but that's what makes this a great album. Nothing as commercial as 'Song For Mutya' but plenty to chew over and get lost in. Sonic brilliance, catchy, and hooks aplenty. Cracking listen.


| | See all Ray777's reviews (10)

I didn't like this album much at all. Like the title, it is very dark. It just seems to me like an excuse of a collection of not very inspired mixes made with an attitude of "we've made it now so we may as well release it". Maybe I'm just not as experimental as GA are. On the other hand, I find "White Light" to be absolutely superb, and the songs really did grow on me. Ironic? Or maybe White Light is the version they should have released in the first place.

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  Buy this album!

| | See all woolyballs's reviews (1)

GA not really my bag but this is a stunningly good album. The Communards homage with Will Young is amazing.

  Best album of 2010!

| | See all Gamesmucker's reviews (1)

I was a bit apprehensive when I heard there was a new Groove Armada album. Ive thoroughly enjoyed their previous work and worried that their music would start to decline. At first I wasnt too sure, thought the music was a bit 'off' and mostly not like Groove Armada's previous work. Then I listened to it again, and again, then it clicked. This album is superb, It has Groove Armada's subtle touches and mixes them with some brash, innovative beats. I now absolutely adore this album, its an instant play at any parties or just chilling out with. My favourite album of this year, nay the last 10 years! Buy it, play it, enjoy it!

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  Different but good different!

| | See all Ric1982's reviews (2)

Ok, first things first - this is probably not a good as Soundboy Rock (hence the 4 stars rather than 5) and this is probably not a typical Groove Armada Album.

But once you realise that, it's still a pretty good CD. It does maintain tradtional GA beats, no question, but I would describe it as more mainstream charts type music in places - a bit rocky / poppy!

I Won't Kneel and Paper Romance are the standouts for me. That's not to say the others aren't good, but they are probably not quite as defined.

Definately worthy of 4 stars, but lacks that little bit of something special to make the 5 - still worth a listen mind!


| | See all RavishinRed's reviews (1)

Buy this album!!!!! From when you first put it on it just grabs you. Look were all different in what we like and I;ve gotta say it's something that they've wanted to do as it's on there own label now. The shackles are off it's just melting stuff..Quality without a doubt. It's a pinnacle of excellence........

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  even better than soundboy rock

| | See all darko16's reviews (2)

this is one of the best albums i,ve heard in recent years, really enjoyed it.every track is spot on.Shameless featuring bryan ferry is amazing.please listen LOUD !

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| | See all vornstar's reviews (5)

Amazing album. It surprised me. I bought it on the back of listening to Paper Romance on MTV, and like others have said, wasn't really that sure at first. However, I gave it a chance and it has grown on me in a big way. I love this album now and it is one of my favourites for running to on my ipod.

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  It's a BLAST!!!!

| | See all Retrodreaming's reviews (14)

Consider Groove Armada electro-pop's last stand. The duo is so far removed from the genre's heyday it's impressive that they've remained more or less intacT/and more impressive that stadiums are still bowing to their squelchy, screechy synth exposition. Black Light is their sixth studio release, and unlike the gluey, glazy bedroom recordings that define the current electronic landscape, it takes pride in polishing its songs to a mirror shine.

Take the single "Paper Romance," a five-minute synthesizer kaleidoscope in which, amid an utterly exhilarating guitar scuttle, SaintSaviour delivers the fearless lyric, "I don't wanna take a chance on your paper romance anyway." The song feels unmistakably crafted, sewn together in a studio and designed from the ground up to deliver the most stimulating listening experience possible. Definitely a far cry from, say, Neon Indian.

Black Light sounds like it was buzzed in from of the early 2000s, completely and happily uninfluenced by the preceding years of dance music development. It ends up being an acutely traditional Groove Armada album: The token slow jam ("Shameless") and the droning, delirious lover's romp ("I Won't Kneel") are all here, crushed with those familiar slabs of grimy, effusive, and occasionally lovelorn electro. No, it doesn't push the genre forward; in fact, it probably pushes it back, but Black Light impeccably delivers on everything you could possibly want from the 14-year-old band.

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  I cant leave this with a low star rating...

| | See all 6REBEL's reviews (4)

I'm actually pretty surprised with the low star rating its got at the minute- i bought this during the week and absolutely love it, almost to the point of listening to it constantly and singing it when im not. On first listen there were some really outstanding songs- 'Look Me In The Eye Sister', 'Paper Romance', yes they are unashamedly 80's but i love them for it. There are a couple of songs which start quite strangely but turn into great songs eg 'Cards To Your Heart'. I didn't like 'I Won't Kneel' when i'd heard it a few months ago but love it in the context of the album. I really like 'Fall Silent' as well. No, its perhaps not like the Groove Armada classics you might have, and it probably couldn't be more unlike Soundboy Rock, but who wants carbon copy music anyway??!
I definitely recommend for what its worth.

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