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Brain Thrust Mastery

Artist: We Are Scientists

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Customer Reviews

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  Never get tired of this.

| | See all Baz1982's reviews (1)

After having With Love And Squalor on a more or less permenant loop this 2nd album was due to be released and i couldnt wait. My first impression was bad to be honest. Made the mistake of comparing this to the 1st album. Got left in the cd rack for a couple of weeks after the first listen. After hearing the album live tho i had the cd back out again and loved it. This album improves a million fold. Just as good if not better as the 1st. A great album that never gets old. Sorry We Are Scientists for ever doubting you.

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| | See all Stammahammer's reviews (1)

I bought this album a couple of days ago, and being honest it did not catch my immediate attention like Love and Squalor did.

However after listening for a couple of hours it by far surpasses their debut album, not only are they catch songs but they are more varied compared to Love and Squalor.

A must buy for anyone, however do not expect a repaet of Love and Squalor.

  Steady Second major label effort

| | See all Blackie92's reviews (16)

WAS never try to be too clever, they just hit the hooks, so I won't overcomplicate this...

Ghouls starts promisingly but never gets going like it should, much like the album.
"Let's see it" "Impatience" and "Chick Lit" are urgent pop-rock hits that have great hooks, this should please fans of the first albums.
"After Hours" has unit shifter written all over it, wonderful, charming hit carved on a late night, less urgent but still attached to hooks.
"Lethal Enforcer", "THat's what counts" and too an extent "CHick Lit" show a new, 80's indebted direction, they are songs that, as Keith Murray says, "you can grind too" and are great, refreshingly different yet still tunes.
But "Dinosoars" and "Tonight" try to be harder than WAS should be and although they sound great live they don't quite work here, they may be skipped, this works better on "ALtered Beast" which chugs along on a big bassline but is still unconvincing.
"Spoken For" is a VERY AVERAGE ballad attempt that is nowhere near as good as "Textbook" from the first album.

So its good, and I think the guys in the band are great, very funny, but I don't think that they quite achieve what they were looking for here, which is a shame, but they havn't lost it completely and their ability to sound like an arena band is undoubted, they could still be one of the big boys if they can perfect what they do rather than try another re-invention.

THis is worth a listen though, for "After hours" "Impatience" and "CHick Lit" alone.

  Very different, but in a great way!

| | See all GemH22's reviews (1)

Definately don't buy this album if you're expecting more of With Love and Squalor, you'll only be dissapointed.

If however, you approach this new offering with an open mind and appreciation for the potential of these tracks being played live then you'll definately become good mates with this album.

You have to give it a few listens but as soon as you know a couple of the lyrics and melodys it becomes a solid favourite.

I can't wait to go and see them in Nottingham next week and I'm looking forward to see how they make up a set list of this album and the last!

N.B The only track I would avoid is "Spoken For"....but Keith is allowed one mistake in my eyes. :o)

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  More Good Work from the Scientists...

| | See all Olie12's reviews (2)

After the inital shock of the difference between this album and their debut album, i found Brain Thrust Mastery a revelation of catchy, dynamic tunes.

I'm a massive fan of the Scientists and this album has only reinforced my views.

A very enjoyable listen well worth the £7.99

Now i can't wait to see them on the main stage at Leeds!

  Pretty good follow up...

| | See all icecreamhead's reviews (2)

Being a die-hard fan of the old WAS, this album came as a bit of a shock... It's completely different, but still brilliant. After listening through once, all the songs seem very similar and a bit dull. As someone else wrote, its not until you listen them all a few times that you realise how good this new WAS really is! Now i love this album and cant stop listening to it! Awesome!! Cant wait for 17th april to go see WAS for the 4th time!! =D

  Not bad... I suppose.

| | See all AdolescentDom's reviews (18)

At first I was pretty disapointed with this album, I really loved WAS's first album and this is just... different, really not what I was expecting. Not Worse really but not better. It took me a while to get into (I could probably do with giving it more time to grow on me) and there were some songs that I haven't listened to much because they just dont appeal to me. For some reason a few of the songs on this album remind me of OK GO but maybe thats just me. Not an album i would recommend to anyone really.

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  We Are (Rocket) Scientists

| | See all rich19's reviews (27)

This album is Brilliant! u get more from the songs each time you listen and they just get catchyer and catchyer. dont just listen to it once, u have to give it a couple of times to sink in, but it really is brilliant!!!
The video for "after hours" is the greatest video ever lol!.