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Artist: Daft Punk

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Customer Reviews

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  Tres bien!

| | See all AmbientAndy's reviews (26)

Without doubt this is Daft Punk's finest hour of music. Since Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo burst onto the scene during the 90's they have taken the dance music industry by storm.

Of course, everyone will know the catchy 'One More Time' , and also the others released as singles such as 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' (which Kanye West did his utmost to destroy). However, it's the other lesser-known tracks that make this album complete - 'Superheroes' is a particular favourite of mine with its energetic beat, while on the other end of the spectrum 'Something About Us' is a laidback and soppy tune, and is also the love theme for the animation film 'Interstella 5555' which the album itself was fundamentally created for.

What I believe has been the foundation of Daft Punk's success with this album is their patience, apparently this album took over 18 months to produce so it goes to show what quality can be achieved if you don't rush things. In contrast, their 2005 album 'Human After All' was produced in roughly six weeks and its quality wasn't even half of that of 'Discovery'.

Overall, this is a brilliant album and one that highlighted dance music at the height of its powers at the turn of the century.

  They Just Get Better

| | See all Woody2007's reviews (75)

After the great first album Homework, i was really looking forward Daft Punks second album, and they didnt disappoint. As other reviewers have said, i bought this album as soon as it came out and its never far away from the stereo. Its hard to pick out favourite songs but Aerodynamic & Harder Better Faster Stronger are superb.

5 Stars to everyones favourite french robots


| | See all Shanksy's reviews (2)

Like all types of music. Brought this album when it first came out and still listen to it about 3 or 4 times a week. Its an album that you don't get tired listening to. A must buy, for anyone who listens to music.

  What are you waiting for ?

| | See all MathieuMalo's reviews (10)

Just listen and listen and listen and... All the songs are beautiful, magnificent ! It's my favorite album ! I love Daft Punk !!! Electro won't die with them !

  The best Daft Punk Album and probably dance/electro one!

| | See all McSmiley's reviews (1)

This album from the french dynamic duo will be an amazing addition to any CD collection, no matter whether you like Dance/ Electro or not, you'll love it after this album!

It has the classic tunes of 'one more time,' 'Digital Love' and 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' of the recent Kanye West -Stronger fame.

As you delve further into the album you find amazing tracks that you have never heard, that instantly get you dancing no matter where you are.

I suggest you buy this album because lots of these tracks aren't on any greatest hits or compilations, because all the tracks on this album are excellent and they are growers. If you don't like it at first, give it time and you will learn to love it. I would have worn my copy out if it wasn't on my computer already!

Simply brilliant, and maybe one the best album I have ever bought!

  One of my fave albums! And I don't really like Dance/Electro

| | See all CrazyBlue's reviews (15)

I don't know what it is about this album, but I just LOVE IT! It's the only Dance/Electro album I own. So it stands out more. this is the most accessable album, as it includes, pop songs, rock song, jazz/funk songs and so on. So if you're worried about taking a risk, you shouldn't be! i took the risk and it pulled off! If you're still a bit cautious, watch Interstella 5555 on the internet, as all the music in it is from this album! If you love that, you'll love the album! Rock/indie fans, give this a go! you wont be dissapointed!

  If your buying a daft punk album, make sure it's this one

| | See all philipwaite's reviews (5)

Listening to the other albums (human after all / homework) I would recommend all three but discovery truly sets what daft punk is all about. Before buying the other two, get discovery first. A good mixture of technological music with some bizarre but funky songs thrown in.

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  Best album i have bought this year

| | See all henerz's reviews (2)

I love daft punk and they make the best dance music avialable this is the best album made by Daft Punk making it a must buy for any Daft Punk or dance music fans.

  Unquestionably Unmissable.

| | See all Supafly's reviews (30)

Daft Punk are not only the best House/Dance Musicians in the world to date, they are also the coolest! This album is the best so far... Every single track is a classic, the brilliantly paced fantastically put together funktastic rhythms are bound to get you moving wherever you are, guaranteed. There is a feature film called Interstella 5555 that is affiliated with the album. In Interstella, Daft Punk's album Discovery is played through the film and a cool anime style storyline is put over it, it syncs incredibly well with the music and is just a treat to watch.
It is my favorite album of all time for many reasons, primarily because it sounds fantastic. If you haven't heard of Daft Punk I strongly recomend you try a few songs from this album, you'l be a follower in no time!