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Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (2CD)

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

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Customer Reviews

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  excellent album!

| | See all elgriff's reviews (2)

Fantastic stuff. Its an album i cant stop listening to. The same winning formula is here with a few nice twists. Especially on lucid dreams with its amazing synth break. And even the extra disc has some choice remixes & dub versions.

  Different... in a good way

| | See all EssJayDee's reviews (12)

Well firstly, I am a massive fan of FF and loved the previous albums, but I was concerned and also saddened when I found myself reading some pretty scathing reviews of Tonight in the press. Luckily though, it appears that once again the media have got it very wrong, as I absoloutely love this album.

As my review title suggests, this is a move in a different direction for FF, which it is, but you can still feel and hear the old style at the core of the tracks. So what is the new direction? Well it's hard to pinpoint exactly, some tracks are dark and moody, with others euphoric and bouncy.. but as a whole I guess the best word I can use is 'Dancey'... not exactly the greatest of words to employ I admit but the album really has that feel, but without losing the core FF appeal that made them so great.

Hard to pick any standout tracks because in my opinion they are all extremely good. Please give this album a try if you're in doubt... I think you'll love it as much as I do.

Great album, great band... welcome back Franz Ferdinand. Long may you stay!

  Back with a vengance!

| | See all foxy92's reviews (3)

Franz Ferdinand are one of my favourite bands and when I first listened to this track I thought that it wasn't that good but then I get the tune in my head and I really enjoy the music! This double CD is brilliant and for a couple of quid you get the second CD which is well worth it so I would buy the 2CD version as the songs are briliant on both tracks!
Franz Ferdinand are certainly back with a vengance! Good on you boys!!!

  Better Than Hand Banana!

| | See all DaveBoring's reviews (4)

Franz Ferdinand are a band. Let's get that nice and sparkling clear, shall we? And, as such, bands make music. Sometimes they make a little music, sometimes they make a lot but they always can be counted on to know where exactly they came from. Now imagine, expanding on Armando Iannucci's analogy about how we indulge the creative members of our society, that Franz Ferdinand were butchers. Okay, so they turned up, all neatly dressed and hygienic, in 2004 and they did indeed chop some good meat. They filleted, they minced and they quite possibly even boned a liitle. And we all saw what they had done and we were pleased. The following year, they saw fit to make sausages and even showed us how to spatchcock a game bird or two. Well done, the Franz!

Now, after a long-deserved break, they return in 2009 - the year of the Ox - and suddenly Franz Ferdinand have gone cannibal on us. Gone are the carefree days of the Slap Rump or a generous bit of Top Bone action, now they want to eat you, body and soul. Something dark happened while they were away and now they want your blood. You can hear the pulsating jugular beat in opening track "Ulysses" and then pretty much everywhere else on the album. Flesh tears, tendons snap and bones are stripped clean as we descend into the Danza Macabra, the Zombie Jamboree. And finally (not including the superb Erol Alkan remix of "Do You Want To"), Franz are leading the charge back onto the dancefloors, where all good Pop music belongs.

Franz Ferdinand have never been a dark band, musically or otherwise, but this sees them finally shake off the formulaic "Mr Soft as performed by the Fire Engines" vibe that their previous two albums were mired in. Add to that the fact that Alex Kapranos, while clearly better dressed than 99% of his peers, is old enough to know better and so is possessed with the classier brand of Pop nous that age brings, and we could be looking at a band that will actually stand the test of time. They say you get the heroes you deserve and, in the same month that the NME somewhat pathetically pits a crass anachronism like Noel Gallagher up against Barack Obama as Hero of 2008, God only knows that we need some new ones.

  Tonight's the Night!!!!

| | See all HeavenSent's reviews (1)

From what I've heard and remembering the secret shows of last year If you're a fan you won't need any signal that this is probably the definitive Franz LP, better than the debut classic even. The current single Ulysses sets the pace: uptight, louche and sexy. Franz have a new loose sound that moves snaked-hipped all over Tonight. The edgy guitars have been left to the dozens of bands who followed in their wake, instead there is a spacey sense of danger and dark love. Bite Hard, Can't Strop feeling and the seriously trippy Lucid dreams are all made for small hours intensity. This is the arch dukes at their hippest yest

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