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22 Dreams

Artist: Paul Weller

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all MICKED's reviews (31)

Best Weller album since Stanley Road it has a breathtaking range of styles and has correctly been described as his White Album ie there is some rubbish but most of it is very very good.There are a number of classic songs here such as the single Have You Made Up Your Mind,the freakout which is Echoes Round The Sun,great touch of folk in Why Walk When You Can Run,freakout again in the title track,class pop in All I Wanna do (is be with you),folk again Light Nights,rock Push It Along you get the idea.
This really is an artist who is really trying to stretch himself and mostly succeding,it took me three to four listens to get my head around it but this is really good.


| | See all JMTYoda's reviews (10)

Of all the many things Paul Weller has done in his career, he has somehow managed to survive three decades without a double album to his credit. 22 Dreams rectifies that wrong, offering a luxurious sprawl that's proudly, staunchly classicist, just like Weller's solo career itself. Weller's embrace of rock & roll tradition might suggest that he has taken his double album as an opportunity to offer a summation of his career, to summarize where he's been and perhaps where he's going. Tempting though this may be, especially given the record's elastic, elegant eclecticism, this isn't quite a self-conscious summation, nor is it quite a risk-taking tour de force in the vein of the White Album, even though this encompasses everything from fragile folk to the resurrection of the sophisticated collegiate jazz of the Style Council. Instead, 22 Dreams has a floating romantic quality that justifies the dreams of the title, drifting from sound to sound, sometimes taking elaborate detours, sometimes stopping for a brief picturesque sideshow. In some ways, it's the flip of the piledriving As Is Now, where Weller indulged in harder inclinations, as this finds Weller exploring his softer side, often in ways he hasn't quite done before. There's still a crustiness to Weller -- he'll get sensitive, but he won't get sappy -- but there's an openness to 22 Dreams, in how he eases into a Curtis Mayfield homage as comfortably as he pays tribute to Alice Coltrane with Robert Wyatt in tow. Wyatt isn't the only guest here, either, as Weller expands his core band -- without leaving right-hand man guitarist Steve Craddock -- with cameos by Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher (only he could unite these Brit-pop foes), the latter collaborating on a thick, hazy psychedelic "Echoes Round the Sun." This is about as dense as 22 Dreams gets, as it has a lighter touch, so graceful that it can disguise the number of styles Weller touches upon here, as he skips from electronica and pastoral jams lingering from Wild Wood to jazz and soul. Initially, this doesn't sound radical -- it is recognizably of a piece with his solo work, fitting neatly alongside either Stanley Road or Illumination -- but more listens reveal just how finely textured and woven this tapestry is. And although it shares superficial sonic similarities with his other records, 22 Dreams is really unlike any of Weller's other albums, as it's rich in sound and feeling, possessing a shimmering dreamy quality. It's an album to get lost in.

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  A new direction

| | See all fairlight's reviews (36)

On first listen to this album, I wasn't that keen. After a few listens it grows on you.
The deluxe edition is certainly worth considering as it contains some of the best tracks !

  Nothing Much Changes

| | See all loopgrinder's reviews (1)

I used to know a guy that raved about everything Weller had done, classing him as a god amongst mortal men - to reel him back in during these episodes one would simply have to mention two words 'Style Council'. To his legions of fans, the God of Mod can do little wrong (except for the aforementioned slump into candy-coated pop stylings) however to the rest of us less sycophantic heathens, he is simply a promising musician that often delivers less than spectacular efforts. And it's a shame, because given his roots and the influences he alludes to, one should expect greatness on each outing. Wildwood set's a high barometer I have to say.

So to 22 Dreams, his first studio offering in three years and the first double album of his three decade career. All round this new release has a much fuller sound but still suffers from the usual - short tracks (and even shorter interludes) - and the feeling that he isn't comfortable enough to just let go like many of his predecessors.

Highlights: 'Cold Moments' is a mellow conga driven track (Ben Harper-esque). 'Invisible' is a beautifully haunting refrain, vocal and piano only. 'Black River' which harks back to a sixties Small Faces type of thing, as does the rather splendid 'Echoes Round the Sun' with its Indian strings and heavier rock overtones.

Fillers: 'Sea Spray' which sounds like an updated sea shanty, the seemingly pointless 'The Dark Pages of September Lead to the New Leaves of Spring' - which takes longer to say than the track actually lasts.

Included here is an eclectic mixture of tracks and styles from the calypso of 'One Bright Star', the attempt at psychedelic '111', the old school R&B of 'Empty Ring' (Marvin Gaye) and the less said about 'Where're Ye Go' the better.

Fairly typical stuff then really and therefore if you are a Weller die hard you will no doubt love this album but for those who are able to be objective, the odd track will be enough to sate the appetite.

  Best Weller album in a decade

| | See all BKG1984's reviews (26)

Absoloutly stunning album.

Best album since stanley road. Every tune is top class and even the instrumentals fall into place. A must for fans or curious brit pop fans.

  Summer Sounds ! A brave new album

| | See all STEVO11's reviews (14)

The long awaited true new Weller album - his best work since Stanley Road and All Mod Cons. Yes there are a few album fillers but what a new sound and style. Most of the album has been co written and it shows a fresh approach to a new sound. This is a brave album and it works on record and live. Buy and enjoy this is the summer sound of 2008

  Paul Weller 22 Dreams

| | See all jonesyat42's reviews (20)

Oh dear!Now,dont get me wrong,i am a big fan of Mr Weller but this should have been titled 11 Dreams with 10 tracks on the CD,get it?
There are too many sub-standard tracks(for Weller)on this disc.
Perhaps it is a case of the Emperor's new clothes?Many of the tracks sound as though he and his band are just going through the motions,which is a great shame.

  Great Music

| | See all jbstar's reviews (3)

Put this guy in a genre at your peril. A fantastic piece of work. You can hear something from nearly every musical place hes been in the past 20 odd years. The acoustic, is just that and the rock rocks.


| | See all Loulou68's reviews (2)

I was gobsmacked and excited when I listened to this album for the first time. It's very different to anything he's done before and might not be to 'classic' Weller fans taste. He is a very clever musician and could so easily ride on the waves of past sounds and successes - not this man, he's reinvented himself again and produced an amazing sounding album. I think this one could be hard to top, it's got to be one of the best yet and I never thought he'd be able to outdo Stanley Road! WRONG!

  Total musicness

| | See all Bekopper's reviews (3)

I for one will not slate the man for some of the music styles on this album as i think it has a bit of everything to please most people,the guy has just turned 50 and some people expect pumping jam style tunes every time he releases a record,in my opinion he has gave himself the perfect 50th birthday present.