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Dig Out Your Soul

Artist: Oasis

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Customer Reviews

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  Great album

| | See all Teggerz's reviews (4)

Before i begin, no its not definately maybe of morning glory..but...what album released in after the year 2000 will come even close to those 2 albums???NOTHING!

If this was a debut album it would be milked, so many top tunes on there, The Turning and Bag it Up have never even been played live at all.Im outta time is as good as any pop music in the charts,and Falling Down seems it can be a movie soundtrack.

Tell me a band that dont go live stage and perform all there classics?? Every band does.....

As much as people that hate oasis dont like it, there music will be here forever

  One song missing..

| | See all roboneal's reviews (1)

Thats all I can find wrong with this album. As an album it takes you back to the days when you could listen to an album from start to finish and not even realise it. The "groove" style in particular that Noel himself describes is very true, but I still find myself liking individual songs for what they are. All in all this makes for a great blend. My only qualm is because of the albums "groove" style the end doesnt really end for me, its quite an anti climax. One of the songs that was left off the album "Boy With The Blues" would have been perfect as this big ending song. This opinion only comes from Oasis setting such high standards though, and any other new band on the scene now would give their entire set list just to have an album like this. Definately a must have.


| | See all antrza's reviews (7)

Yes we all loved the 94-96 era for Oasis and we all remember it back in the day, however .... it is 2009 now and people have to move on. We should not compare this to previous ones.. and judge it for what it is.
The album works well start to finish as Noel said before it came out there is a great groove to this album and is quite hypnotic at times. Stand ou tunes are lead single shock of the lightning , the west coast influenced high horse lady and the wonderful falling down!! Liam has contributed 3 songs to this album, i'm outta time is a good track , aint got nuthin is probably the weakest track on the album but soldier on is a great finishing track to the album with a really good grove and queens of stoneage style drums by Noel (is there no end to his talents??.. he would say not !!) to be where theres life is also a stand out track for me,penned by Gem it is a psychedelic track with many layers that build up to a good sound.
Bag it up is a good 1st tune and contains the anthemic aosis guitar riffs that people know and love and will probably be the showstarter at the summer gigs.
What i'm really saying is that the lads have created a great album for today, bit of a change of direction but very solid with good tracks start to finish. People must stop comparing to def maybe and wahts the story as these will always be remembered with rose tinted glasses. and as for the guy who compared it to stop the clocks, this is a compilation album so can't compare to this.

  good solid album with one or two new oasis anthems

| | See all callum1987's reviews (37)

thought this album was reali good, its no definetly maybe but its not far off. For me personally id say this was there third best album behind def maybe and stop the clocks, really good album buy it enjoy it.

  Good album that has improved over time

| | See all richo99's reviews (5)

Let me start by saying I don't think this is the best Oasis album but there is something very compelling about it and for me the tracks do gell well together. Noel's comments that its more a "groove" album than a "singles" album is very accurate. The album is one of the more varied Oasis albums (similar to DBTT) with the multi songwriting duties. Particular highlights - Bag it up, Shock of the..., High Horse. If I am going to be really critical I would say what drops it from a 5 star album is the lack of a really strong track to end the album - Soldier on is a good track but meanders a little.
Unlike some of the previous Oasis albums this is one that every so often I keep coming back to and can appreciate and admire. After the also excellent Don't Believe the Truth another solid Oasis album

  Very, very good

| | See all rycey11's reviews (1)

Those who know Oasis also know that Noal biggest influence is The Beatles. There's no album better to pay tribute to his musical idols than this album. Their music has gotten better with age, I believe that this album is their finest work since "What's the story?".

Amazingly, no song is very bad, or one that will make you skip tracks.

Highly recommended for anyone.

  Awesome Album!

| | See all jjgadsby's reviews (3)

a different type of oasis album though it has them written all over it in term sof the music style.

if u love oasis in the 90's ect then u will love this..

fav song is waiting for th rapture!

  Forget the 90's will ya

| | See all Davedarave01uk's reviews (5)

When are people going to leave the 90's in the 90's
Oasis have changed and so has their music.
I love this album it has great music with some nice lyrics.

So what if its not a Definatly maybe?
If you really want to go back to that era Im sure you can find a few 90's Cd's out and play them.

Best track on the album for me at the moment is 'Im Outta Time'
Infact there is maybe 1 song I dont like
I have all the albums and Cd singles including imports and I really like Oasis but like them my music tatses have changed in over 10 years
I for one dont want to listen to out of date music

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  its ok....not great

| | See all Robjduk's reviews (3)

First up I am a real Oasis die hard fan. Own pretty much every thing they own, listen to it most days etc... This album is quite "meh" sadly and must admit I dont see the effot in it. Through its production all we heard of was how there were so many songs ready for it and was hard to narrow down. How they came to pick these im not to sure.

The album starts off quite well choosing a base friendly song rather than an all out rock like they normally do which isnt a bad thing and then you hit the single "the shock of lightning". From here with the exception of "I'm outta time" and "Falling down its all 5/10 stuff.

At this price its definitly worth having in the collection but wouldnt pay more. The best way I have heard this album descriped was "it gives Oasis the ability to go on tour and do what they do best".
I loved the last 2 Oasis albums and it was maybe their best work but any more of this and I may start to agree with the crittics :(