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Rock N Roll Jesus

Artist: Kid Rock

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Customer Reviews

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  Amazing Album

| | See all u9537503's reviews (2)

This is an amazing album as far as I am concerned every track is a classic with none of the normal album filler you get or even a couple of weak tracks at the end. This is strong from start to finish with some real stand out tracks in Roll On and New Orleans and the harder rock rifts of So Hott and Sugar. Yes the lyrics are extreme at times, but you are warned and it is Kid Rock so not too surprising really. It is different to older Kid Rock music, but that just shows the ability he has to deliver great music.

  Very good.

| | See all Polored's reviews (13)

I like this album because of the mix of songs, there are the more slow and meaningful ones like Roll On and Blue Jeans And A Rosary, and on the other hand there are the songs where he rocks it up abit like Rock n Roll Jesus and Sugar. Yes some of the lyrics are explicit, but the warning is on the front and if you have heard any of Kid Rocks stuff before you will no what to expect. Not his best album i must admit but some brilliant tracks here, so go on give kid rock ago you might like some of his music and at this price its not gonna cost a fortune.


| | See all liambrowne's reviews (3)

I bought this album after i heard all summer long on the radio, if you like that song dont buy this album, all the songs are totaly differant to all summer long and personly i think there rubbish

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  opening my eyes

| | See all leisure2suitu's reviews (1)

All i know of this chap was the lucky so an so who got a hold of that old baywatch doris. But what a pleasant surprise to hera of a fantastic album. A rock and blues mix that is easy to listen over and over again. Im converted


| | See all MickeyMouse23's reviews (1)

I'd heard the odd Kid Rock song on the radio and tv over the years and always liked what I'd heard. So after hearing All Summer Long recently I decided it was time to get me a Kid Rock album. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life! Well of course it wasn't, but it was a mistake nonetheless. I saw the tag saying WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS on the front of the cd, but I have to say I was a little naive. I expected a little swearing and and maybe the 'f' word but the lyrics really can be quite explicit - even sexually so at times. I'm not a snob but I don't like hearing that sort of thing in music. I expected a rock/rap/country album and I guess that's what I got, but I'm just not impressed. The lyrics bore and offend me and they tend to be a bit repetitive too. None of the songs offer anything special - I've actually lost my liking for All Summer Long a bit aswell, not to mention my respect for Kid Rock himself. I also feel that the album is a mess, one minute there's a slow ballad singing about love, the next we get a hard rock song with the man himself swearing like a trooper and singing lyrics that can only relate to 'players' who have no interest in love or romance whatsoever, only sex. Overall, I'm unimpressed and this CD certainly won't be getting much use by me. Infact, I'll probably sell it again soon.

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  Awesome album garaunteed.

| | See all zombie26's reviews (1)

I always go straight to the reviews before buying any CD as I have made the mistake in the past of buying some very terrible albums.
So when Kid Rock released RNRJ I had already heard All Summer Long-like a good many other people.
I have to say that this album is one of the best of the year-Kid has put a lot of hard work into this and yes his style has changed.But saying that he still has that edge about him on a few of the tracks such as 'Sugar'.Which is classic Kid Rock from the off.
I know he has been slated by other reviewers for trying something different-but wouldnt these same people say the same if he stuck to his older style?I think yes they would!!!
I say well done to Kid Rock for having the balls to branch out and try this because it has paid off big time.
From opener 'Rock n Roll Jesus' right the way through to the closing track 'Lowlife' this is an album that belongs in everyones collection.
The chorus' will have everyone singing along straight away I can garauntee that.
People have said that this album is a country album-what do they know?Yes there a few melodic moments and even a gospel choir too.But all this just adds to the whole feel and soul of the album.
I cannot reccomend this album enough-buy it now because everyone should have at least a little Kid Rock in their lives!!!

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  Amen this cd has got me singing Sweet Home Alabama!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

The song Sweet Home Albabama is one of my all time favourite Lynyard Skynyard songs and I love the way Kid Rock has mixed it in with his song "All Summer Long". The title track "Rock N' Roll Jesus is a great opener to this cd and "Amen" is a softer relaxing song which has alot of meaning to it. "So Hot" has a great heavy riff to it and reminds me of the Rolling Stones a little bit. The Song "Suger" could almost be a Red Hot Chili Peppers song when they are rapping. Two other songs that I like very much too are the 1st single from this album "Roll On" and the track "New Orleans". Overall this is a very good rock album by Kid Rock which, has a little bit of country feel to it on some of the tracks.

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  Classic Rock. Buy It!

| | See all billybeanhead's reviews (6)

This is definitely the Kid Rock album to start off on. A lot mellower than some of his earlier stuff but it is definitely more polished and a complete album that you can enjoy from start to finish which is very rare nowadays. If you have any interest in Southern rock and don't mind an artist sharing their influences quite blatantly then you should listen to this man. Can't believe this album didn't take off last year when I had to hunt it down to buy it....this year he is being used as a BBC jingle. Deserved to make it this side of the pond though.


| | See all Eldiablozine's reviews (72)

Maybe he should drop the Kid bit as there is nothing childish about this release at all. Instead it's his most mature work to date
This time out his influences are well and truly tattooed on his sleeve for everyone to see, and he's not shy about it. There's a huge Skynard presence and it's hard to get away from, but I'm not complaining. It's smooth. There's also a bit of early Aerosmith kicking around in there to. All good.
It is a very american album. No getting away from it, and I can see why on the other side of the Atlantic it's been a huge hit, but there is also enough classic rock moments that will appeal internationally.
It's got that timeless swaggering appeal that the Stones used to have sweating from every pore. Maybe in a few years it's going to be referred to as a classic release. Only time will tell, but for now. It's hitting the spot.

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