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Artist: Ellie Goulding

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all hud123's reviews (2)

This Album Is one of the best i have heard this year she is so talented you just don't get bored of any of the track and i have not stopped playing it and getting others to play it too

  Starry Eyed!

| | See all Drelldenied's reviews (189)

Ellie Goulding is showing real prowess out of all the artists in her genre. Her voice is so seductive, sweet and unique. Her tracks give you that festival feeling. Very euphoric and hippy-ish, but with a modern folk/synth-pop twist. Recommend this chart-topping album. Value for money.

Best tracks are Guns And Horses, Starry Eyed, Under The Sheets, This Love (Will Be Your Downfall), and Salt Skin

  Super Album

| | See all AndrewPlay's reviews (3)

I've listened to this album in my car for the past week now and haven't had to skip any tracks, it's great to relax too!!

  Album of the year so far!

| | See all KirstenR88's reviews (3)

This album can only be described with one word - beautiful.

From the voice, to the production, to the lyrics, it is all just so beautiful!

My favourite tracks are This Love Will Be Your Downfall and Salt Skin, but there are absolutely no duds, it is genuinely 100% fantastic.

Can't wait for more from this extremely talented young lady.

  Amazing!! End of.

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

From start to finish this album is Amazing!!
Her voice is just Lush, this album is just pure bliss to listen to!!


| | See all bedtime's reviews (6)

I've heard that a lot of critics have been a bit lukewarm to this album?? They must need their ears syringing. This is one of those rare album where *EVERY* track is excellent! Theres no fillers..not a weak chorous in sight. Even the bonus track "Lights" which isn't on the CD is amazing!

The production is fantastic...magical, well polished electro pop and each song is a tune and a half. Every chrous is just so uplifting. I can't remember the last time I loved every single track on an album, and I played an album so many times in 1 week and di not get bored.

Often with albums theres at least 2 or 3 tracks you always skip, or the singles are great but the other tracks are average, espcially with pop albums. But not "Lights". I can not rate this album highly enough.

  Why you should buy it.. ITS AWSOME!!

| | See all JamieW231's reviews (1)

Well.... this album definatly lives up to its hype... maybe a the first full listen you not so sure.. well listen and agian and you will soon be hooked like I am .. :) WELL DONE ELLIEE


  Good....but should have been so much better

| | See all Yak317's reviews (24)

I think the biggest issue I have with this album is that it feels, and sounds, rushed. The best debuts are those which take years of careful crafting and tweaking, whittling down tracks until you get a perfect playlist, those albums which are full of artistic integrity and identity - something which is totally lacking here.

Everything from the lack-lustre, unimaginative album cover, the lack of album art detailing down to the storage of actual content (with only 10 tracks the album barely lasts 35 minutes) smacks of a mad dash to the finish line. This rush is partly the fault of the well-oiled BBC hype-machine which can almost single handedly claim catapulting Ellie from obscurity to "British sound of the year" Winner in just 6 short months.

There is no doubt at all that the girl is incredibly talented as any of the beautiful demo versions still on YouTube will tell you. With regards to her song and lyric writing skills, that talent is raw and rough and misshapen around the edges but very very beautiful indeed. The demo versions had me hoping for more than just generic female-led electronica from her, that delicate fusion of busty folk, delicate tasteful synths and that quavering child-like fragility of her voice got me very excited indeed. However, all the songs I'd heard and fallen in love with before the album released had been changed beyond recognition on the actual album itself.
The terrible, messy over production on "Wish I'd Stayed" ruined what was, for me, my favourite song of hers to date. Her beautiful voice and instrumentation had been swamped beneath a jumbled untidy sounding mush of overly aggressive synth and predictable pop backing instrumentation. It's just so frustrating to hear all these songs with incredible potential being ruined like this.

That said, the album itself is ok, I mean it's not heart-stopping but it's certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination. There are some real gems here. Best track for me by a mile is "The Writer" which is really very beautiful and really makes the whole thing worthwhile. Other highlights include; "This Love" "Your Biggest Mistake" and "Starry Eyed". It's very easy to listen to, inoffensive synthpop and like I've said her voice is pretty special.

She really is very talented and well deserved of all this success. I just wish she'd had a bit more strength of conviction in her original artistic identity and not let the production team mess around with her songs so much, as her own synth arrangements were soooo much better.

Basically though, if you like the singles (and not just any demos or accoustics you might have heard) then you shouldn't be disappointed, and there is definitely enough good stuff here to make buying this album worthwhile. 4/5

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| | See all tinywoman's reviews (16)

Ellie Goulding is like marmite, you either love her voice or hate it abit like La Roux, but this album lives up to all the hype! it is superb and so different to all the other main stream garbage that female artists are churning out at the moment. Its such a refreshing, original take on the current trend for electronic pop and indie music. With cleverly written lyrics and Ellie's unique voice I have given this top marks!

  lights is amazing because

| | See all redjames's reviews (3)

it will make you feel so good the songs are amazing and so uplifting there is nothing not too like about this album buy it now you won,t be dissapointed