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I Am Sasha Fierce (2CD Deluxe Edition)

Artist: Beyonce

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all MiamiPeachPrincess's reviews (46)

5 Stars.
What an album! This is an album that will always be remembered. It's fantastic. And what a good idea to have a cd with slower harmonious songs and another with faster 'fierce' songs.
Like beyonce herself said, it's annoying having to skip songs on an album so it makes a lot of sense to have 2 different cds.

I like beyonce, her last album was good .. But this is another level. Every track is brilliant, honestly.

My favourite cd is the 'i am' simply because i enjoy her slower songs. Ave maria sends chills up my back everytime i hear it. It's the stand out track for me, closely followed by broken hearted girl & if i were a boy.

Although, 'sasha fierce' is the perfect cd if you're getting ready for a night out... Single ladies, is quite obviously one of the biggest tracks of the year for a reason. You hear the first few beats and you're wanting to get up and jump about. So single ladies, in my opinion is the best track on this album followed by diva & sweet dreams.

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  Totally Fierce!

| | See all Brendan211's reviews (2)

This album is brilliant!

It's worth paying the extra for the extra tracks on this version.

Beyonce shows off her effortless versatility on this album by serving up the traditional r&b tunes she has become known for, while also including a string of more relaxed, ballad type songs.

Stand out songs are 'halo' and 'smash into you' from disc 1, and 'sweet dreams' and 'hello' from disc 2.

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  1st CD BETTER than 2nd!

| | See all Jamez9293's reviews (12)

I love this album! It is worth buying the 2cd deluxe edition..
However the 1st disc is far better than the second, it seems to be far more accomplished and beautiful. The stand-out songs which have not yet been released as singles are 'ave maria' and 'broken-hearted girl'. - Both from the 1st cd. My favourite song from the second album is 'sweet dream'.

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  my idol

| | See all disturbia666's reviews (6)

Beyonce has outdone herself on this album which is cleverly seperated into the songs that are just her, and the songs she sings as her alter ego, Sasha Fierce. I am a huge fan of beyonce. I just think she has the most beautiful voice around and she is a beautiful down to earth woman. Skip to Broken-Hearted Girl and Hello - Great tracks. Love u B!

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  Some songs are good

| | See all addasium's reviews (25)

Some of the songs on this album are really good, but there are alot of very boring dull songs. In my opinion anyway. The CDs my sisters anyway. She loves it

  i am...converted

| | See all scifihorrorfan's reviews (68)

i have never aknowledged the depth and context taken within this particular artists songs and the projection of her stunning vocals until the song If I Were A Boy was released last year,it was then that i became a fan of Beyonce.
i had heard of her work and songs before now obviously but i never really appreciated them quite as much,will definately want the previous album B'day if this stunning album is anything to go by.
until i heard this particularly special album Britney Spears Circus for me was the greatest album released last year, now i think that now Beyonce definately rules the roost with this classic and epic album.
i ordered this as soon as i could and little did i know what i was bargaining for once i placed I Am...into my cd player.
i was awestruck by the powerhouse vocals on each beautiful ballad, Halo is possibly my favourite song of the disc but all eight tracks flow nicely into each other that this particular disc beats any material released in 2008; Ave Maria is a haunting little ditty, Smash Into You is stunning and poetic, Satellites is just mesmerising every single time i hear it and Broken Hearted Girl is begging to be released as a single to which i am positive will become a mega huge hit.
now ...Sasha Fierce adds to the power of the album as it is just what it is titled...FIERCE yet ultimately unusual and fantastically epic to grande proportions.
Single Ladies(put a ring on it) is one of the most energetic songs ever released,at least since the 80's with its synthesised approach to give it authenticity, Diva may appear dated but it is nevertheless the most unusual thing i have ever heard on this album yet is also empowering in its own little way, Hello is a haunting song yet also undeniably catchy, Radio is a fantastic and sultry little power house that in itself is my favourite of the album,Sweet Dreams is another epic song that is a favourite of mine, Scared Of Lonely is the grande conclusion to the album and Ego is chokka blokka full of innuendos'.
overall this album is the best thing i have heard in a long time as much that it is in my all time favourites list.
other runner up are-Britney's Circus,Madonna's Hard Candy,Duffy's Rockferry, P!nk's Funhouse and Elbow's Seldom Seen Kid(and that is definately the greatest rock album of the year!!).
thank you Beyonce Knowles for the most excellently made album of the year, epic is only an understatement once you hear this, it is her greatest album and will be hard to beat in the future.

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  absolutely brilliant

| | See all nattyp's reviews (1)

love beyonce! love these 2 discs definately a good buy woho go beyonce!more great songs to come i hope!xx

  Third Time REALLY Is... A Charm

| | See all Medialover's reviews (96)

Let's face it these days Beyonce is pretty much the queen of R&B. If you didn't think so...Enter "I Am... Sasha Fierce". Catering to fans on a unique level, Beyonce has created two discs- one for upbeat club bangers and the other for heartfelt balads. Which is better? They actually compliment eachother. I Am holds some of the most obviously popular tunes with balads like "If I Were Boy", "Halo" and "Ave Maria" but Sasha Fierce is pumping with R&B instant hits like "Single Ladies", "Diva" and "Sweet Dreams". To sum up, this album isn't just for Beyonce fans, its for people who like a bit of diversity and just want to buy a damn good CD!


| | See all vickysmailes's reviews (7)

I got this album not really knowing what to expect but it is amazing!! The first CD has her slower songs e.g if i were a boy, then the second CD has her faster dancier tracks. Both are great and i really enjoy listening to both of them!! I would recommend this!!

  Not that great!

| | See all welshdragon85's reviews (9)

Im sorry,im a huge beyonce fan ,but im so dissapointed with this album,find it boring and hard to listen 2!!I loved her last album,so many stand out tracks,but this is rubbish.Few good songs single ladies+halo,but the rest dont bother.Two of my friends also agree.If you want to hear a great rnb album buy brandy "human",shes so underated!

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