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A Thousand Suns

Artist: Linkin Park

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Customer Reviews

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  Disappointing yet good.

| | See all Eddieorto's reviews (3)

A defamation of Linkin Park!

Not to say that this isn't a good album, it just isn't Linkin Park. It seems to me they've forgotten who they really are. I'm aware bands diversify as they progress, but this total shift of genre seems both uncalled for, and preposterous.

Linkin Park, a band which once masterfully produced such a grandiose, ground-breaking and innovative sound, seem to have resigned to its withering.

Granted, an album like Hybrid Theory is irrefutably unsurpassable, but this just sounds like they've discovered complacency and given up trying.

Still, this is a good album, just disappointing for fans of Linkin Park.

  I Love it!

| | See all Steveymysta's reviews (7)

I absolutely love this album it takes you through a journey and its so different from all the rest but its great in its uniqueness, if your a real LP fan you'll love this album, some of the tracks are really touching and the meanings behind the lyrics are brilliant, a fantastic album and I would definantly recommend buying it!

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  Big fan of LP

| | See all simplebloke's reviews (1)

I am a big fan of Linkin Park and i was surprised when i played this to hear that they have gone this mellow. BUT! it is a good album with some catchy tunes any TRUE LP fans will enjoy it.

  was worth a try ....

| | See all smoggyjack2000's reviews (6)

Im a huge linkin park fan, and would actually consider mike shinoda one of my idols in life, and even though some songs on this are great for example "wrectches and kings" and "when they come for me" some of them are not want you want to hear from linkin park, they do some soft piano melody songs and thats not what linkin park are about, dissapointed to say the least, i prefer LP when they do the dj scratching and rock music, also mike shinoda only contributes with his rapping a few times which isa shame because he is a talented rapper and all round musician, i just hope LP will come to there sense and go back to there old stuff

  Don't know why people don't like it, IT'S GREAT!!!!!

| | See all CAM3791's reviews (2)

Sure it's some what different from there previous material but it's still great. A lot of bands eventually progress to something slightly different then they use to do but if your a true Linkin Park fan then you should appreciate that there doing something that's not normal compared to there previous work. Top Album.

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| | See all Genx01's reviews (6)

I honestly dont get these fans still living in the Hybrid Theory and Meteora days! Move on! Minutes to Midnight was a fantastic album and this new one has surpassed it. If you took the time to appreciate the message, lyrics, samples you'd realise its an absolute piece of art. Best album theyve released so far. Waiting for the End being the highlight for me.

  It's Different but thumbs up

| | See all maneater's reviews (2)

I have all of Linkin Parks albums and when I heard they were reasling a new one I was delighted. But then I heard the reviews and I thought oh maybe not but I wasnt going to not have the new album in my collection. Heard 'the catalyst' on mtv and its different but hearing it a few times I really liked it and decided i needed to hear the album. It is a different direction but I love it great to listen to when driving too. I just love it . I do think if your a fan youll appreciate the change in direction, in life we deal with different things daily, we mature, we feel loss etc so why cant a band change direction. I say well done Linkin Park for keeping me interested as a fan. Hurry up and go on tour near me XXXX chester.

  Hmmm maybe they were bored?

| | See all Sutton09's reviews (3)

Ive been listening to Linking park ever since i were young, ive seen them go from hardcore screaming and rapping to a serous tight band seen in Minutes to midnight.

This is why I am quite confused to thier approach to this monstrosity of an album, people can defend it saying "your not a true linkin park fan if you dont like this album" but then that doesnt really make any sense because I am a keen fan of thier music before this album which everyone had grown up to.

The first time i heard the catalyst i thought it was a dogdy copy or a joke song someone had produced and submitted on the internet, I eventually got around to listening to the album i heard it again. This song astounded me because it didnt go anywhere or do anything it was just a sound, dull, uninteresting and way too plain for linkin park. Then i moved onto songs such as blackout where instead of chester singing to a decent backing track he screams and yells which really just sounds aweful.

A song i actually did enjoy on this album was Iridescent which had a great guitar and beat with it plus a fantastic vocal harmony, After listening to a great song such as that you would think it could get better , then fallout appears and everything goes to hell giving you a tastless waste of 1.20 minutes of album time which it looks like they just wanted to fill with garbage.

Other songs such as fallout start of well but not amazing and end in chester screaming terribly and causing irritation to the ears.
Overall the shouting and rapping really was let down in this album and i really hope they improve on this album because they can be a fantastic band at times, but with the only very decent song of Iredescent i cant give this album a positive review, sorry to Linkin park fans who want to believe its good but man this is very poor to thier standard, they tried to be different but went way too far, forgetting about thier past and losing alot of thier fanbase.

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  Great album

| | See all lisa8678's reviews (1)

i love all of linkin parks songs and this is one of my best, best song is blackout but i like them all. This album is different but its nice to see bands do something new.

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  Amazing Album!

| | See all wrexham2's reviews (1)

For all of you giving this album poor reviews you can in no way call yourself Linkin Park fans. I have loved every one of LP's songs and have loved every album more than the last. When Minutes To Midnight was given poor reviews I could in no way understand - they had songs as screamy as there fanboy-obsessed Hybrid Theory but they were also trying to be a meaningful band with songs like hands held high. Yes, admittedly this album is a hell of a lot different to their usual stuff but I assure you it is AMAZING! If you are one of those idiotic fanboys who will always want LP to make hybrid theory albums over and over then go ahead and give this album a poor review but if you are a genuine enthusiast for music then I emplore you to listen to this album (and by album I mean the whole album and not just individual songs) because it combines not only great music but also meaning.

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