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Artist: Michael Jackson

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Customer Reviews

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  Good album to reflect MJ, do not read the negative reviews..

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I am a HUGE Michael fan since the age of what, 4 or 5? I am 20. Do not read all of the stupid, negative reviews below mine. Every artist creates batches of songs. All of which get sorted into either FAVOURITE songs or ones that are good for the ALBUM in the artist's OPINION. For example the track "Cheater" is a demo track, but it is a great song. This doesn't show any hatred, disliking or unwanting release of the hidden, unreleased or songs which wern't "finished". Yes, Sony will have made money on this album, but so what, Sony are no exeption to any other label. Every record label makes their money. Michael WOULD have wanted every fan to listen to these tracks. At the end of the day, if you are a true Michael Jackson fan like me, I suggest you buy this album. It is a nice addition to your collection and reminds me of Michael's older style. Epecially in songs "(I Like) The Way You Love Me, Breaking News and Behind The Mask". Michael wouldn't have discouraged the release of this album, a statement saying something like "I do not approve of this album it contains tracks I was not happy with and never have been"... He would have wanted all of his material to have been revealed to the true followers of himself and most of all, to enjoy. Anyone who thinks differently is talking nonsense man...

  Amazing send-off!!

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This is such a great album to listen to, wasn't expecting much from the duo track with Kravitz, but, it happens to be my favourite track on this record, the better half of the album is tracks, 1, 5, 7, 8 and 9, track 10 didn't have to be so gloomy in my opinion but definitely is an album worth buying! :-)

  One last hurrah from the our very much missed Michael!

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For me this is without a doubt the best Michael Jackson album since "Dangerous" overall. Michael takes a more relaxed and liad back approach for this album and it's all the better for it. The song writing is stronger and the tunes are more catchy too. "Hold My Hand" is a excellent duet with Akon and "Hollywood Tonight" is a good up temple number. "Keep Your Head Up" is a beautiful song and Michael's voice is sounding better then what it has for many years. "(I Like) The Way You Love Me" is a nice love song and the track "Monster" has a cool bass and drum beats which features 50 Cent!
"Best Of Joy" is very pleasant and "Breaking News" a good song for dancing. "(I Can't Make It) Another Day" is a epic song and my favourite song which should have been released as a single and is featuring the Mr cool Lenny Kraviz. "Behind The Mask" is the best dance track on this very strong album from the sadly missed Michael Jackson who will live forever with us through his wonderful music. The last track "Much Too Soon" is a sweet and sad short song which made me think of Michael with a slight tear in my eye. The King of pop died before his time and was so misunderstood by so many people.

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  Great album.

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When it comes to MJ the quality is always good, but this album is great.
This album is better than anything Lady GaGa, Britney Spears and the other modern stars have ever released.
Behind the mask is a masterpiece. Hollywood Tonight is a real club banger with MJ beatboxing on it, great tempo and a perfect song. Best of Joy was the last song MJ ever recorded and was supposed to be sung during the This Is It concert. It's a nice, sweet and lovely song. Much Too Soon - a song like She's Out of My life - passionate, heartbroken, wonderful - PERFECT!
Another Day - a rock inspired song like Dirty Diana and Give In to Me. A great song feat Lenny Kravitz.
Hold My hand - sooo much better than the leaked version from 2008. Even Akon is ok.
Keep Your Head up - a true MJ spirit song like Keep the Faith.
Monster - what a party starter. Best disco song released by any artist in many years. The rap by 50 cent is great.
Breaking News. In my humble opinion it is the weakest song on the album, but I still like it. I can't help to start move to the music and the beat. I love the way you love me is also a great song. Slow and perfect.
All together Michael is a great album. It truely delivers and no doubt it is all MJ 100 %.
I've heard rumours this is not MJ - but that is NOT true. This is MJ 100 % singing.
Even the cover art is amazing. And the booklet with pictures of MJ's handwritten notes and lyrics is great. - Even though they got some of the lyrics wrong!! :)

10 great songs on 1 perfect album.

  100% MJ

| | See all laslowoodbine's reviews (2)

Don't listen to anyone stating any of these songs being anyone other than MJ, well and truly a selection of Michael Jackson that any fan should cherish. Great to hear your voice from beyond the stars, rest in peace Michael. Love you and your work always.

  ** But together we can be alright **

| | See all MissManxBailey's reviews (51)

I had mixed expectations from this CD. Part of me was excited, I mean, I loved MJ and was devastated when he died. I wasn't expecting it, and when it had been announced he'd recorded enough music for about 10 new CD's, you never quite know if it's going to be any good or not.

Some of the pre reviews I'd read were seriously mixed. I'm always a little nervous of professional reviews, you are not sure if they'd written it before listening to it.

Some of the tracks are quite literally, in my humble opinion, stunning. I love Hold My Hand (from which the above line is from), a duet with Akon. (as a side note, check the video of this online, it's very good!). Monster, the duet with 50 Cent, you'd not expect this to work at all, yet amazingly it does. I Like The Way You Love Me and I Can't Make It Another Day both show glimpses of the Michael you will remember and love.

Some people say this CD is not as good as his previous releases, they claim he's not here to check it to see if it meets his standards. They think it's a way of making money off his memory.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I am not here to preach the right and wrong of this release. But, it's important to note, this is NOT a bad CD, there are some really good tracks, and it will excite and please any massive Michael fans out there.

It might not stand as a classic in 40 years time, but there is enough here to make a MJ fan very, very happy. I miss him being around, and this collection of 10 recordings brings him just that little bit back to life!

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| | See all joshb91's reviews (17)

Personally, I think the reviews should focus on the music rather than ridiculous conspiracy theories propelled into the limelight by fame hungry relatives looking to make a quick buck. And let's remember that articles by various journalists can never be considered reliable, people are always misquoted and things that have been said are twisted and manipulated.

Whether or not the tracks should have been released is irrelevant and should not reflect your rating - the quality of the music on this album is undeniable. Great catchy pop and R&B songs, soulful ballads and all very well produced with greats such as Teddy Riley (Dangerous) working on various songs.

My personal favourites are Hollywood Tonight, Keep Your Head Up, Monster, Best Of Joy, Breaking News and Behind The Mask. The fact that this selection consists of most of the album is testament to it's quality. The songs span from the 70's to just months before Michael's tragic death (Best of Joy).

Despite being a life long MJ fan I recommend anyone who loves music should give this album a listen. Sure, the songs aren't as polished and perfect as what we would expect from him when he was alive, but they are absolute gems even in their raw form that would not have seen the light of day. A great album but not exactly on par with any of his greats, but what album has ever topped MJ?

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  Excellent album

| | See all RoCkOuT's reviews (9)

i agree some songs don't sound like his voice for example Hollywood undead these where unrealesed songs from different stages in his career and there was change in the voice during this career


| | See all andrewb1160's reviews (2)

Quite a few classics on this album, catchy and upbeat I feel this is all Michael and am angry people claim otherwise. As for people saying priofits go to Sony and advising to buy it second hand if people are true fans i DISAGREE with. If sony earn off this they will spend more producing his other unreleased album's. I am excited about the further material that will come out.

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| | See all MrLock's reviews (10)

Don't listen to the rubbish about it not being his voice. It's definitely Michael. He was coming back better than ever before. This is fantastic.