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The 2nd Law

Artist: Muse

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Customer Reviews

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  What happened??? MUSE - RIP

| | See all Boohoobear's reviews (2)

As stated in other reviews, Muse WERE a rock band, mind numbing riffs, gigs that blew your mind, a sound that was unique to them.

Now?? at best an 80's cover group, this album is so bad it almost reduced me to tears, a Muse album was something you looked forward to, preordered then sat back and listened in awe....this pile of drivel contains winks to U2, Scissor Sisters, INXS, a blatant sample of RADIOHEAD, the bassist trying to sing and a last track that could have been written by Mike Oldfield, it has no relation to MUSE whatsoever.

If your a core MUSE fan, used to Stockholm Syndrome, Citizen Erased etc.....don't buy this, you will be greeted with a wall of naffness and childish lyrics..."a world green and blue.....with rivers running wild"...also remember when Muse used to experiment with sounds, playing animal bones etc...well that still goes on, here we have the ground breaking sound of Matts unborn childs heartbeat and Christmas chimes....yeah way to go boys....push those musical boundaries.

MUSE used to be described as ROCK Gods, Now, they are simply a joke, turning their back on the core fan base that made them what they are. This album is lazy record making, they have no regard for the core fans and are only interested in turning out pap and the quick buck.


  Best band in the world today.

| | See all gIbBo1314's reviews (4)

Every album they do is different and this one is no different, always underneath it's three very talented guys. Survival, madness, panic station and Liquid state are the stand out tracks.

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  Changing isnt always good

| | See all Schaeffer's reviews (2)

For the first three of Muse's records they were a rock band. They entertained a growing fan base with complex riffs and truly brilliant lyrical content of conspiracy and corruption. Then they made Black Holes and Revelations and things started to change. By introducing sound boards to the guitars and the early motions of electric drum beats, Muse started along the path of doing what Korn have done, so desperately, to remain "relevant" and defer from what they were good
at. Muse shouldn't pander to critics who complain that one bands music is too similar to previous works as that is surely what gives that band their charm. Muse also shouldn't dabble in dub step as at this time it is a parasite to the music industry and most peoples ears.

The 2nd Law is a fantastic example of a band trying to be something that they are not, a DJ set list. Their record label should never have allowed this to see the light of day and I feel like I have wasted my money by further encouraging them to continue down this path of only making 3 good songs and then babbling and over doing the remaining ten songs.

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  What is all the fuss about? This is their best yet.

| | See all Garfgeezer's reviews (32)

I have heard SO many Muse fans say this album is ranging from "utter garbage" to "ok in places". I've also heard so many of the same fans say they know the band wants to reinvent itself with almost every new album and then complain when they do it! What do you guys want - the same thing all the time but slightly different so as not to upset the apple cart too much? Yes, it's a touch "Queenesque", maybe even a bit "U2ish" and definitely 80's sounding in places but what's bad about this? A passing tribute to two of the greatest bands ever and to a sound that no matter how cheesy, millions of people still love, because apart from the clothes and hairdos what's NOT to love about the 80's? I know, I was there.

What's all the fuss about? I have 5 of Muse's albums, so maybe not a complete hardcore fan, but as far as I'm concerned this is their best album so far.

"..weak and tinny..." is one quote I've seen. Bang the album into a decent sound system and crank up the volume. Madness and Follow Me are FAR from weak and tinny, as is the rest of the album! In fact so good is this album, I have finally managed to get my Mrs to admit that actually she quite likes it, which for a die hard 60's, 70's and 80's music afficianado is not a bad feat at all.

You know what? GIve it a go and see for yourself. Personally, I think you'll be happy with the purchase.

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  Feels like a B-sides album

| | See all WillBox's reviews (2)

Very disjointed and doesn't flow very well. Almost too self-conscious and attention seeking. Here's the wannabe Bond song, here's the dubstep song, here's the obligatory Queen song, here's the Olympics song, here's Chris singing. It seems like they're trying so hard to be so cool and different, that they've lost the original point of why they were good. Showbiz is a better album - its more honest and listenable - after a few listens, 2nd Law falls flat on its face.

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  Muse 2nd law review

| | See all Johnjo86's reviews (1)

Muse have done it again !!!
This is their sixth studio album and still they are not running out of ideas. This is an absolute belter of an album.
Muse have tried a few new things with this album and for me it has paid off big time. Matt has used alot of orchestra throughout the album so the classical muse fans will love it. Chris has written two songs (save me and liquid state) and also provides lead vocals. Bold move but it (he) sounds great as do his tracks. Also abit of novelty slap bass in there aswel.
So if your already a fan of muse I cant really see why anyone would have any problems with this album. in my opinion its up there with origin of symmetry but with a abit of extra funk.
If your only just getting into Muse then I would highly recommend this album as it has all the bands best attributes from the other five albums.
hope you enjoy the album as much as I am enjoying it.

  Lacks Passion breaking The Law

| | See all Barry2Bazza's reviews (27)

Better than the hints suggested but still weak and tinny. Highlights Chris's contributions Save me and Liquid State, lows are the disjointed efforts and journeys into off the road styles. The Band seemed more alive on Jools Holland the other evening, but this seems flat. Yes Matt is a talented guy but string and brass sections scored y him and the number of people involved in the mixing delivers a case of too many cooks !!!!!!! Enjoyed Supremacy and Panic Station, but the rest is mushy and messy.

Perhaps the greatest talented power trio since Cream. But let them loose with all modern studio gimmicks and the messages are lost in show off confusion. There are hints of the old Muse that the earlier fans may recognise. The Album suffers from a lack of balance in songs and their production. The contributions by Chris are welcomed by me but seem to suffer from poor arrangement and engineering. This is the type of album that many band s put out every so often. All the odds and ends to make a record deadline. It follows on badly from the last offering which I felt was once again self indulgent. Muse have hit the AC/DC syndrome. That is to release albums with one or maybe two good tracks and the rest is sub standard filler. They know the fans will still buy into it. The Band then goes on the next tour, often named after the album and plays the two good numbers and then plays 80 pct of the set with the old stable numbers that drew the fans in in the first place. Matt's lyrical messages are getting boring. I would like to see the band regain its rocker roots and also try and write another "unintended" The guys are very talented but lets hear a band together not a project that sounds like session musicians on a fixed payment.

If Muse release another album I will wait to hear it first before I give them any more of my hard earned cash. BazzaBassman

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