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Artist: Disturbed

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Customer Reviews

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  Best album since their debut!

| | See all thegreb1's reviews (1)

This album is easily the best Disturbed album since The Sickness. Every song is amazing, and I can't stop listening to the album. Buy this now!

  love itttt :D worth more than £4.99

| | See all Jodievicious's reviews (1)

Before I got the CD I read a few reviews and people where saying it's not good. I got the CD and listened to it the first time and I was not sure but the second time I listened to it I started to really get into it. Yes, it was not be the best however I have been listening to it day and night since I got it and it has been two weeks. They are so addictive.

  Actually... not so good.

| | See all smokinjoerules's reviews (25)

Indestructible was a hard album to follow, I think fans are still recovering from it!
Asylum has it's fair share of good songs on it, but there's only about 4 good songs at a stretch on it.
It all sounds fairly good at first until u've heard the album about 3 times, then it just gets balnd, this review has been edited, it was originally 4 stars but now, it doesn't come close to that.
I hope they spend more time and thought on their next album (if they write again) more softer material would be brilliant to hear. Material like: "Darkness", "Breathe", "Overburdened" and other slower songs would make a fresher album I think, but that's just me.

  never been a fan, however i am now

| | See all scotchwill's reviews (2)

im not really a metal fan, i like metallica, slipknot, deftones, ac/dc andn thats about it as it goes with rock/metal. i ride a scooter, but am quite open minded about music. anyway, i heard another way to die on kerrang the other day and just had to buy this album. ive been at home today and listened to it 4 times. i love it!! i am now going to buy the other albums. i cant compare it to them, i just know i like this album, every song has its own story to tell, just brilliant, buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  An instant Disurbed classic.

| | See all AndyHighton's reviews (1)

Some people have complained that Asylum doesn't live up to the expectations of Indestructible or Ten Thousand Fists but I think it does. The album is very dark in typical Disturbed manner with lyrics revolving around David's haunted past. But as each album comes and goes they leave us with individual songs that become Disturbed classics. Examples include the lead single "Another Way to Die, "Asylum", "The Infection", "The Warrior", "Crucified" to name a few. As a Disturbed fan who has also seen them live I implure you to buy this album.

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  Big disappointment after Indestructible

| | See all redhead's reviews (32)

It pains me to say it but this is so disappointing after Indestructible. Disturbed is my favourite band I have been to seen them live and loved it but this is not there best.

  Good, but not their best

| | See all Perfectblue's reviews (9)

I had really high hopes for this, but was a little disappointed in the end.

It's a great album, don't get me wrong. It beats the pants off of most of the mass produced garbage out there, but it's not as good as their past work. If anything it feels a little flat and sanitized.

It lacks the rawness of Sickness, and isn't as socially hard hitting or political as Ten Thousand First or Indestructible. I'd like to have seen Disturbed take on society, the media and Washington more. Like in their past albums.

Maybe attack Obama a bit like they attacked Bush. Or even attack Bush a bit more. There's plenty of room for more criticism of him.

On the other hand, it's a great hard core album. The lyrics are clear and meaningful, the music is well put together, and it doens't fall back on a rapid beat drum track like a lot of albums do these days.

There's also a 13 track (a cover version of another song) and a download link to a video documentary that isn't listed on the case, or in the sales blurb.

Great for fans of the band and the genre alike. I don't regret buying it.

  The Best Yet!

| | See all Bebberley1991's reviews (2)

This album absolutely blows my mind, although leaves me wanting more from Disturbed, love the band and their music, can't wait to see them tour this one!

  I agree, this sounds like a tired Disturbed

| | See all Stevelikesplay's reviews (8)

I seem to remember Ozzy once introduced Disturbed as if they were going to be the biggest band in the world.

Disturbed are one of my favourite bands but their albums have always seemed of a mixed quality with only a handful of quality songs (Stupify, Pray, Stricken, Land of Confusion, Indestructible, Inside the Fire etc).

I was eagerly anticipating the release of Asylum after hearing 'Another way to die' on YouTube. I rated their previous effort, Indestructible, as possibly their best.

Asylum has the distinctive Disturbed sound that we all know any love. However, there are few songs of distinction. The first song is instrumental and leads you nicely into Asylum, setting the tone for what you think will be a raucous album. Infection is suitably heavy, Another Way to Die is the standout track followed closely by Never Again. I then can't remember the rest of the album, except for the fact that the heavy sound never really returns.

On my CD, there is a hidden 13th track which is a cover of U2's 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for'. This is unusually commercial for Disturbed and contributes to the feeling that they simply 'churned' out this album and need to refresh their sound.


| | See all tonyolp's reviews (3)

Agree with some of the reviews saying its nothing new. However, thats not necessarily a bad thing. Its a decent album and gets better with repeated listens. The first 8 or 9 songs are all excellent, shame it loses its way over the last couple of tracks (although the hidden U2 cover is pretty cool).