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Songs For The Road

Artist: David Ford

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Customer Reviews

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  quite simply sensational

| | See all angstrock's reviews (5)

For those of us eagerly awaiting the third album there is nothing that needs be said about David Ford. For those of you who have not yet discovered him - get on with it and find out just what a great singer, songwriter, poet he is. I have seen him play live three times this year and about 7 in total and can't recommend that experience highly enough. The CDs are simply a great reminder of the songs until you can get to the next gig....

  A Fantastic moody CD

| | See all kiwi09's reviews (1)

One of the best new solo male artists by far, forget all the others this guy really is the one. His own numbers are fantastic and his covers are as good as the originals and far better than other cover versions.
If you buy one cd this year buy this one.

  One of the most outstanding artist of all time....

| | See all Average's reviews (29)

My first encounter with david ford was in 2007, he was the support act at hammersmith apollo to rod y gab (great night)... It seemed no one had heard of him and there had been no hype or chance for me to find who he was or what he was...

The suprise was well worth it...

He had however many thousand people fit into hammersmith silent and hanging on to his every word before errupting in applause as he finished each heart wrenching song,

This cd is the second installment of davids. A blend of acoustic meets alternative meets indie meets pop. He truley has mastered the art of songwriting, though in my opinion the cd can never live up to his live performances, especially of songs like "go to hell"

The music is true heart on your sleeve material, songs packed with sorrys and goodbyes, heartache, lose, misery and guilt... Yet you find yourself relating so much and so often you almost feel you could have written the lyrics at times.

The stand out songs on this record for me are "songs for the road" "i'm alright now" and "decimate" which to my ears has a close resemblance to the cure - close to me, but thats not to say they are the best, each song has a different feel.

David ford has been compared to some to be like david grey or damien rice or james blunt, and yes he can easily slide into a compilation record among artist like that, but he is so much more...

The cd is worth £10 i paid that after the gig when i saw him, along with many hundreds more, and though it blows you away each and every time, it doesn't hold a candle to seeing him live!


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  You MUST listen to this...

| | See all filmnut20's reviews (9)

What a great artist. He should be the star of the future but first we'll have to get those useless radio stations to stop playing Rihanna and whack on some David Ford! It hardly breaks the bank to purchase this album and I promise you it is a worthy investment - once you start listening you will not stop! I have seen him live twice now (slighlty sad, I know!) and hope to see him again soon.

  Amazing Artist

| | See all roblivion51's reviews (1)

This is an amazing album. If you like guitar music, this album is for you. Think Damien Rice but better. This guy is a fantastic live artist and this translates over to the recorded stuff. The cover of 'There is a Light' is inspired. Best album of the year by far! Highly recommended!

  Amazing album!!!

| | See all randomandy's reviews (1)

This guy is criminally underplayed by the lazy radio stations. Bought the download of the 9 track album originally and its been on constant play since then. It picks up perfectly where the last album left off. Live he's way ahead of the pack, only Damien Rice has equalled his quality in my eyes. On hearing the secret track, a cover of a smiths classic, I am so pleasantly surprised at how amazing it is, he takes a perfect song, does it in his own way and makes it even more amazing!!! I am already excited to hear what he comes up with next. You will not be dissapointed, I promise!!


| | See all CecilFizzle's reviews (1)

David Ford's 'Songs For The Road' is a truly inspirational piece of work. Probably my most listened to album; it is almost impossible to turn off. The amount of passion and
honesty in all of his lyrics are just amazing and the clarity and tone of his voice make listening to him incredibly addictive. After being told for months to listen to David
Ford I finally got round to seeing him live at Shepherds Bush Empire and I was blown away by his performance. This is the best album I have heard in years. Wonderful.

  A welcome sequel to David's first album

| | See all alzoturtz's reviews (1)

Ford's second solo album it may be, but this album places him on par with the greats, such as Dylan. The whole album clearly demonstrates his lyrical mastery with classic lines like `I'll wear my cynicism like a tattoo' and although clichéd, it is fair to admit that every song is worthy of a single release. Ford's new single Decimate is simply oral excellence and David's rendition of The Smiths `There is a light that never goes out' is sung with such emotivity that one would be forgiven for thinking it to be one of Ford's own. Buy it now.

  A worthy follow up to Ford's debut? Damn right it is...

| | See all SteveColebourne's reviews (1)

'Songs for the Road' is Ford's second album, following on from his 2005 release 'I Sincerely Apologise for All the Trouble I've Caused'. The album opens with a song that has been used to open David Ford gigs for well over a year, called 'Go To Hell'. It's a short, string based song, which brings the listener into the mood of the album immediately. Other songs, well known to the Ford-faithful from his gigs, follow this and it's certainly interesting to hear the studio versions of these songs.

There are a few tracks on the album which, I feel, simply don't convert to CD well from that live setting. 'Scream Down St Peter' is a prime example - a song which Ford introduced to only his most recent live sets, and even though being well received at the gigs, I feel has been let down by the studio recording.

Others though, manage to capture Ford's sheer live brilliance perfectly, and I think the first five tracks on the album, bar possibly 'Go To Hell' - which ironically was the first single - are all single worthy. 'Decimate', 'I'm Alright Now' and 'Train' are all upbeat, fantastic songs, and 'Song for the Road' is a beautiful slow song about being a touring musician, which Ford uses as set closer.

The album finishes with a brand new song which I have not heard played live, called '...And so you fell'. After an initial listen, it's not jumping out at me as one of Ford's best, but his song writing talent is such that he is consistently churning out beautiful songs, and this is not an exception - it's just not as powerful as 'Song for the Road' perhaps.

Within the weeks following my purchase of Ford's first album, I fell in love with every single track. Whether that's the case here, we shall have to wait and see, but I think it's very likely - it really is a superb CD.

'Songs for the Road' is a brilliant album. It's a step towards the mainstream, in my opinion, from 'I Sincerely Apologise for all the Trouble I've Caused', but nevertheless, this does not detract from Ford's outstanding talent and the album is well worth the asking price... I recommend it to anyone who likes music.

  Song writing Genius

| | See all Stephanie01's reviews (1)

For those who know Ford, this second album is a great treat as he fails to disappoint again. For those who are not familiar with his work the album will give you an insight into the genius that is Ford.

Every song is unique and unforgettable, with catchy lyrics teamed with the sound of many instruments. It contains humour and heart felt words that will be played time and time over.

I can only end it by wanting to say 'bring on the next album David Ford! I can't wait...'