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A Thousand Suns

Artist: Linkin Park

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (68 reviews)"

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  This is "honest art"

| | See all lpsoulja's reviews (2)

i just read the first page of the album booklet, and it describes Linkin Park's thought process for this album perfectly. they have" abandoned the precepts of commercial ambition in pursuit of what they believe to be honest art." in other words they dont care if the wider audience likes it or not, they just wanted to make an album that they loved and that true music lovers would appreciate. i for one am one of the true fans that can appreciate the genius of this album. the music is slightly amateur sounding in places but that is the beauty of it. not all art is polished to perfection and in the hands of a lesser known artist or band, some doubt would be cast as to whether they know how to write a hit song, or what sounds would be commercially likable, but from their excellent back catalogue, LP have proved themselves over and over that they are expert, world class songwriters and so can get away with this risky move.

the only criticism i have about A Thousand Suns, is the amount of tracks that are not full songs... out of 15 tracks, we are only getting 9 full songs, and after hearing the other 6 pointless snippets of audio, i have no desire to hear them again. 9 tracks is barely an EP and a pathetic number of tracks for a full album. its just as well, that the quality of the actual songs is so high...

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  Give it a chance

| | See all B118BLE's reviews (5)

So when i first listened to ATS i was mortified. I was actually gutted. I have followed LP since the very beginning, and i had high hopes for ATS, but when i first played it, i was profoundly let down. The album is not old school Linkin Park, there are no Hybrid Theory type tracks on there, instead its another LP direction change. At first, i didnt like the new direction, but once i got past my initial upset, i realised that musical artists have to evolve and adapt. And ATS is a wonderful example of some nu-age nu-metal rockers leaving behind there anger, and instead embracing everything. My best advice, is to play the album from start to finish when you have an hour spare. The albm plays as one big long song, so skipping tracks or playing on shuffle is a no no.

Give this album a chance, and once you learn to accept LP have moved on, you will love what they have created.

  Terrible, They should rename the band

| | See all paulchap's reviews (7)

I've been a massive fan of Lp since the start and buying this cd was an obligation. I hadn't heard any previews but still had high expectations but right from the start a total dissappointment, If I didn't know it was LP I would find it hard to believe it was them, Most of the other reviews say the sound is very different but for me too much so and not my cup of tea so I only give it one star.

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  new lp ,great new sound!

| | See all ekticg's reviews (3)

who wants the old lp neways??lovin the sound guys, lookin forward to the next album,just shows how a great band can change their sound and still sound great

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  Love it

| | See all Scottyw92's reviews (3)

Linkin Park are my favorite band, i have been a fan since they released hybrid theory, and this album is just as good as the rest, although they have changed from the previous albums, it doesn't mean its bad, this album is great, and the song "Robot Boy" is just incredible. I cant stop listening to this album, Chester is an amazing singer, and the band write great lyrics.

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  Absolute GENIUS!!!!!!

| | See all Ragnarok666's reviews (2)

For anyone stuck in the Hybrid Theory days, look away now, this album is not for anyone stuck in the past. This album is all about the future of music. And its absolutely BRILLIANT!! I now understand exactly what Mike Shinoda meant when he said he hadn't heard a proper "album" in years, cause now i realise i haven't either till now! This is not a few great songs taped together in a collection, this is one whole song chopped up into 15 perfect pieces that still connect so well! From the Bhagavad Gita speech of Robert J Oppenheimer to the animalistic beats of When They Come For me, and the calm synths of Robot Boy to the absolute classicly heavy Blackout, this album is one whole experience you DO NOT want to miss! If you don't mind trying something different that turns out to be so exciting and envigorating, this is the ALBUM for you, if your stuck in a stage where all you want is repetative guitar loops and nostalgicly similar melodies then jus go stick HT/ Meteora on your headphones and wait silently for the next proxy band to appear. This is the new Linkin Park at their best! This is what they originally wanted to be! This is a brand new Genre! This is A Thousand Suns.

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  New Direction

| | See all T3TSUO's reviews (1)

People don't like it, change that is. A new direction for LP and for me it's thankfully in a new more creative, exploratory direction. Only understandable really as the band grows older they start to move away from teenage angst.
Overall a great new beginning and an album, I have a feeling will grow on me more and more.
Just go into it with an open mind.


| | See all carlo08's reviews (8)

What Happened Linkin Park??

I "aquired" this album early and i think that they have completely ruined there whole original idea. The great thing about early Linkin Park was their ability to balance great guitar many different vocal styles with rapping and scratching which has now completely disapeared. Theres little to no"screaming" on this album, which may be a good thing for you if that was what you didnt like about LP before.

To me they've now turned into an average pop/rock band and lost all their unique styles.

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