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Join With Us

Artist: The Feeling

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Gigglebop's reviews (4)

this album is fantastic, i loved it!!!
with varying styles of songs this album is the best, the music is second to none,. Favourite song?? well its hard to pick just one really, but i do love Turn it up join with us but they are all fantastic,
if you love the feeling then you will love this!!!

  Thats right one star

| | See all Thirst's reviews (8)

I couldn't wait to buy this album and get it in the stereo and then when I did, I couldn't wait to get it out (thats the CD). I've never described anything as baloney, but compared to the first album baloney is exactly what this is. I think they describe themselves as soft rock and that is pretty apt for the first album, but if this version of soft rock could be pierced by a toddler using a marshmallow. There is one exciting bit of guitar work in it where he does some sweep picking and reveals what I thought from hearing Helicopter on the previous album, this guy is allright. But guitar barely features, its all piano and singing. Its not my cup of tea, its like it's a different band, I don't know what happened. I got the double disc edition of this and the only good things appear on that, a great version of video killed the radio star and interesting versions of their previous songs. That extra CD gets 3 stars but the actual album, only a measly one star.

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  The Feeling...

| | See all rrrrrrrrrr's reviews (1)

.... are great!
I had read alot of reviews saying that this was a let down! someone wrote a review saying give it a chance, so i did!

when i listened to it i thought this is not great but i wanted to give it a chance! now i have listened to it more than once, its great to turn up in your car when you are driving

i definitely reccommend it for people who loved their first album and just loves music! it is different from their first album but they have got it right!

definitely buy it if you are unsure!


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  They Lost The Feeling.

| | See all Medialover's reviews (96)

This album does not even come close to their previous one. It was a real disappointment. I found it really really cheesy. At first I thought The Feeling were really unique, but now I am just completely let down. Third time lucky guys!

  Turn it up!!!

| | See all xxxoxxx's reviews (1)

This album is sooo good. I bought their first one and was worried i wouldn't like their second after "I thought it was over" was quite different from their last songs. But, its really good and i cant stop listening to it, the songs connor and turn it up are really good. Plus the album includes the lyrics so you can sing along...what a bonus! :P

  Compared to twelve stops and home.............rather average

| | See all Crysis2142's reviews (68)

I'm a big fan of the feeling, and I enjoyed the debut album which as a mix of 70s soft rock and indie guitar pop. It was really unique for a music scene dominated by the arctic monkeys and other popular bands.

But this album doesnt seem as fresh or as decent as the original. It starts well with the leading single i thought it was over. But once you get half way through it all seems kinda lazy and bland. Every track involves annoying soft majestic voices which really ruin the album. While the start (Join with us, with out you, i did it for everyone, Turn it up) is enjoyable to say the least, it all fades out in the end and the whole album feels half baked. Could of been better.

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| | See all Lionlady's reviews (1)

I love this album! I cant stop playing it. I nearly didn't buy it because of the negative reviews, boy am I glad I ignored them. Dont be swayed by others, make up your own mind.

  Can't Get Enough of The Feeling!

| | See all alienationsam's reviews (11)

I am surprised to see many negative reviews about The Feelings new album. I think it just about matches up with their debut album all the songs are catchy and never get boring. Its a superb album in my opinion and i can't wait for them to release another!

I went to see them live at Newcastle Academy and if anybody has not seen them live i suggest you do they are electric live. I mean they put on a truly incredible performance.

  Its a grower....

| | See all andy1471's reviews (1)

I got this album when it first came out and i have to say, i was expecting something like Twelve Stops and Home, and i didnt get that. What i got was an album showing another side to the Feeling, admittedly some songs are repetitive but i find myself singing them and wanting to listen to them. This album is definately a grower and as such is a great album.

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