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Artist: Arctic Monkeys

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (51 reviews)"

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  Such a brilliant album

| | See all visiontrick's reviews (4)

Although not as catchy at first listen as their previous two albums, I think that this one is their best. Turner's lyrics have developed and matured since their FWN days and leaves you wondering how someone can be that poetic (or at least for me, anyway!).

  Their best so far

| | See all cadycadycady's reviews (2)

I have been an AM fan since 2006, since those little demos and live songs. I found in them the typical British energy that old legendary bands used to show us. Music in Great Britain was again rising up. They succeed a lot with their demos, two albums and...then, then there was Humbug. "We have lost a lot of fans" said Turner months after the release. WHY? This is a masterpiece, a grown-up band. Don't you remember The Beatles? They were so energetic and happy at the beginning, but then, they started to be more professional, more mature and even more relaxed! Cause if you read about AM opinions about Humbug and their others releases, you would realise that they are only happy with Humbug so far. I think that their first releases were like their "training albums" and now after Humbug is were the real deal begins. I hope to see my shelf full with 15 or 20 AM albums in 10 years.

  Best album yet

| | See all disturbedpenguin's reviews (2)

On the first few listens the album didnt do anything for me, I couldent get into the songs and it was alot slower and less upbeat than previous albums. However after listening to the album more and more the songs grew on me and I didnt mind the slower darker sound. Thet are doing alot more musically on this album than they have ever done before proved by songs such as Pretty visitors (which has an almost black sabbath- esque riff) and cornerstone (a more mellodical love songs where turners lyrics shine). However dance little liar is my favourite tune on the album, slow, brooding,addictive and seems to define the entire album for me. Dont dismiss this album on first listen, give it a chance, let it grow on you and you wont regret it. The beat Arctic monkeys album and probably the best album of last year.

  Very good

| | See all dmutch11's reviews (1)

Iv been a huge monkeys fan ever since i heard them with i bet you look good on the dancefloor. This 3rd album is not as good as fave worst nightmare, but id say on an equal level with album 1. With the exception of crying lightning, this album is slower and not as obviously good. But after a couple of listens tracks such as cornerstone, my propellor and dangerous animals start to become stand out tracks. The album is slower, darker, more intelligent and turners lyrics reach a new height. Which is great because i HATED the monkeys being compared to the likes of The Streets, when obviously The Streets dont compare. I went to see them live in November and cornerstone, crying lightning and such got more of a cheer than some of their best hits, such as mardy bum and 505. A great album in its own right

  A good album

| | See all Gerrityno1's reviews (4)

This is an good album in its own right, i always thought arctic monkeys
should do an different album from their previous albums and now they have. The main trouble with the album is that there are no stand out tracks, and not as catchy. Despite this i do recommend this, but not if your a big arctic monkeys fan.

  Not there best

| | See all DannyC2009's reviews (9)

Arctic monkeys are a great band and i do love them. But this album is not there best. All songs lack a catchy rhythm and i found myself deeply dissapointed after listening to the album. i dont want to put any of the songs from this on my phone to as i know ill just skip them and not listen to them. As always though there are some great lyrics but, nothing really like the good old artic monkeys where you want to sing along to each song. to be honest i would think again before buying this. Maybe an older album of artic monkeys if you haven't already got them all.

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  Humbug by name, Humbug by nature.

| | See all pashley91's reviews (2)

At first I was a bit apprehensive when i heard it, especially in the middle of the album, but after playing it enough and listening to the actual songs did it grab me. I saw half the album played live at Reading too... one word, AMAZING.

  Big dissapointment!

| | See all redfraggle13's reviews (22)

There was a time when i thought that Artic monkeys were the next big thing, but after a great debut album and nearly as good second album i was expecting much more from this, imo the singles are the best things on here and there nothing to shout about! think they should go back to there roots for the next effort and make happier tunes rather than depressing ones, was once a big artic monkeys fan but not now after this mess!

  A must have

| | See all Charliesreviews's reviews (1)

Im an Arctic Monkeys fan and I just loved this album, it is so different and the lyrics are so unique. Im almost counting the days for the gig here in Portugal.


| | See all Shatty's reviews (3)

Big let down by the Monkeys after two awesome previous albums! Get it together for the next one please boys!

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