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Death Magnetic

Artist: Metallica

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all NeilFA's reviews (7)

Another disappointing album. Confused, no cohesion or unified album 'style' which characterised every album up to 'Black'. And the production is dreadful (at least the Load albums' arrangements sounded good). The drums sound like a monkey banging on dustbins. There are some tracks in there which resonate such as tracks 4,7 & 8 but for the most part it's just very 'meh'. With so much interesting metal out there like Mastodon, Rise to Remain, Trivium and 'Maiden still pumping out great albums, Metallica are just becoming a bit of a joke.

  kicks ass

| | See all rockriot's reviews (6)

good comeback from a good band people say that megadeths new one endgame is better im a big metallica fan so i would have to say this the day that never comes and broken beat and scarred are both top notch

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  Best Metal Album of the Year!@ 4.99!!!

| | See all Wilko83's reviews (13)

Being a huge 'tallica fan since my teens i was incredibly let down by st' anger and therefore treated this album with some scepitsm. But wow what a turn around, hetfields voice just gets better and better and the sound is imo awsome, raw and 'just like the old days', as thrashy as ride with the songwriting to match! The drums dont sound tinny and the solos are back!! I think the first track is imo weak but then, boom, take off!
Too be fair it took me 2 or three listens to really absorb everything that is going on in the background and really, really appreciate the album. Look out for judas kiss and cyanide, they are my faves!
At £4.99 at time of review this cant be missed.

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  Best Album Of 2008

| | See all AllGamesMustGo's reviews (3)

Some may say, twenty years since ...And Justice For All finally Metallica are back. Far too often we have heard that sort of "review" from so called fans but in my honest opinion you can't call yourself a Metallica fan then say they sold out. Metallica before The Black Album focused on the music itself more than the lyrics but from then on the lyrics were the main selling point of a song and rightly so. Hetfield is a genius when he writes and I'm glad they extenuated that, unlike poser metal bands like Slayer clinging onto one repetitive riff and meaningless lyrics about death and demons they actually can reach the fans and tap into raw emotion because its real. I rate every Metallica album five stars but I've got to say this is their best cover to cover album since Ride The Lightning, with that said, I prefer some songs from albums between to the songs here but overall this is the most complete album they've done since then. I'd pay up to six or seven times the price they're asking for it here.

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  Decent songs but terrible sound

| | See all rizla66's reviews (1)

This album overall presents a nice package and it is good to see metallica back in the full swing of things with a solid 'back-to-roots' release. The songs therein are typically very good if you are a fan of metallica's trademark sound and song writing, however they tend to be a little long for my tastes, often exceeding 7 minutes a track. The presentation in the jewel case is superb with the 3d effect coffin shape, it looks fantastic and stands out in your collection, however the real problem comes when you listen to this album through a good stereo. I pride myself on my stereo and really just like to enjoy sitting back and listening to some good music and i couldnt wait to hear this through my system, however the recording quality and production quality just seems to be terrible, aimed obviously at going loud and brash way beyond being high quality and generally pleasant to listen to through anything better than pa quality. The whole thing sounds like they were overloading the mic's during recording, with the mid sounding choked and the treble harsh and nasty which really dissapointed me as this album could have been fantastic if it was well mixed and recorded, which is a shame

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  Great Album !

| | See all TheFrag's reviews (1)

Really liked this Album by Metallica , Didn't like it a whole that much when it first got released , As I was still listening to the older stuff like Ride the Lightening and justice for all and all that quality stuff.

Metallica have changed a bit since then and this new album is a really solid album kind of what you saw with the Black Album , Not the quality and the amazing sound from the Black Album but its good enough good selection of songs that all sound great !

Good album , worth buying for the new fans but should also appeal to the older fans of Metallica , improvement over a lot of there recent stuff.

  Worth buying for the good ones

| | See all taggert's reviews (34)

The first five on this album are strong for sure and maybe the other ones will grow on me. As someone who got into Metallica in their hey day with the black album I've expected a certain sound from meatallca for me to like it. I like Ride the lightning, Master of Puppets and especially and Jusice for all and as some of the other reviewers have said this does sound like And justice, it has a lot of structured instrumental parts ( a bit like a matter of life and death as well) and that for me is a good sound if it is done well. And it is done well on this album so if you are a metallica or metal fan this is essential.

  Because history repeating itself...

| | See all harrypap's reviews (76)

This album is better than st.anger,you can hear the different sound better riffs,songs,lyrics,better everything,but i believe the next album will be even better than this.because history repeating itself as we know, you can remember newsted came to metallica from the album and justice for all...and then metallica made the black album so trajilo came to the band metallica make death magnetic,so i believe another album masterpiece such as black album will have next year

  Selective hearing

| | See all ZipTheBeard's reviews (3)

Seems plenty of people are only too willing to recognise and embrace Metallica's return to more aggressive, faster, harsher music, but for me personally, it's the lack of quality within that music that keeps me astounded by the band's continued success. Fair play to 'em, if they can continue to sell this kind of uninspired, dull metal to people and get away with it, all power to them. It's a neat trick and one that fits in perfectly with the 21st century. Just because it's heavy and fast doesn't mean it isn't boring, and pretty duff to be honest. The guitar tone in large parts is also terrible, but then that wasn't unexpected after St. Anger. This is better than that album, but that isn't saying very much.

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| | See all paulandjenn's reviews (8)

I've previously given this album 5 stars, but I think it's probably fairer to give 4. After a disappointing performance on St. Anger, this is certainly a return to form. It's great to see that they still have their edge after all this time. There are some great songs on here, but not all of them wow me. Good album though, buy it and see for yourself.