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Artist: Battles

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all devintownsend's reviews (4)

this cd is a must have..i seen them live at oxegen and they know how to hold a crowd..and the cd is just amazing..


| | See all gusano's reviews (1)

Amazing cd don't listen to the dude below, i saw them live last night and they were great , even better live and i've had this cd since it came out and always loved it, they're full of energy and its so fun to see them at work, creative geniuses indeed. topnotch for interesting music


| | See all Robert1251's reviews (9)

I had heard so much about this album and everyone was raving about it but when I actually listened to it I could not get into it at all. It sounds fairly messy. However, you can see what Battles are trying to do and it is very original but they just don't have the song writing talent to pull it off for me. An awful lot of wierd noises and not enough focus on actual melodies. Atlas is a fairly good song though, hence the 2stars.

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  A great experimental effort

| | See all Petpete's reviews (5)

Battles is a band that are well and truly the sum of their parts. They comprise ex Helmut musicians and an experimental jazz artist. On paper...it really shouldn't work as well as it does.
The first track that caught my attention was the single 'Atlas', a pounding call to arms of a beat, peppered with vocoded samples and chugging guitars.
Some journalists have referred to this band as 'math-rock', but that doesn't really fit in with the way I have understood the band so far. Sure, it combines a lot of the clinical beats, time signatures and pendulum accuracy that are key characteristics to the genre, but there is a lot more in these songs than an awkward rhythm. There is, by turns, heart, warmth, aggression and an almost obsessive desire to create an album that cannot be directly linked to any particular influence and has no particular forebear (as of yet).
A standout album that is really an inspiration of what can be achieved with imagination and skill.

  Album of the year?

| | See all withydanno's reviews (124)

Not being a fan of labelling every type of music with some retarded genre for fear of it somehow being lost in the ether, 'Math Rock' is a phrase that I loathe to it's core. I don't want to be able to say, 'I'm into Math Rock, or Punk Rock, or Dance Music'. I'm just into music. That's it. I'm not going to pigeon hole myself into that kind of tripe.

Do you agree? If not, keep on walking. If so, this cd will be for you.

From the tinny, erratic tappings of the very first drumming of the nothing-short-of-special opener Race: In you know you're in for something that you might not call conventional. It is, however, a superior achievement none-the-less.

Atlas truly is the song of the year. It sounds like the themetune to a marching band of elves fronting an apocalypse of epic magnitude. Directly after comes Ddiamondd, which is almost as fun to say (especially if you're Welsh) as it is to listen to.

As well as this, they manage to out-Bloc-Party Bloc Party all within the one minute-odd that Snare Hanger lasts, and make the pure dementia of Leyendecker pretty damn sexy.

A mate of mine pulled me in off the street whilst he worked in a record shop in Aberystwyth to make me listen to Leyendecker. It actually made me feel a little physically sick at very first, but then for some reason I couldn't get the hook out of my head, and then, after time, it was almost like I needed it.

Add to this Tij, which sounds like a film score piece - only better, and the utterly stunning closer Race: Out, and you've got one of the most unforgettable, dedicated and blood-lust fuelled albums you will ever hear.

After recently seeing this band perform live I can say that this band are an event. Even watching them set up their equipment is strangley hypnotic.

What better way to get ready for a night on the town?

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  Interestingly different

| | See all Misterman's reviews (4)

A quality CD that should be in everyones collection. Wakes you up, makes you listen, sucks you in.
At last, a new breed of music for the 21st Century. Buy! Buy! Bye 4 Now

  An excellent, if unusual album!

| | See all EvilKipper's reviews (4)

A friend suggested I give the Battles a go, and I'm very glad I did. This is a very unusual album, with minimal vocals, but absolutely excellent and unusual indie instrumental work. I love it, but you may want to try and listen to a track or two somewhere before buying it, as this is very much a love it or hate it type of album.