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  1. Everybody's On The Run
  2. Dream On
  3. If I Had A Gun...
  4. The Death Of You And Me
  5. (I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
  6. AKA... What A Life!
  7. Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
  8. AKA... Broken Arrow
  9. (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
  10. Stop The Clocks

customer Reviews

 Average rating (22 reviews)

 Welcome Back Noel!

| | See all ziggyziggybop's reviews (1)

This long awaited album from (imo) the man who made Oasis, raised the bar of expectation for what this album would be like. It has all of the elements of classic Oasis albums, along with sounds similar to the later 'Don't Believe The Truth era'. What makes the album that much better is that the crisp sound of Noel's voice isn't interwoven with, frankly, the whiny drawn out voice of Liam. Making this the Oasis album I have long wished for. Every track is great to listen to and sounds different. I want to compare it to The Beatles' Sgt Pepper album, in that each track carries different feels to it...from the circusy sound of 'Death of You and Me' to the more traditionally sound you associate with Oasis. I suppose this essay is designed to basically tell you that if you love or like Oasis, and love or like the idea of no Liam on the album, then this album will be thoroughly enjoyed. Welcome back Noel, the world of people who appreciate good singer/songwriters have missed you.

 top notch

| | See all digoutursoul's reviews (3)

i would recomend this album to anyone, noel for me has always had a miles beeter voice than liam and it shows on this almost perfect album .theres no cheese here just easy on the ears blissfull guitar edged tracks,i think oasis splitting up has brought out the best in both brothers beady eyes album is good but you can defo tell who had the brains in oasis ,ladeback ,classy and worth everypenny,,buy it right now it just mite save ur life,,noel g is a legend and should be heard by everyone,,,quality ,,

 Dead Birds

| | See all Boulderhead's reviews (1)

Oasis are my favourite band of all time and i was expecting much more than this.Every song just sounds as if it's missing something, i don't know what though. this is not a rock album and will be forgotten, the songs are just nice, thats all i can say about them, nothing stands out really, the first song is the best, but if im honest, this album sounds like a collection of unused B-sides from post 2000 Oasis

 A High Flying album

| | See all RAWstar's reviews (18)

When Oasis split up I was devastated, and when Beady Eye arrived I was even more disappointed, all that changed when Noel released this album. This demonstrates Noel's writing, guitar and singing ability which at times had to take a back seat with Oasis. Every song has a different feel and 'If I Had A Gun' is quite simply one of the best songs ever written.
Okay, it doesn't beat Definitely Maybe but then it can't really be compared to Oasis (Like beady eye, who are essentially Oasis 2.0)
Cracking album, and for me sits alongside The Smiths 'The Queen Is Dead' and Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers'