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To Lose My Life

Artist: White Lies

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Customer Reviews

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  No Lies Here...

| | See all TokyoKazama's reviews (8)

I've been listening to this album non stop for the past week and have found that this could potentially be the best album of the year with such songs as Fairwell to the Fairground, Nothing to give and my personal favourite The Price Of Love. The sound that this band creates is breathtaking. It's a bit like a darker version of Keane with a bit more guitar than piano. Each track perfectly blends with the last creating an inspiring listening experience for the whole 45 minutes. Buy this album and within a few minutes the only thing you'll be regreting is not buying it sooner.

  great debut!!

| | See all donovans's reviews (23)

2009's album of the year!!

I bought this after hearing the singles, and was very pleasntly suprised to discover how amazingly great it really is!! although it is a somewhat 'gloomy' album (every song is about death, suffering, etc.) it is still really enjoyable to listen to!!

I recommend this album to everyone!!

  Top Marks

| | See all LEE3SIXTY's reviews (7)

I've been listening to this album constantly for the last few days. It's great from start to finish. Didn't know anything about the band before I took a chance on it. Buy this if you like any of these bands:-

The National
Kings Of Leon

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  Electronic popish rockish stuff at its best.

| | See all bkplayer's reviews (4)

After discovering this album a couple of months ago in an email promo, following a link and downloading a free version of Unfinished Business, I have become pretty much addicted to the band's uniquely refreshing sound.

I use the word 'refreshing' because 'new' wouldn't really fit. What White Lies have done is to take a good handful of bits and pieces of musical pick 'n' mix, drawing inspiration all the way from an electronic eighties sound and complementing it with riffs similar to those from modern-day bands such as Editors and The Killers, but with a slightly more prominent endorsement of heavier rock.

This album is a good 45 minute length in all, and leaves you replaying songs like Unfinished Business, A Place To Hide, To Lose My Life and Farewell To The Fairground over and over in you head. The chances are, you won't regret buying this album, especially not for a price as reasonable as this.

This is electronic popish rockish stuff at its best. Don't be fooled by the dark and depressing themes, because when these tunes work their way into your mind, you'll find you're looking at a whole spectrum of colour. Who needs solvents?

  White Lies (Don't Don't Do It)

| | See all DaveBoring's reviews (4)

Depression is, as any aspiring artist will tell you, a very serious business indeed. Articulating the nature of our deepest and darkest moods and making it seem genuinely heartfelt, and not like some teenage strop, is a delicate craft only a few have been capable of. I won't name-drop but you know who they are: awkward, over-sensitive, often witty, sometimes pale individuals whose sole purpose seems to be distilling the misery of the Human Condition into four minute pathos-heavy chunks. White Lies debut album struggles somewhat heroically to achieve this but sadly comes away a little trite and often clumsy at times. There are lyrics on this album that would make a sixth-form poet blush and shrink into his pea coat. Just read the lyrics to `From The Stars' and if you're not chewing your fist in cringe-ridden embarrassment after the second line then you're clearly the type of person who rates The Corpse Bride as a hard-hitting treatise on mortality.

Weaknesses aside, what really does stand out with this album though is its confident delivery. White Lies are so completely brazen about their influences and display them with so much bombast it's hard not to actually get caught up in the throbbing bass-lines and plaintive vocals. Production-wise, it errs on the side of too clean, too polished - personally, I prefer my depression with sharp edges and menace - and because of this, the whole album comes away like a jolly old romp to the Dark Side.

It'll be a long, long time before anyone matches the broken beauty of say, Joy Division's Closer or anything as uncompromising as Slint's Spiderland, for example, but in the meantime White Lies have seen fit to give us a primer version. Think 'My First Depression Record, Vol. 1'. Think 'Prozac Nation: The Musical', starring Denise Van Outen as poor Lizzy Wurtzel and you're just about there. Promising stuff.

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  No lie at all

| | See all DaveDuncan87's reviews (20)

Found this band and album randomly on here and have not regretted listening to the album at all. They remind me of a favourite band of mine "editors" and are just as fresh and exciting as ever. If you're an editors fan or just want something new and fresh to listen to, this is the album..

  The Problem going into a debut album with 3 top singles....

| | See all petewasbristol's reviews (6)

Is that the listener will then judge the rest of the album on the basis of what has come in those 3 songs, in White Lies case, Unfinished Business, Death and To lose my life...all fantastic, all beautifully written, all putting White lies into incredible hype and expectation overload.

Most bands can't get past this stage and fail with that all important debut, with White Lies they exceed it and push themselves forward as the band of 2009. I was lucky to cath them at one of their first gigs last year and then on their first headline tour, you could see that they had the sound, a sound that was just too big for those small venues.

The album just flows brilliantly, its dark and has some wonderfully written lyrics. The best bit of all is that live, these songs sound even better (If thats possible) and without a doubt this is a band who will not vanish anytime soon.

  White Lies- To Loose My Life-Album Of The Year !!!!!!

| | See all Emmasbloke's reviews (1)

As it says on the tin !!!! Band and album of the year-they are just as good live......

  Roll on 2009!!

| | See all jenko55's reviews (1)

Wow!! I bought this album because i heard that they outshone glasvegas (who i really like) when supporting them in december. I didn't know what to expect, so it was a bit of a gamble. It certainly paid off, never did i expect it to be this good!! 25 Listens in and even the kol cd's are gathering dust. I know what people mean when they compare to editors but in my opinion much better, a bit of killers into the mix aswell make it an awesome listen! Haven't listed to interpol or joy division and having read other reviews on here i'll def be looking into them too.

  Another overhyped Band..... NOT!

| | See all BobbieH's reviews (5)

I went into this a bit of the mind this was another much hyped band that picked up alot of following because people said they were good.. however this album deserves all the credit thta comes its way. Its so easy listening yet has such a edgy sound. Id compare them to the Editors but so much better, as has been said, possibly album of the year. Such a well rounded album. Gratz! Must buy!