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United Abominations

Artist: Megadeth

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Customer Reviews

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  Still Mega

| | See all Gavinge's reviews (68)

As bands go on, mosdo seem to faulter and slowly go down hill, and to be fair, Megadeth had a bad patch in the 90's were they went more pop, but with this album they have done the unknown and excelled themselves.
Mustaines has realy created some amazing songs here which instantly in any fans eyes would eal a place on any greatets hits album, Gears of War, Sleepwalker and Washington Is Next are immense and real show off oportunity Mustaine to show that he actuallycan still get better. Towards the end of the album it goes a bit more off, Out Of The Tiles is a bit of a O.o moment.
But nontheless a must have metal album.

  Megadeth Are Still Kings

| | See all Geordiebullet's reviews (3)

I have every megadeth album to date, and this was definately worth the wait. Go back to the beginning when dave mustaine told james hetfield (metallica) to shove it and that he would be bigger than they were, when metallica fired him for drinking. Look at metallica now. It's taken them years to get an album out and obviously still clutching at straws. Gears of war was my favourite track and i did enjoy the new version of a tout le monde with cristina scabbia of lacuna coil. I have every digitially remastered album and my collection also includes warchest (worth the buy), but this album was one of the best. Youthanasia has been and still remains my favourite album of all time, and megadeth are my favourite band of all time. Worth the money and totally enjoyable. Recommended to any metal fan, especially those who think metallica suck...

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| | See all rustinpeace's reviews (2)

I've always been a truly massive fan of megadeth since about 1991 and they've always been my favourite metal/thrash band.But I can say in all honesty buy this album it is 1 of the best albums your likely to hear in a very long time,fantastic riffs,fantastic solo's done with trademark megadeth precision and aggression.I'll be honest gears of war is a bit cheesy and a tout le monde is'nt a patch on the youthanasia version but other than that it's top class stuff.BUY IT NOW!

  A Fantastic album but i prefer the systen has failed.

| | See all brucedickinson's reviews (165)

This album is simply awesome but 2 tracks are bit samey. To be honest The System has failed in my opinion is alot better. The first 6 tracks are simply mindblowing very heavy with great vocals and lyrics but after starts to sound a bit the same. Play for blood is good but sounds bit like something i'm not(from system has faild). A Toute Le monde remix version from the album youthanasia is an awesome song a heavy ballad but tis excellent with lacuna coils lead singer as a back up singer.Amerikhastan is a great but not amazing. You're dead is great(need to listen to it more). Burn't Ice i love the intro great track took me awhile to get into but amazing. My fave tracks are sleepwalker,Gears of war,Blessed are the dead simply mindblowing(one of my fave metal songs ever),the title track and never walk alone. This is an excellent album if you think megadeth are dead( I Never thought they were) buy this album its awesome thrash metal is back. every metal/Megadeth fan should have this. Getting Into Megadeth? Buy this and then get one of there classics like Rust In Peace Or Peace Sells but whos buying. Brilliant Album.

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  Simply Breathtaking...

| | See all breathtaking's reviews (6)

This is the first album of megadeth i bought and there are no words to describe how good it really is. It has great songs such as Sleepwalker, Washington is next! and gears of war. Simply my favourite thrash album i have in the collection and soon to get rust in peace can't wait.

Buy the album because you must be more curious than i am to be here right? Surely other megadeth fans and people who have recently bought it agree.

  One of the best thrash metal albums i own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all CrazyDrummerNutter's reviews (3)

(on my mums acount by the way) This was the first megadeth album i ever bought, i decided that i like metallica and iron maiden and slayer ill porbbably like megadeth! So i bought united abomanations, IT KICKS ASS!!! All the songs are awesome,, this album has well and truly got me into megadeth now, my personal favorate song off it is a tout le monde, i have listened to it at least 6 times a day since iv had the album. As for all the other songs there also fantastic allot of political themes, which allways makes for classic metal!!!
Basically iff u are thinking about buying this album i'll give you some advice, BUY IT NOW, WITHOUT HESITATION!!!!

  Absolutely Awesome

| | See all PikeyMX5's reviews (9)

A must have for any Megadeth Fan.. what can I say, my favourite band has returned and are still rockin. Like all my Megadeth CD's.. I Love it!!

Dave Mustaine is a Legend..

  As if 10 years never happened.

| | See all munnkie's reviews (3)

So, it was, perhaps in 1994, that a sad day presented itself. I lost interest in Megadeth. Honestly, I think I had Testament and Overkill left that I could kind of rely on to produce quality thrash albums. Strangely, I actually even forgot Megadeth existed. Not the classic albums (Peace Sells...; So Far, So Good; Rust In Peace); they'dalways have a place in heart and memory. I kept seeing their CDs in the shop, but decided it wasn't the same band. However, 2001 arrived, and rumour had it that Megadeth had returned to their roots (2003 and St. Anger hadn't made me cycnical of such things yet). I became interested. I was mad. Still, 2004 arrived and, foolishly at the time, decided to listen to The System Has Failed. Well, my jaw can't literally fall to the floor but, if such a mechanism existed, it would have done. Almost perfect in every way, 'my' Megadeth was back. 2006 and news of this album, United Abominations. Could Dave really do it again; come up with a thrash album as good as the previous. No. He bettered it. Despite the internet ablaze with condemnation of the re-recording of A Tout Le Monde (which I like for the record), this has to be the best thrash (or speed metal if you prefer) album in a long time (sorry, Machine Head are not thrash). Again, no song by song nonsense, just buy and enjoy.

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  Amazing album, their best since Countdown to Extinction!

| | See all Psychotron's reviews (1)

This album is quite simply a return to form, don't get me wrong, i love every Megadeth album, but since Youthanasia there hasn't been much to remember from Megadeth, until United Abominations!

The album starts with an absolute stormer "Sleepwalker" which has an unbelievable riff, and back to the Megadeth roots with alot of speed! Then goes into Washington is Next, which is an absolutely outstanding track. The album doesn't lose its pace throughout the whole album, even the original metal ballad "A Tout Le Monde" has speed!

Superb album, highly reccomended, buy this!!

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  A return to form!

| | See all Ghosted's reviews (5)

Normally I give up on bands once they've released a bunch of unsatisfactory albums, but I have to say that I am really impressed with United Abominations. It's very rare for a band that's gone off the rails to return to form.

The opening track 'Sleepwalker' is fantastic. I also really like the reworked version of 'A Tout Le Monde', the increase in tempo suits it, as does the duet with Cristina Scabbia.

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